Wednesday, July 28, 2010


July 21 –.As we were driving home from Frankenmuth, I received a call from a couple of friends – Jim and Kim!! We met them a few years ago at TT Verdi Valley in Arizona on the Pickleball courts. It turned out that they had read our Blog and realized they were staying in the same ROD park as the four of us. We shared site numbers and invited them to stop by later that day.

It was so much fun to reminisce and try to remember the various places we were together.

Later Stan and Sally came over. They were trying to remember if and when they had met. We decided we must have all been together at TT Verdi Valley for Thanksgiving 2005!!

The next morning we all gathered on the tennis court on which we marked for lines for Pickleball. We played all morning long and made plans to go out for Chinese dinner later that day!!
We had planned to get together for Pickleball the next morning before Kim and Jim left to head to another campground, but I rained so we could not play. We said our good byes -- we would see them again soon down the road.


July 21 - On Tuesday, July 20, Stan and Sally moved from TT St. Clair to Lake Shores RV Park in Davidson, MI, about 50 miles away. Since it was a ROD (Resorts of Distinction) Park, and we had never been there, we decided to join them. What a huge park!!! With a million kids!!!

The German town, Frankenmuth, is only about 25 miles away from Lake Shores. Sally was anxious for us to see the neat little town, especially Bronner’s Christmas Shop. It was unbelievable!!! More Christmas stuff than you would find at Santa’s Workshop!!!

Sally and I pose with Santa!

After traipsing through Bronner’s, we went to lunch at the Bavarian Inn for an authentic German meal.

We had an authentic German waitress!!

Ken and I ordered Weiner Schnitzel because Ken used to eat fried Weiner Schnitzel sandwiches when he was in the Army stationed in Germany during the Korean War. He is always raving about the experience.

Lunch was good, but we probably don’t need German food but once a year!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


July 17 – Soon after Sally and I returned from discovering the Blue Shores of Eastern Michigan, the husbands joined us to go to Pompeii’s Pizzeria in Port Huron. Stan ordered the Antipasti for the table which was really good, but the Pizza was outstanding!!! As usual, we ordered the Vegetarian – hold the green peppers, add Jalapenos. UUMMMM!!

Sally insisted that I check out the Ladies Room for the d├ęcor!! Here’s the view!!

Then Ken and Stan wanted to check it out!!!


July 17 – Sally and I decided to take a drive along the shores of Eastern Michigan since they were so nearby. I wanted to go to Clay (Algonac) because I read somewhere they had the largest fresh water delta in North America. I guess this is it!! Not too exciting!!

So, guess what!! We looked for a place to eat. MacRae’s Blue River Grill in Algonac was the first place we saw on the river, so that was it. And a great place it was!!

We decided we did not want much to eat because we were going for Pizza for dinner. So we each ordered a cup of Clam Chowder, and the appetizer Stuffed Portobello to share. It was to die for!!! Read this description and weep!! We decided we did not want much to eat because we were going for Pizza for dinner. So we each ordered a cup of Clam Chowder, and the appetizer Stuffed Portobello to share. It was to die for!!! Read this description and weep!! Large Portobello grilled and stuffed with crab, lobster, shrimp, spinach, and caramelized onions. Baked with our three cheese blend and topped with a lobster saffron cream!!! Our mistake was getting the soup because we were stuffed ourselves!!
After our delightful lunch, we drove on along the shore to Marine City. There we found an small, inviting beach and decided to set up our chairs and enjoy the view. We no sooner got our chairs in place than it started to rain!

We ended our drive in St. Clair and decided that river front town was the most beautiful of all. But it was raining, so no pictures.

It was a very pleasant drive and a great afternoon.

Monday, July 26, 2010


July 16 – Port Huron (about 15 miles away from St. Clair, MI) was having their Blue Water Festival and gearing up for the annual Sailboat Race taking place in Lake Huron on Saturday. On Friday, Sally and Stan, Ken and I drove into Port Huron to view the sailboats and activities.

Of course, the first thing we did was find a place to eat!!! Here we are on the deck of the Quay Brewing Company overlooking the Black River that runs through Port Huron. First we had to sample some of the brewing company’s signature brew after which, Ken and I shared the Fish ‘n Chips. It was delicious.

As we left the restaurant, there were a number of “Mimes” in the street, posing for charity. I don’t know how they were able to stand there without moving (or sweating) – it was so hot in the sun!!

Everywhere we went, a draw bridge was opening. All traffic stopped; the Trolley we were on detoured as the draw bridge opened for yet another sailboat!!

A view of some of the sailboats. Sally had read that one of the boats had been found rotting in a field. It was restored and entered into the race. We believe the closest boat was that rescued vessel!!

A closer look confirms our hunch!!
It way a fun day in Port Huron!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


July 13 – This afternoon a group of Pickleball Players drove over to Julie’s Dad’s house (about 8 miles away) and enjoyed a dinner of Barbequed ribs prepared by several of our group, along with corn-on-the-cob and all the trimmings!!

Pete has a beautiful, peaceful home in the country. It was incredibly generous of him to open his home to all of us and make us feel a part of the family!!

We all had a great time and a big thanks to both Julie and her Dad for inviting us!!

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July 13 – David and Nancy showed up at TT St. Clair after the weekend tournaments were over, so I’ve given them an article by themselves. Several of the players here had already met them in Bend, OR or some other Thousand Trails Resort. They came to St. Clair because they are playing in tournaments in the surrounding area.

I expect many of you Pickleball Players will recognize Nancy and David. They seemed to know a lot of players that we also know. We wish them much success in their upcoming tournaments!!

(We talked to them today (Monday, July 19) after the tournament. David and his partner took Silver in the Men’s and Nancy and her partner took Silver in the Women’s. David and Nancy together came in fourth and it was single elimination, so they were out of the Mixed.)


July-11 – Sunday afternoon, following the St. Clair Pickleball Tournament, we all gathered at Sally and Stan’s for Mexican Dinner. Everyone brought a dish to share.

When we arrived there was a huge round of applause from the people there!! I thought it was so nice that they were that glad to see us! I soon discovered it was not Ken and me they were applauding – they were cheering for the Jalapeno Poppers we brought as appetizers!!

Here is the group!!

And some individual shots.

Pat and Keith. Pat is the person who got Sally interested in wine making. She took her to a shop that had wine-making supplies, and Sally was hooked!! And we are all enjoying their wines!!!

Carol and Bob. Carol ran the Pickleball tournaments! And was Ken's partner when they won the Mixed Doubles earlier today!

Brenda and Bob.

Our hosts, Sally and Stan.

Olan and Merrilee. Olan made me feel sooooo good!! He says I taught him to play Pickleball; and he is a very strong player these days!! Thanks, Olan. You were a great student!!

Sis and Paul.

Bob and Julie. They are going West this year also. Hope to run into them at Palm Springs.

Barb and Dennis. Dennis was my partner in the Mixed Doubles. Unfortunately, we did not win the Gold Pickle!! But, Dennis did win the Men's tournament.

Barb and Linda.

Marge and Big Tom.

Faye and Ken!!

After eating Sally insisted that everyone with an insignia on their shirt must stand up and tell what the shirt meant to the wearer. How is it that Brenda is the only female with all those guys!!

Faye insisted that the group who had done Water Aerobics with her stand and take the plunge!!

Thanks, Sally and Stan for a fun time and great Mexican!!!

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