Saturday, November 6, 2010


November 06 – We had a great time at the big Air Show in Thermal, CA. When we arrived, the huge C-17 Military Transport plane was flying in.

Here the C-17 is taxing on the runway.

Later we went to view the aircraft up close and personal.

The tail section was described as being more than five stories high.

View of the cavernous interior.

The Aerobatics was a thrilling part of the show.

The Parachute Team brought in the MIA Flag and the American Flag.

The T-28 prop planes performed a series of aerial formations.

The Silver Wings Wing Walker was all over the little bi-plane performing a series of ballet poses.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


November 4 – I had read a blurb in the paper that the Palm Springs Air Museum was featuring Planes of World War II for a limited period. That was our destination today.

WWII Planes of the European Theater:

Ken with "Pretty Polly"

The powerful B-24 Liberator – the plane that dropped the Atomic Bomb, essentially ending World War II.

An ejection seat. Years ago, a highschool friend had to eject from his jet when it was on fire. He did receive burn injuries; however, the ejection seat like this one saved his life.

WWII Planes of the Pacific Theater

A real educational experience for both of us!!


November 4 - We moved to Desert Pools ROD campground in Desert Hot Springs on Monday. We were so surprised on Tuesday morning when Barb of Barb and Dennis knocked on our door to tell us a group was playing Pickleball at 8:30 AM. We got over to the courts as soon as we could (9:30) and everyone had finished playing. But, we have been playing every morning since that time!

Here’s the group that played today:

The Ladies: Kathy we just met this morning; Barb a friend we met in Florida several years ago; Ruth we met here some years ago when we were out West; Marlene we met here Tuesday morning; and Faye with an E.

The Guys: Chuck, Ruth's husband; Colin we met this morning; Barry we met on Tuesday; Ken; and Dennis, Barb's husband.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


November 2 – This morning we were too late to the Pickleball courts to play, so Ken suggested that we drive up to Joshua Tree National Park so I could get my Passport Book stamped. Once we were there we decided to take the drive through the Park. Here are some of the sights!!

Oasis Visitor Center – the main Visitor Center for Joshua Tree National Park, Twenty-nine Palms, CA

Oasis of Mara - behind the Visitor Center

Our first stop – Split Rock

Formations near Split Rock

Skull Rock
Not mentioned in the map guide but shapes I discovered near Skull Rock.
The Disciple Silhouette on the rock
And across the road – Giant’s Fingers

Joshua Trees only grow at certain altitudes and certain temperatures and in certain climates. That’s why Joshua Tree National Park is so special. Incidentally, the Joshua Tree is NOT a tree and is NOT a cactus. The Joshua Tree is in the Lily family!!

A field of Joshua Trees.

The largest Joshua Tree we have ever seen. Most are small and scrawny!! This one looks like a real tree!!


We don't know what happened here but this looked like Death Valley for Joshua Trees. For some reason, trees in this area were either already dead or were dying.

Cholla Cactus Garden

There was a tiny Cactus developing on the fence. I really wanted to touch it, but the sign warned that the slightest touch can cause the cactus spines to penetrate the skin and removing the embedded spines is very difficult and painful! I didn't want that!!

An abrupt change in terrine driving south toward /Cottonwood Visitor Center and I-10.

It was a beautiful way to spend the afternoon.


John and I were chatting while waiting to play the next Pickleball match. He was telling me how he had started playing Pickleball a few years ago at a campground in one of the Carolinas. He said a husband and wife were playing together and offered to teach him. With thousands of Pickleball players I never dreamed it would be someone I knew. But, I asked who they were.

(John with Linda at TT Palm Springs)

He said their names were Judy and Brian!!! JUDY!!! Ken and I taught Judy how to play years ago!! She is my prize student!!! Judy was doing water aerobics with me in the pool at TT Palm Springs. I was talking about playing Pickleball and she indicated an interest in learning the game. We met on the courts that very afternoon. Judy was a natural and has gone on to become a really great Pickleball player. Brian swears she had never played any kind of sports before.

(Judy and Brian)

Anyway, we just got an E-Mail from Judy and Brian and they will be at TT Palm Springs early December!! It will be great to see them again.

Sunday, October 31, 2010



During our two weeks at TT Palm Springs, we played Pickleball every morning. We tried to get to the courts at 8 AM with the early birds, but never made it that early!! One day our dear friend from the past, Whitey showed up at the courts for a few days with his two sons Dan and Jim. We have known Whitey for years. What’s so fascinating about Whitey and his wife Betty is that they have been driving down and spending the winter in Mexico for the past 30 years!! We often wondered if they were still traveling down there; the answer is Yes!

Dan, Ken, Whitey, Faye, and Jim. It was a lot of fun playing Pickleball with Dan and Jim. Whitey taught them well!! HA HA They just did not stay around long enough.

On Sunday the 24th, another dear friend, Jessie showed up. She was on her way to Buckeye, AZ to play in a National Pickleball Tournament. She will probably win; she always does!!! I don’t think there is a Pickleball player in the US who has not heard of Jessie. She is the Matriarch of Pickleball!!! Good luck in the Tournament, Jessie!!!

Linda and Jessie in action!

Arriving on the scene just a few days ago and all too late for our liking – Rita whom we met in TT Chesapeake Bay; and Bob and Laurie and Ray whom we just met here this past week. We have had a lot of fun playing with them. In fact, Laurie told us her sister was currently at TT Chesapeake Bay. So we immediately called her and told her to be certain to go down beyond the lake at Chesapeake Bay and introduce themselves to Mike and Diane who have a leased site there.

Bob, Laurie, Faye, Ken, Rita, Ray.

When I viewed this picture I discovered it was taken with our motor home in the background!! We were parked right next to one of the Pickleball courts. The other court is just across the road, and the Laundromat!! No wonder we hate to leave here tomorrow (Monday 11/01) to go to Desert Pools about 20 miles away!!