Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Several friends have asked why I have not posted anything on the Highway Runner Blog!! The truth is, nothing is happening around here!! We are still in Cottonwood, AZ mostly at TT Verde Valley. Everyone else has already left. It has been soooo hot that we have turned our motor home into a Library and basically read all day long to stay out of the heat.

We are still here because in early June we had check-ups with our doctors in Cottonwood. Of course, there were follow-ups and follow-ups and follow-ups. Ken is finished with his appointments, but I am still waiting for two shots scheduled for next week. After that we hope to be gone!!

Here is my new little friend. He and some of his siblings exercise with me every morning!!

We heard on the radio that Cottonwood was having it's annual Fourth of July fireworks and they were some of the best fireworks in northern Arizona! They were also having free food, etc. etc. etc. We decided to go. As we arrived the roads and fences were lined with American flags. Got everyone into a festive mood!

We arrived a little after 5 o'clock and immediately went to the tent where Hog Wild (a local BBQ) was serving free hamburgers!

Followed with all you can eat watermelon!

They really went all out with fun things for the kids!! Fun Houses!

Huge Water Slides!!

This is some of the crowd!

We met a nice couple with five kids while we were eating our hamburgers. She told us the fireworks were surprisingly impressive for a small town. They also told us where to sit so the trees would not block our view.

After we had eaten, we took our lawn chairs and found an excellent place to sit! It was about 6 o'clock!

After about forty-five minutes of people watching and trying to read our books, we began wondering how we would wait another two and a half hours for the fabulous fireworks.

We decided we had come to the event far too early!! We would never make it to 9 PM.!!! You can all see this coming!! We gave up on the live fireworks in Cottonwood, AZ and went home and watched the fireworks in NYC!!

They were spectacular but not as great as the real thing would have been!! Next time we'll arrive quite a bit later to watch the fireworks.