Friday, November 14, 2008


Ken came home from Rehab today!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


KEN’S COMING HOME FRIDAY!! That is the recommendation of all of his therapists. The doctor for the rehab facility still has to approve, but we think it’s a done deal. Looks like he did not practice going home any too soon. He will still be confined to that Big Hip Brace for 4-5 more weeks.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and concern. We love you all!!!


After reading our article about Flying-J (October 23) requiring cash payment to grant the “Cash” price, and no longer treating payment with credit cards the same as cash for RVers, our friends Stan and Sally of Michigan wrote to F-J. The gist of their correspondence was that most RVers do not wish to carry cash enough to fill up our rigs several times on a trip. There is now no reason for RVers to drive out of our way to seek out the Flying-J truck stops to fill up our rigs. (Wish I’d thought of that!!)

Stan and Sally said they received a reply from Flying-J to the effect that they have rescinded that change in policy. They do now recognize credit cards same as cash if you use the RV lane. S &S were not certain if this policy applies to using the truck lanes as well.

We suggest that until this is clarified to your own satisfaction, that you check it out at the station before paying, but be prepared to pay cash. Let us know what you experience.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Ken has been making a lot of progress in his therapy sessions. I think this is due to the really great therapists who help him each day! They are: Jonell, Dianne, Carmen, and Lindsay! A great bunch of girls!!! You’ll meet them in the pictures of Ken’s progress.


Here Jonell instructs Ken in using the Arm Bicycle to build up upper body strength. “You have to do this for 20minutes!” What!!! And me with no shoulders??? And no TV???

Ken really got to moving -- FAST!! Dianne thought he was ready for Crutches. Look at that sadistic smile on her face as she tosses that gauntlet!!

With Dianne’s help, Ken put aside the Walker and took up the tall underarm Crutches. No Problem!!

But I thought he should use the Crutches we brought from home!! I got to work assembling them as fast as I could.

It was Carmen who stepped in and in no time she had Ken walking the line, using only our Forearm Crushes!!!

But the Girls had another challenge in store!! Could Ken get along with only a CANE??? Yes!! He Can!!!

Ken did so well with the Cane that Dianne came up with yet another challenge! Climb these steps using only the Cane!!

Now, come back down. Watch your step!!

It’s finally time for some fun!!! MEXICAN TRAIN!!! (Not!). In this game, all players have stand while they play, to help improve balance.

Susan said she used to play Mexican Train but couldn’t remember how. She decided she wanted to be in the BLOG! (Ken later took her the Mexican Train rules.)


Toady was Carmen’s day with Ken. First she had him standing while pushing a weighted box up a ramp and back down. Push, Pull, Push, Pull. Five sets of twenty. Helps with strength and balance.

Next its triceps work out. Raise, Press, Raise, Press. Four sets of twenty-five.

Here Ken is working with a Band. Pulling and Stretching, Stretching, Stretching!!! UGH!!!

But the most fun of the day was when the two of us played Five Card Draw with Carmen, while standing. Still working on the balance, while having a good time. Ken won, of course. He said it was a good thing we were not playing Strip Poker == we girls would be down to our panties!!”


Lindsay worked with Ken this afternoon. The task – getting into and out of our car. They are racing for the door!

Stepping off a curb using the Forearm Crutches.

Getting into the car. Seat pushed back as far as it will go. Lay the back of the seat back, but not too far. Put the cruches aside. Sit down. Put your feet inside the car, first the bad leg, then the good leg. Always keep your legs apart and your knees bent.

Getting out of the car. Swing legs out, first good leg, then bad leg. Push on the seat and pull on the hand pull above your head. Stand. Take up the cruches.

Good Job!! It won't be long before you'll be doing it for REAL!!
What a great feeling!!!


Monday evening was a fun night for Ken (and Faye, too)!! Mike (Ken’s son) and his wife, Diane, paid Ken a visit at the Rehab Center. They brought a huge Chinese Dinner: Hot and Sour Soup (of course), Garlic Shrimp, Orange Chicken, Szechuan Style Beef, Vegetable Fried Rice and Lo Mein! We were bursting at the seams. Afterwards, we had to work off all that dinner.

We showed Mike and Diane around the facility.

They analyze the steps that Ken uses for practice. “The rise on these steps is not high enough.” Mike says. “Use the other steps. The rise is more like you have at home.”

Diane works out on the bars.

Mike shows her how it’s done!!

Wow!! Physical Therapy is HARD WORK!!! We are tired!!!

They decided to take a drive!

Ken hitches a ride!! “Get me outta here!!!”

You’ve had enough fun for one day!! Faye rolls Ken back to his room.
What an evening!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I was reading the blog of a new friend of ours (Krystle – some of you will remember the family, and particularly her son, Austin, who learned to play Pickleball at Thousand Trails Chesapeake Bay a few weeks ago). I was amused by her article about Krispy Kreme donuts, describing how she and her husband one day just happened to be where she saw a Krispy Kreme store with the sign lit, indicating the donuts were there and HOT. She had never experienced a HOT Krispy Kreme donut, and when she did, thought she had gone to heaven!!!

I, too, lived in ignorance for most of my life. Years ago, we would buy Krispy Kreme donuts brought to the door and sold for $1/dozen as a fund raiser. They were really good. And, I have had KK donuts lots of times, my whole life. But, I never even heard of a HOT Krispy Kreme. Then, not so many years ago, I was visiting a childhood friend who now lives in San Diego. She was thrilled to learn that Krispy Kreme was coming to San Diego. “Now, I can get them HOT”, she said. So?? She went on to explain how much better the GLAZED DONUTS were when eaten HOT, right from the store. You know what? She was right. From then on, I only get them HOT.

There is a store in Richmond, not too far from the Elk’s Lodge where we are staying. Before Ken had his surgery, we stopped to get some Krispy Kreme donuts. We went inside (you can’t go through the Drive Thru because the hot ones may have sat for a few minutes before you get them).

This has never happened to me before: I told the lady I wanted a dozen “pipeing hot”. I heard her tell her co-worker, “She wants them pipeing hot!” So, she went to the conveyor where donuts were just coming out of the cooking vat. She picked one up with her pick-up stick and dipped it into the frosting and then put it into our box. She did that for the whole dozen!! They could have not been hotter!! Thank you, Lady.

I thought they were the best ever, until, after reading Krystle’s article, I left Ken at rehab last night and drove to Krispy Kreme, on my way home (not). I ordered one pipeing hot one to go. I grabbed my one donut and dashed out to the car where I sat alone and consumed it. Oh, God!!! It was AMAZING!! WONDERFUL!!! That was THE BEST EVER!!! Then I realized, while you are waiting for them to put a dozen HOT donuts into the box, they are already getting cool!!!


I got a really neat e-mail from Ken's daughter, Stacey. Thought you’d enjoy her enthusiasm.

"Wow Daddy looks good. Go Dad Go. He's gonna show them that he has the stamina of 70 year old or maybe even 65. He looks like he is in good spirits. I can't wait til ya'll get down here to sunny FL. Don't forget your sun screen. Tell Dad I am rooting for him down here and I am his biggest cheer leader. If ya'll need a place to stay instead of the RV (cuz of the steps) I still have an empty room and would love to have ya'll here.

Love you both very much. Stacey"