Saturday, April 17, 2010


April 17 – This weekend we rented the movie “Up In The Air” with George Cloney. We have never used the Little Red Box before; although we are familiar with the $1 movie rentals at the Publix stores. A similar concept.

About a quarter way through the movie, the picture started to freeze. Finally it started playing again, but there was no video. After a while it occurred to me that maybe I could clean the DVD with an alcohol cotton ball the way Suzanne told me to clean my CDs!! I figured I could not make it any worse than it already was.

I soaked a cotton ball in alcohol, squeezed out the access, and cleaned the DVD, pulling the cotton ball from the hole in the middle to the outer edge. It worked!!

After I had cleaned the DVD, there were no further problems. The movie was OK but not great!! Guess it was worth the $1 rental.

Maybe this idea will help some of you.

Thanks again, Suzanne, for telling me about that trick!!


April 17 - In mid-March, I Blogged how my friend, Suzanne, had shown me how to download and install Rhapsody and Audacity so I could record my on music for line dancing!! I have really gotten a big kick out of doing that!!

However, recently I began having problems. Rhapsody would interrupt the songs while I was recording. Also, a session that should have used only one of my 25 Free Plays was using as many as four Plays. Maybe even five!!

Our paths crossed again when we were at TT Orlando and she helped me solve the problems. We figured all the mess with Norton may have caused a mix-up in the Rhapsody program. Ultimately, we removed the Rhapsody program from my computer and re-installed it. Everything is perfect again!!

This is us after solving the Rhapsody problem. Notice the big smiles of success!!

But, the greatest trick she taught me!! - A few weeks ago, when we were working together, Suzanne noticed I was minimizing, or moving things around on my computer screen so I could get to ICONS on my Desktop. She showed me a better way!! Simply press that little Windows symbol in the upper right corner of my Keyboard (looks like a flag made up of four little flags) and while holding it down press the “D” key (D for Desktop) on the Keyboard. WaLa!! All programs minimize instantly and I’m looking at my Desktop!!

See the Windows symbol to the right of PauseBreak.

There's the "D" key -- A S D F G

It's a miracle!! I can’t believe in all my years of computing, I never knew that!! To work on the programs again, simply click on them on the bottom Tool Bar.

Thank You, Suzanne for sharing this Gem!!

Friday, April 16, 2010


April 11 – To make an aggravating story really long –

Back in October 2008, my subscription for Norton Systems Works expired. I went on line to order an update. The order form said if I purchased Norton Internet Security for two years, they would GIVE me the Norton System Works upgrade for FREE. This would take my subscription to October 2010 (2 years). I downloaded the two programs, which took me forever using the TT Chesapeake Bay WiFi connection.

In October 2009, I began getting messages on my computer that Norton Systems Works had expired. I called Symantec, and told them I had bought a two year subscription but it had expired after only one year.. Adin (Tech at Symantec) explained that the Norton Internet Security was for two years, but the Norton Systems Works upgrade was for only one year. I persuaded him that that was ridiculous – why would I buy two years of one program and only one year of the other. Adin said he would add an additional year to my Systems Works subscription. I believe he did because when I looked at my account on line, it showed I had another year.

However, after only a few months, I got more messages that my Norton subscription had expired. February 2010, I called Symantec again and explained my problem to their technician. He said they no longer support the Systems Works – now they use Norton Utilities. He would transfer the days I have remaining on my Systems Works to my Internet Security (so I would not lose those days), and send me a CD for Norton Utilities for $35 plus S&H. I installed and activated that program on March 10. A short time afterward, when I clicked on my Norton Utilities ICON, nothing happened. I could not open the program. I called Symantec again. This time, on April 09, I talked with a very nice technician (Osphine Jane Ariquez Jayme (Janie). I discovered she was in the Philippines and while it was 1:00 PM in Florida, it was 1:00 AM in the Philippines!! Janie told me my Norton Utilities was not working because it was the latest edition, and my Norton Internet Security was a year old! After discussing the problem for a while, we decided I do not need both programs anyway, so I cancelled the Norton Utilities and she added a year from that subscription to my Norton Internet Security. But, that was not the end. Janie now offered to download the latest Norton Internet Security to my computer. I keyed in a few letters, at her instruction, and she took over my computer and began the download. Now, that was fascinating, to sit there and watch as she manipulated my computer from the Philippines!!After about 20 minutes, she decided my connection was too slow and it would take over three hours to complete the download using TT Peace River WiFi connection.

If you look closely, you may see that the estimated time to download is 3 hours 45 minutes!! We QUIT!!

I suggested that I go over to a faster connection and she could call me back. On Sunday, April 11, I went over to Sally and Stan’s and used their Torrey Oaks WiFi. Janie called me back and we completed the download in short order. Then it had to be installed and some other things. The entire process took about an hour!!

FINALLY, after six months of problems, I think we have the whole thing up and running!!! Thank you , Osphine Jane Ariquez Jayme in the Philippines!!! It was so nice to find a real person to talk to who was knowledgeable and so helpful!!

