Saturday, October 6, 2012


Fri Sept 29 - We are at TT Wilderness Lakes for two weeks.  It was good to see some Pickleball players!

Left to Right:  Debbie, Bill, Julie, Faye, Ken and Gary.

Later on in the week, the group had changed slightly.

Front:  Julie, Debbie.  Back Row:  Al, Jessie, Jim, Chuck, and Ken.  I did not play because of my Birthday Surgery, explained later.

People who have stayed at TT Wilderness Lakes know that the campground is adjacent to the local dairy farm!  We have a swam of friendly flies that greets us every morning on the Pickleball Courts!!

Locals have started playing Pickleball in the nearby Community Center.  A group of us went over to play on Thursday morning.

Jessie is helping Phyllis and Ron put up the nets before play.

There is enough room in the Community Center to set up three courts.  

Jessie and Phyllis were partners.  They took on -

The team of Ron and Ken!!

The great thing about playing indoors is that you don't have to be worried about the elements -- the sun, the breeze, and the FLIES!!


At 1:00 PM every Saturday afternoon TT Wilderness Lakes has Candy Bar Bingo.  Ken and I always participate when we are here.  We like their rules.  Each person is given four cards.  When you get BINGO, you turn your card in to the caller and pick up a candy bar.  The best part is that they call numbers until almost everyone has won a candy bar!!  Today Jessie and Jim M's wife "Adi" played as well.

We like to try to win FREE candy bars to carry with us when we go to the DISCOUNT movies!!  This is our haul today!!  Ken won three candy bars and I won only one.  But, we each got a candy bar for our upcoming anniversary, and I got another candy bar for having a birthday!!  Looks like several trips to the movies!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Oct. 3 - My official birthday is on October 2nd, but because we had an appointments with the Dermatologist in Murrieta on the 3rd, we decided to celebrate then.

We started the day with a movie at the California Oaks Theatre.  I chose LOOPER because the time it was playing fit into our busy schedule.  It was pretty good, not great.  Besides, I love Bruce Willis.

Next, Ken took me to Dick's Sporting Goods.  I wanted to get a Medicine Ball (four pounds).  I need to do something to strengthen my core!!  Hope this works!!

After filling up with gas at Sam's Club (UGH!) we headed to see Dr. Leslie, the Dermatologist.  An earlier biopsy revealed I had a skin cancer that Dr. Leslie removed today.  She told me not to do anything strenuous until the stitches are removed on the 10th.  That means no Pickleball for a week and no Medicine Ball exercises!!  Ken had a few pre-cancer cells that Dr. Leslie froze off.

After our trip to the doctor, Ken took me to Target's to buy me a nightgown for my birthday!!  Thanks you, Ken!!  (I forgot to take a picture of the store, and you are not going to see me in the nightgown!!!)

Earlier, when we went to the California Oaks Theatre, Ken noticed a Chili's Restaurant.  We have not been to Chili's for a long time, but decided that would be a good, convenient place for a birthday dinner.  It turned out to be a great idea!!

After browsing the menu, we decided to try the "2 for $20" Ribs.  The meals came with an appetizer.  Ken had noticed people eating something really interesting and we asked Rachael, our waitress, about it.   Chili's Fried Onion Strings and Jalapeno Stacks!!  It was Wonderful!!!

Partially eaten before I remembered you would want to see a picture!!

Ken enjoying a forkfull of Chili's Fried Onion Strings and Jalapenos!!

The half rack of ribs with fries.  Rachael checked with the bartender who allowed us to have beer from the bar at Happy Hour prices!!!  (For my birthday!!)  UUUMMMMM!!  Everything was delicious!!

After our meal, Rachael surprised me with all the waitresses and waiters serenading me with "Happy Birthday To You", and presenting me with a Brownie Sundae!!  Thank you so much Rachael!!

The celebration happened so quickly that Ken was unable to get a picture of the group singing, but this nice young man quickly kneeled for a picture with the Old Lady!!