Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Well, I crawled and clawed my way up that huge hill for years and I just rolled over the other side on Sunday, October 2nd!! Yes. I am officially OVER THE HILL!! 75 years old!!

We were staying up in the San Bernardino Mountains, miles away from anything, so we decided to celebrate my big day later in the week. But, we did spend the day eating!!!

First, Ken treated me to a really nice birthday breakfast omelet! Ummmm!

For lunch we had one of our favorites - chopped tomatoes and mixed olives with basil and Feta cheese grilled on tortilla (or pita bread)! Ummmm!

And, for dinner it was Ken's special Shrimp and Crab Fettuccine!! Ummmm! A very tasty birthday!!

Later in the week we moved to the Elk's Lodge in Buena Park, Ca, because we needed to have our Hughes Autoformer repaired. Hughes Autoformer is located in Anaheim, CA, about 15 miles from the Elk's Lodge.

While we were waiting for the repairs, we decided to go to Marie Callender's to celebrate my birthday!

We noticed the cake and pie display as we entered the restaurant!! It looked so sinful!!

Ken ordered a Pecan Pie to go!!

We stopped back by Hughes Autoformer and picked up our repaired unit! Only $175!! What a deal!!

The Elk's Lodge is also located only 30 miles south of Culver City where Ken's Granddaughter Niki lives and works. Fortunately, Niki was able to meet us for dinner at Rush's Cafe on Tuesday evening. Niki has been working 12-16 hours a day at a Zoic Studios that creates movies and TV programs. Currently, she is working on the new TV series, Pan Am. Later, she will be involved with True Blood coming on Showtime. Way to go, Niki!!

Our October celebrations are not over!! Tuesday, October 11, was our Anniversary!! Our 32nd Anniversary!! We decided to go to Outback Steakhouse in Temecula. We both knew it was too much, but we started with their famous Blooming Onion!! Only about 2000 calories!! But oh so good!!!

After our Steak dinner, our waiter Branden surprised us when he brought a complimentary Anniversary dessert!! It looked like a volcano! Ice cream topped with whipped cream with hot fudge sauce and Oreo cookie crumbles! Ummmm!! Delicious!!


Monday, October 10, 2011


We arrived at TT Wilderness Lakes, California, on October 5th. Soon after that we were on the Pickleball Courts ready to play. It's a little early in the season, so there are only a few of us, but we had enough for a foursome with one or two sitting out.

Here are Ken, Jessie, Jim and Ede who lives nearby.

And another foursome: Al who is a Ranger here, Carolyn, Faye and Jim.

It is great to play with these players again!

The courts have been redone and now we have four courts, painted across the tennis court. Al was instrumental in getting that work done. Thanks, Al!!

I have been getting up about 5:40 AM to exercise a little before Ken gets up. If I don't do it early, I just don't get it done. At this time of year it's a little too cold and dark to walk outside that early in the morning, especially since they have a great Fitness Center here at Wilderness. I have been walking on the treadmill and a little light weights every morning while Ken snoozes!

Our plants have been growing all Summer. We all know that Ken has a "green thumb" but this is ridiculous!!

(Left to right) Periwinkle, Mint (almost hidden from view behind the Periwinkle), Basil, and Purple Shamrock!!