I know, I know!! Everybody says, “Don’t use Norton – it’s the worse!!”, but I have two plus years to go, so guess I’ll keep using it!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


April 15 – It has come to the end of the Season here at TT Peace River. Almost everyone is leaving this week or next. Donna and Rich decided to have a Farewell Hot Dog Cookout for those leaving.

We all had a great time, eating, talking, laughing!!

Ken and I will be leaving tomorrow morning (Friday) for TT Orlando.

Stan and Sally (In Their Ma and Pa Kettle Pose) will be leaving Torrey Oaks on Sunday for TT Orlando, so we see them again up there for a few days.

Tom and Margie are leaving next Wednesday. We hope to see them at the Elk's Lodge in Richmond later on, if not before.

Bruce and Gina live nearby so they come and go all the time.

Friends of Donna and Rich, whom we have met before but don’t know well. Don’t know when they are leaving. But they did say they will see us up at TT Chesapeake Bay.

We had no sooner finished eating when it started to rain a “Florida Rain”. Everyone squeezed together under the awning.

But, the rain did not last long, and it was Joke time! We tried to remember some of the jokes from Sally and Stan’s block party in March. Stan told Diane’s Wide Mouth Frog joke!!

Rich had been bragging about how he could balance on one foot for hours. Here he is doing the Karate Kid pose to prove it!! He’ll need that ability after his upcoming toe/foot surgery!

Sally made a beautiful “hat” with her orange grocery bag.

Stan turned her into a Bag Lady!!

Thanks Donna and Rich for a fun Farewell Party!!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


April 14 – After Pickleball on Wednesday, a group of us drove over to Avon Park for Mexican at the little Mexican CafĂ©/Grocery Store Taqueria y Tienda. Ken and I like this place – nothing fancy but it reminds us of places in Mexico.

We ordered at the counter and picked a table. In a few minutes, when our food was ready, we picked it up at the counter.

Ken with his Enchiladas.

Faye with Fajitas, and Bruce with Gina’s Tostadas.
Stan with his tortilla and a side to go with his Fajitas. Look at the waitress eying Stan’s butt!!!
Tom and Margie with Fajitas and Burritos!!
Sally and Gina had their lunch brought to them, so I caught them at the table.

We all ate more than we needed. Ken and I will have Fajitas for lunch next week. HA HA


April 13 - And you thought all we do is play Pickleball and eat!!! This morning while I was doing a little line dancing, Ken decided it was time to repack the storage bins under the motor home!! I got home in time to help (supervise) a little and take these pictures as proof that we do sometimes work!!

UGH!! What a mess cleaning the water/pump-out bin!! Somebody's got to do it!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


April 12 – This was our last afternoon of bowling at Bowl Of Fun Lanes. !!! Ken asked me to please not take pictures today!!” So I decided this time I would not take any pictures, except when someone bowled a Turkey or better!! There were eight of us bowling, but you won’t get to see us!!

Rich bowled the first Turkey!!! (You may be able to see the three X X X next to RIC.)

Sally bowled the only other Turkey of the day!!

I decided I would take Donna’s picture when she scored strikes. Donna has not been bowling with us due to a thumb injury.

Rich bowled the high game. Note the 187 on the score board.

Congratulations guys! Good bowling!!

It was a great season of bowling. Thanks Stan for arranging it for all of us!!


April 12 – Pickleball continues at Peace River. This morning we had eight players – two courts playing.

Here’s the group.
Tom, Will, Bob, Gina, Travis and Ken. Seated: Ella and Faye.

Same players but I asked Janet to be in this picture in my place. She is not playing because of an injury.

We played a number of games, switching partners and playing some more. It was a lot of fun.

In one game I played with Bob as my partner against Ken and Will. At one point we were all at the net volleying the ball at each other until eventually one partnership won the rally. “Good Shoot Out” Bob exclaimed. I loved it!! I’m going to adopt that phrase for myself, if ever I have another “Good Shoot Out” at the net!! What fun!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


April 11 – Stan’s birthday was actually on Saturday, but they were playing in a Pickleball tournament in Sun City, so Sally had a get together for him today, Sunday. We gave Stan a funny card --
and some licorice, his favorite. He laughed and showed us the stash he had hidden beside his recliner!!
Stan acted as excited as a kid about the PINK gift bag and paper in which we had packaged his gift!!
Donna and Rich gave him a card and a magnetized sign for his big Ford truck!!


After drinks and appetizers, we enjoyed a dinner of Roast Beef and potatoes. UUMMMMM!

Sally had baked a Pineapple Upside Down cake – another of Stan’s favorite. But, where are the candles?? Guess Sally couldn't put THAT MANY on one cake!!

Stan got the first bite!!

Then he offered a piece to Sally.

Rich and Sally came by to join us for dessert and to wish Stan Happy Birthday.

Donna and Rich enjoyed the party.

Ken and I loved Stan’s cake, too.