Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Feb 07 - The Classic Club is a golf club and restaurant located a couple of miles west of TT Palm Springs. Gloria and Hayden suggested that we get together and go there for Happy Hour. We chose Tuesday night because we are leaving to go to TT Wilderness Lakes on Wednesday morning.

It was a great group who gathered at the Classic Club!

Gloria and Hayden arranged the whole affair!! Thanks guys!!

Canadians Monique and Bernard. Bernard is the PB Player!
Here is something really, really neat!! Monique and Bernard's son, Benoit (Ben-wa) recently WON the Canadian Idol by playing wooden spoons!!! Here's the youtube area that has Benoit's performances. A great job!! Congratulations Monique and Bernard!!

(I did not know how to add a link. The link may work if you just click on it. Or, you may have to key the link into the address field. Or, return to my distribution memo and block and copy the link. It's worth the effort!! He's so cute!!)

Keith and Mary. They are Water Volleyball players!

Mark could not come so Brian was Linda's "date" tonight!

Here we are! Always ready for a Happy Hour!!!

Linda and Roger dropped by to join the group!

Even with all the talking around the table, we did manage to order something to eat!

Most of us chose the Cheeseburger with Garlic Fries -

Or, the Short Rib Sliders with Garlic Fries.

Hayden had the Buffalo Wings.

And, Monique had the Chicken Quesadilla.

All of the selections were great, along with our choice of beer, wine or mixed drinks! YUMMM!!

This was a great idea, Gloria and Hayden!! Thank you for arranging it for all of us!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Feb 04 - This was not just a Planked Salmon Dinner - it's a whole story!!

It started a few weeks ago when Gloria and Hayden were telling us about a Cedar Planked Atlantic Salmon they get from the grocery stores back home in Michigan. The Salmon comes frozen on a cedar plank, delicately seasoned, and packaged ready to grill. It sounded wonderful.

A few days later Gloria stopped by our rig and surprise!! She gave us a package of the frozen Salmon! Just thaw and grill!

Cedar Planked Atlantic Salmon (Applewood with Orange and Ginger) by Cedar Bay Grilling Company.

A couple of days later we parted company but would all return to TT Palm Springs in a couple of weeks. I decided to save our Salmon so we could get together with Hayden and Gloria for Salmon dinner. They could show us how to prepare! We settled on Saturday afternoon at 4 PM!

It could not have been a more perfect choice! As we left our rig to go to their camp site, I glanced up and saw two hot air balloons lined up as if they were coming down our road! Definitely a good Omen!!

We took our hosts a special bottle of wine!

Special because is was Hayden wine!! ($1.98 at Stater Bros.)!!

Gloria and I prepared the defrosted Salmon for grilling!

Gloria pointed out that she always removes the skin from the bottom side. She said it burns during grilling and she does not care for that taste. I noticed that there were still scales on the skin side. Would not want to eat them!!

The planked Salmon is placed on the grill which has been preheated by Hayden and Ken to exactly 425 degrees.

The grill cover was closed. Hayden was very precise!! The Salmon was to grill for exactly 14-17 minutes. Smell that heavenly Cedar Applewood smoke!!

After exactly 14-17 minutes, it was time to remove the Salmon from the grill!

Note the charred Cedar Plank! Also notice that the Salmon had been sliced down the middle before grilling; one-half for each person.

Dinner was delicious! The Cedar Planked Applewood with Orange and Ginger Atlantic Salmon was Divine!!
After dinner, we sat around their fire pot campfire and enjoyed dessert of cookies, chocolates, and fresh strawberries. An almost full moon overhead made the evening perfect!!!

Later, Hayden took us on a flight around Palm Springs on his X-Plane!! We departed in the evening from nearby Bermuda Dunes Airport! It was fascinating to watch Hayden work with levers, buttons, and yoke as we lifted off. The problem was, we were "flying" in real time and it was dark! We could not see the terrain!

So Hayden changed the time to daytime. Now, we could see the desert, mountains, and the Palm Springs Airport as we came in for a landing! X-Plane is a really neat computer program!!

Thank you friends for a wonderful evening! You certainly do know how to entertain!! And now we know EXACTLY how to prepare Cedar Planked Salmon!!


We have been here at TT Palm Springs for two weeks. Pickleball every morning!! Here is just some of the action!!

Hayden and Ken.

Norby and Martin.

Val and Gary.

Val's unique form!

Martin and Ken.

Linda and Brian.

Clint and Gloria.

The girls!! Linda.


Ken and Paul.

Will and Joe.

Will tries the shot of the day!


Donna and Faye.


Marilynn and Wendell are back at TT Palm Springs. Here Marilynn is playing with Carroll.

One of the Jim's playing with Wendell.

Linda and Bernard.

Jim and Wayne.

Martin and Dave.


Jim and Gloria.

Jerry and Bernard.

Ken and Linda.

Jim and Clint.

Dennis and Annie.

Roger and Dave.

Gloria and Ken.

Rick and Linda watching a match. Rick runs the Pickleball program at TT Palm Springs. Linda is a night Ranger!

Larry (LEM) and Brian.

John S.

Carroll and Clint.

Jerry and Jim.

Rick and Linda.

Dennis and another Linda.

Faye and Hayden discuss strategy!!! HA HA

Faye waiting for an overhead. Hayden prays!!

Hayden laughs when Faye gets excited after hitting a GREAT shot!! HA HA

This is what Pickleball is all about!! Just lots of friends!! Lots of fun!!!

Martin and Ella.