Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Mar 31 - This afternoon Rick and Linda had invited the Pickleball group to their place to celebrate Easter.  There was plenty of good eating, thanksgiving and fellowship!

Rick carving the smoked ribs.

Lynn and Maggie.  Maggie is working at TT Palm Springs this season.

Shirley and Jim P.

Oland and Cathy

Adi and Jessie with Jim M. and Paul in row behind.  We laughed about the seating being like a movie theater.  When does the next show begin??

Bill (Hayden) and Gloria.  Leaving for TT Verde Valley tomorrow morning.

Larry and Paulette.

Carol and Gordy.  Leaving for Canada tomorrow morning,

Our hosts Rick and Linda.  Thanks for a good time Guys!

And, Faye and Ken.

Have a Happy Easter everybody.


Mar 25 - 29 - Pickleball has been fun at TT Palm Springs.  Pictures cover several days of play.  Hope I get the names right!!

Ken and Phil

Gary and Gloria.

Bernard and Dick.

Sue and Bill (Hayden).

Paul and Gloria.

Roy and Gordon take on Jim P. and Rick.

Jim P. and Rick.

Rick and Gordon.

Roy and Bernard.

Lynn and Rick.

Mike and Linda.

Gary and Phil.

Dick and Lynn.

Bob and Linda.

Mike and Bernard.

Jerry and Linda.  Mike in the forecourt.

Brian and Phil.

Bob and Dick.

Dick and Gloria.

Gordon and Jerry.

Clint and Larry.

Ken and Gloria.


Mar 29 - Had an interesting experience today!  I was at the LaQuinta post office this afternoon to pick up our General Delivery mail.   When I walked in, a young man with a small dog was waiting at the counter for the mail clerk to get his mail.  An elderly gentleman (a little older than Ken) was talking to him about the puppy.  Then I heard him mention that he had written a book about a dog named Gracie and passed his card to the young man, saying that he could find the book on the internet.  His wife who was with the gentleman said that Gracie had lived an interesting life -- had met a lot of celebrities and politicians in Palm Springs -- Kirk Douglas, Frank Sinatra among them.

Shortly, the gentleman asked me if I wanted to sit in the vacant chair.  I misunderstood him and said yes, I was very interested in what they were talking about.  So, he gave me one of his cards.

I thought that was pretty neat that I had met the author, so I looked up Amazing Gracie on line and found a lot of stuff about Gracie Allen written by George Burns.  Wrong Gracie.  So I added the author's name and came up with several websites.

I have not read the book yet but I found out that Gracie also has a website on which I found a short video about the Amazing Gracie and her adventures!



Mar 27 - I read in one of the entertainment papers that the Virginia Waring Piano Competitions were taking place all this week at the Indian Wells Theater, just a few miles away.  I thought it would be a nice way to spend a quite afternoon.

I had an excellent seat in the auditorium where I could see the contestants faces and also watch as their fingers flew over the keyboard from tinkling upper keys to booming base!

The above picture is similar to the competition as I saw it; however, the contestants were accompanied by a second piano.  Twice the pleasure!!  All were excellent!

It was a very pleasant and enjoyable afternoon.


Mar. 22 - This one is for you Bill and Eric.  Bet you've not run across this one before!!

Shortly after we arrived at TT Palm Springs, friends Keith and Mary stopped to talk with us.  They knew from our Blog that we have had problems with our slide-out.  They had quite a tale of their own!!

They had never had any problem with their bedroom slide-out.  It had always operated very smoothly.  Then one day, for some reason, the  bedroom slide-out became very sluggish in its movement.  It seemed to take much too long to go out or come in.  Keith was very worried.  Something must be broken.

Keith said he crawled under the slide to try to determine the problem himself.  It looked as if something was wrapped around the gear.  He pulled and poked and dug and prodded to remove whatever the item was.

You will never guess what he finally found!!  A wayward pair of Mary's sexy panties!!!  Somehow they had gotten lost under the bedroom slide-out and eventually found their way down and around the gear mechanism!!!

We all had a good laugh over that one!!!  Guess Mary will be paying a visit to Victoria's Secrets!!


Mar 22 - Had another follow-up appointment with my Ophthalmologist in Loma Linda late this morning.  When we left his office, it was just about lunchtime.  Great!!  As you know, we have been checking out various  taco places in the Inland Empire as recommended in an article in the Inland Empire Magazine.  It looked like Bonita's Mexican Food in Yucaipa, CA was just off of I-10 on our route back to TT Palm Springs, so I convinced Ken to give their tacos a try!!

After a five-mile detour, and in spite of road construction on Yucaipa Boulevard right in front of the establishment, we found Bonita's.  It was a picturesque canteen with covered outdoor dining.

Menu selections were posted on the outside wall.  They had a wide variety of Mexican food.  I thought it seemed a little pricey, but later realized their prices were about the same as Village Tacos we had tried earlier.

We placed our order with Cesar at the Order Here window.  I told him we had read about Bonita's in Inland Empire Magazine.  He was familiar with the article and told me he had several copies.

We had decided to have one Fish Taco each.  Cesar suggested we try one Fish Taco and one Shrimp Taco so we could sample both flavors.  We decided that was a good idea.

Here are our tacos -- one Shrimp and one Fish!  $2.99 each.

And here we are enjoying the Tacos!!  Very good!!

Before leaving I asked Cesar to write down his name so I could mention him in our Blog.  He wrote not only his name but pointed out to me that Bonita's was owned and run by his family -- The Rodrigues Family.  Bonita's had been in the family for many years.  He was such a nice young man with obvious pride in The Rodrigues Family Name.

Really enjoyed our detour to Bonita's Mexican Food.