Friday, November 22, 2013


Wed, Nov. 20 - Today is our last day at TT Orlando.  We have been here for two weeks and have really enjoyed our stay.  We went over to play Pickleball this morning, but there was a heavy mist falling as we arrived at the courts.  So, we only played one game each.  You might be able to see how wet the courts are in some of the pictures.

I did not get any action shots of this match but got a picture of the group at the net.  Hope I have correct names.

Bob and Lee played against Carol and Matt.  If not, I'm sorry!

Bill and Ken against -

Matt and Paul.  A really good match!

Bob and Pete played against -

New arrivals James and Brenda

Frank peeling his Florida Orange between matches!!

Lee and Mike.  When Mike saw me taking pictures, he said "Don't take my picture."  I didn't know if he was serious, so I decided to use this picture.  Hope this meets with his approval!!  HA HA

Terry and Joyce were Lee and Mike's opponents.

Bill and Ken still playing against -

Matt and Paul!  See how wet the courts are?

When their match was over, Bill offered to take a picture of the group on the sideline.

Terry, Amy, Faye, Paul, Ken and Matt.

As I said, this is our last day at TT Orlando.  We leave tomorrow morning for another two weeks at TT Peace River, about 65 miles away.  Good-bye, Guys.  It was fun playing around with you.


Tue., Nov. 19 - My brother, Nelson, recently purchased a Villa in the retirement community known as The Villages, about 50-60 miles North of our campground at TT Orlando.  Landscapers had just completed the landscaping project so he called us yesterday and invited us to come up for a visit.  It appeared that today was going to be the best weather, so we took him up on his invitation.

Nelson showing Ken the front yard landscaping.  (Ken had his own tree and landscaping business years ago.)

The interior.  Dining area looking into the kitchen.  Kitchen view.  One of two Bedrooms and Baths.

Separate utility room and one and a half car garage.  For a car and a golf cart.  You MUST have a golf cart at The Villages.  

There is a screened porch that opens onto the patio.  Landscaping at the back corner and along the back privacy wall.

Testing out the living room sofa!

Nelson was so funny telling us about the furniture throughout the house.  He said the villa had been used as a model.  After negotiating the price, he had signed the contract to purchase the villa.  Then, he told the realtor that he did not want the furniture, would they have someone come by  and pick it up.  "No.  It came with the house!  You bought it." At first, it appeared to be included in the price, and came with the Villa.  But, actually he had paid for it!  Since he bought it, might as well use it, for awhile anyway!!

After visiting for awhile we rode around the newer part of The Villages.  We went to several golf clubs.  This is the one nearest Nelson's Villa.

In The Villages, there are a number of Neighborhood Recreational Centers and several larger Regional Recreational Centers. This is the newest Regional Recreation Center, The Eisenhower Regional Recreation Center.  The interior was decorated all things military!  Very posh!!  On the grounds of the Rec Center there was Tennis, Platform Tennis, Pickleball and an Olympic Size Pool for adults only, Etc.  But, no golf courses here.

The Olympic size adults only pool.

We enjoyed lunch at one of the Country Clubs!

The Villages is the perfect retirement community!!  There are unlimited activities in which to participate!!  What fun!!

But it was time to go home!  Bidding Nelson farewell at the front entrance!!

Thank you, Nelson, for a fun time in The Villages!!!