Saturday, May 8, 2010


May 08 – On Saturday afternoon , Ken and I went to my 55th High School Class Reunion!! Fifty-five?? Could that be right?? Sadly, yes, it’s true!!

We drove in to King’s Korner Restaurant in Chesterfield, VA where we met up with the other graduates from my class. We spent the afternoon socializing and dining on the delicious King’s Korner buffet!!

Our class has now had four class reunions – 45, 50, 52 1/2 and now 55. Funny thing about our reunions. After 44 years we had never had a reunion. (We were a very active class!! HA HA) Finally, classmate Richard Wood’s wife Ann, said we needed to have a class reunion and if we were not going to plan one, she would!! She did!! And she has been planning them ever since.

Ken and I are with Richard and his wife, Ann -- the planner of all of our Class Reunions!! And she did not even go to Manchester!

Here I am with Betty Lou (now called just Betty!) We have been best of friends since the First Grade!! Still I consider Betty one of my closest friends, though I almost never see her!

Attending this years Reunion was Polly Nasser, my business teacher -- typing, shorthand, all the business courses. Thanks to Polly, I had a career!! (She looks as young as the rest of us!!)

Some of our class in line for the buffet! Dinner was delicious -- especially the desserts!!

As part of the program, Aubrey helped us reminisce about the “good old days” when we were in school – the price of a loaf of bread, a tank of gas, a sundae at Holly Inn our school hangout, and other trivia like that –

Here I am with classmate, Aubrey, the guy with the good memory.

And then Geraldine remembered those members of our class that are no longer with us. I guess there must be close to twenty classmates who have passed away. Geraldine had written a poem for the occasion.

After many years of friendships,
We had to let them go
To that wonderful place called Heaven
With a high school we all know.
It’s Manchester – the school we loved so much.
It’s exactly like the one we knew
But has God’s loving touch.
We know you’re waiting for us –
To go to one more game.
Football played in Heaven
Could it possibly be the same?
Keep those field lights shinning –
Like stars to lead our way
Until we’re all together
On God’s Reunion Day.

I was amazed at Geraldine's talent. Later I had a chance to have a photo with her. (It's Eugene's knee I'm sitting on!) What a nice memorial, Geraldine. Thank you!
After the buffet, we played a little memory game about the school, the class, and us as students.

School name? Manchester High School
Name the Captain of the football team. Buddy Davis
Who was Home Coming Queen? Joyce Lester
Who was voted Friendliest? Buddy Davis
Name the school newspaper. The Communiqué
Who was named to the All American Football Team? Buddy Davis
Who kissed the girls and made them cry? Must have been Buddy Davis!! (Naw! I just made that up!! But he probably did!!!)

When the game was over, it was determined that guess who had answered the most questions correctly!! Buddy Davis. As I snapped this picture, I told him it was no wonder he won – HE was the answer to half the damn questions!! Quite an accomplishment, Buddy!!

[Sidebar: Buddy happens to work in a real estate office with our dear friend, Karen. Ken and I met Karen and Dennis at our tennis club when we were first married 30+ years ago!! They are still among our closest friends after all these years!]

Here is the name tag I wore with my class picture from 1955. The orange horse indicates I made it to the 52 1/2 Reunion!! (Ken said he loves my eyebrows – I looked like John L. Lewis!! I got it. Ken!!)

We all had a really neat time!! Thank you Ann!!! Can't wait until the 60th!!

Friday, May 7, 2010


May 07 - On Friday evening, Thousand Trails Chesapeake Bay had a nice Wine Tasting Social. Members each brought a bottle of wine to share with the others and Chesapeake Bay provided cheeses and crackers.

It was a most enjoyable event!!


It was great having Dottie and Larry at Chesapeake Bay this past week. They both play Pickleball AND Dottie loves to Line Dance!!! The two of us had something like Line Dance Work Shops in the afternoons where the two of us practiced and danced and danced several exciting line dances – Scrap It, Swamp Thang, Zatchu and others. It was so much fun!!

I have volunteered to teach Line Dancing here on weekends when we are in the park. On Friday afternoon Cathy and Carol came to join Dottie and me for some dancing.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


You MUST click on "Show Us The World" blog in the lower Right margin of this blog. Krystal really knows me well as you will see when you read her account of our Cinco de Mayo celebration!

Thank you, Krystal. You have accurately described the Real ME!!

HA!! HA!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The Pickleball group at TT Chesapeake Bay decided to help Mexico celebrate it’s independence on Cinco de Mayo. There’s a new Mexican Restaurant in town – Salsas. That’s where we decided to meet for dinner. And a delicious dinner it was!

Upper right – Rene and Mira shared combination fajita for two.
Upper left and Lower right – Faye and Ken each had beef fajita.
Lower left – Nate’s fajita and nachos. Krystal had the same. Never heard of that before but it surely did look yummy!!

And, of course, the Jumbo Margaritas!!

Here's the group - Left to Right: Krystal, Mira, Rene hiding, Dottie, Austin, Eric, Larry, Faye, Ken, Nate.

Austin, Eric, Larry, Faye, Ken, Nate, Krystal, Mira, Rene hiding, Dottie.

We were having a great time and enjoying the conversation until they turned up the volume on the music – and it was not even Mariachi music!! Larry and Rene finally had them turn it down.

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There was more exciting Pickleball action this week. Here are a few pictures.

Dottie and Mira

Larry with Faye serving

Mira as Ken gets an overhead.

Mira and Ken with another good play. Looking good, Ken!!

Dottie gets this one while Larry looks on!

Mira watches Larry get this one!

We took this picture of Krystal and Nate after we played this morning.

It's been a lot of fun!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


We were riding around in the golf cart on Saturday, and guess what we saw!!! Some friends of ours, Jimmy and Wayne, were helping other friend, Rick and Shelia, install a new awning!! Wow!! If we had know that service was offered here at Chesapeake Bay, we could have saved ourselves some big buck$ instead of having our new awning installed at Camping World!!

Turtles sunning in the pond.

Brad and Carla were fileing their puppy's toe nails!! This is the same WEENIEBAGO puppy that was in the Pet Costume Contest at Chesapeake Bay last Halloween!! Ken wants them to file his toe nails next!!


We had a wonderful time playing Pickleball at Chesapeake Bay this weekend. There were about 12 to 15 players of all levels. It was great to get back on the Courts!!

Here are some of the groups that played. Of course, they had to say "Good Game!" and congratulate their opponents!!

Mike R and Eric.

Bob proves White Men CAN Jump!! (Well, sort of.)

Amy and Nate (using his backhand as taught by Rich at Peace River!)

Amy gets this one! Watch out for that Kitchen Line!!

Now Amy has Ken for a partner!

They are playing against Bob and Rene!

Ken is taking this overhead backhand. Notice he is wearing his 75th Birthday shirt from Sally and Stan!

Rene and Bob are proving to be worthy opponents!

Tom just smashed one while Amy looks on in amazement!

Wayne gets a nice backhand pouch!

Michelle and Joann.

Rick and Faye!

Wow! That was close!!! Almost got us.

I think I'm going to get this one!! And, not in the Kitchen!! (Ken did a great job as photographer, didn't he?)

Mike and Rene!!

Ken and Rick!
Here are some interested spectators!!

ANNOUNCEMENT!! Thousand Trails Chesapeake Bay is sponsoring a Pickleball Tournament on Memorial Day Sunday!! Try to be here!!

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