Sunday, August 7, 2011


Aug 06 - Saturday late afternoon during Happy Hour with Linda and Roger, Ken and I pointed out that it appeared to be one of the few evenings that the Monsoon rains were not coming in -- it looked like promise of a clear evening. Would they like to take a ride to Schnebly Hill to watch the sunset. So we all grabbed a bottle of wine, piled into Roger's Hummer and headed for the Hill. We directed them North on I-17 to Schnebly Road and took the winding dirt road over to the Vista.

There were a number of other people there to watch the sunset, too -- Yellow Jeep Tours, Pink Jeep Tours, etc. Here we are just before the sunset.

Beautiful! Breathtaking!!

The scenic Red Rocks on the drive down off the Hill.

A fun evening that ended at Denny's for Coffee and Pie!