Saturday, June 26, 2010


My son, Barry and his family recently took vacation along Skyline Drive in Virginia. They sent me this unbelievable snake picture!!! Barry said they watched the snake eat the whole fish – well, they watched the snake swallow the whole fish!!

Friday, June 25, 2010


June 23-25 – My daughter, Stasia came to visit us for a few days at TT Chesapeake Bay, arriving on Wednesday afternoon. After a quick lunch, we took a ride around the campground in the golf cart; took a swim in the Piankatank River and a dip in the pool!!

It just so happened that Pickleball friends, Krystal and Nate, had invited the Pickleball players to a Happy Hour at their site on Wednesday afternoon. That gave us a chance to introduce Stasia to some of our great Pickleball friends!!

Our hosts, Krystal and Nate, with Catherine.

Austin and Aric taking a picture of me taking a picture of them!!

Rene enjoying his barbecue and Myra.

Rich and Dee.

Krystal and Buddy.

Here we are -- Ken, Stasia and Faye!!

Thank you Krystal and Nate for that wonderful barbecue and a great time!!!

After the party, Ken played Pickleball with the group while Stasia and I went to the pavilion and did some line dancing. It was such fun – we danced and danced. She taught me some of her dances and I showed her some of the neat dances that Marge had taught me while she was here!!

On Thursday we went to visit my niece Debbie at their place on Lancaster Creek, tributary to the Rappahannock River in Simonson VA. As I mentioned in my article on Memorial Day, my aunt and uncle used to own a home just three houses up the creek from Debbie’s. Stasia had many unforgettable memories of times spent at that river house. Now she was thrilled to go back again. Thank you Debbie for a really fun day at the Rivah!!

On Friday, after a couple more hours of line dancing together, I had to say good bye to Stasia. It was great to have her visiting with us, even though her time was short!! I’ll miss you, Hon!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


June 20 – Today is Father’s Day!! Ken heard from all of his children – that was great!! Mike and Diane called this afternoon to see if we could come over to their house for Father’s Day hamburgers!! Of course, we said “Yes!”

Before dinner we gathered on the back porch for drinks and cheese-stuffed peppers.

Ken and Mike preparing their burgers.

Thanks Mike and Diane for a great Father’s Day!!