Monday, April 29, 2013


Fri. Apr 19 - Back in January my Ophthalmologist in Loma Linda discovered a scratch on the cornea of my right eye -- my injured eye.  Dr. Affeldt has been treating it since that time and we have driven in to Loma Linda  every week or two for follow up visits.  My latest visit was scheduled for Thursday, April 19.  Ken had surgery on April 17 and cannot drive for two weeks!!  His doctor did say it would be alright for him to make the trip as long as he did not drive.

Our friends Shirley and Jim who are also at TT Palm Springs offered to drive us to Loma Linda, about 65 miles.  I tried in vain to convince them that I was perfectly capable to drive, but they insisted!

After my appointment, we decided to stop by Long John Silver's for Fish & Chips on the way home.  Ken did fine for the drive over and I was glad, after all, that I did not have to drive.

Thanks Jim and Shirley for your very thoughtful offer to drive us!!

Sat. Apr 27 -  Bill and Pat are back at TT Palm Springs.  Great to see them again!  Earlier this week they took me with them to Mary Pickford to see "42" while Ken was back home recuperating.  Good movie about Jackie Robinson.

Today we asked if they would like to try Vietnamese food and took them to Pho Vu, our favorite.  Here we are enjoying menu items #46, #48, and #11, and one other (that's how we order--by number!!)

Mon. Apr 29 - Today while at the Pickleball courts, Paul mentioned to me that mutual friend, Gordon, was picking him up for lunch at noon and he would bring him by our rig to say "HI".  When I found out they were going to The 19th Hole for fish, I asked if we could crash their party.  We have never been to the 19th Hole, and the fish sounded mighty good!

We had a grand old time talking about Pickleball friends we all had known.  We talked about Peter and Tony, Myrtice and Chuck, Jim and remembered Vertrice, Norm and Marti, Wayne and Nancy, Geoff and another Nancy, Pete, Al, Ede, Jessie, Tom and Marion, Gretchen and remembered Bob, Brian and Eileen, Dennis and Jackie, Carolyn and remembered John, Denny and Sally, Steve and Cheryl, Harold and Marion, and on and on.

Here we are after all the fish and all the beer and all the talking!

Thanks Paul and Gordon for letting us join you today!


Apr 16 - Background:  In the middle of February, Ken was playing an afternoon game of Pickleball.  When he came off the court he said he did not feel like playing anymore.  He was exhausted!  He did not feel like playing for the next few days.  This was not like Ken at all!!  We decided he should see a Cardiologist in the area.  Our friends Pam and Joe who live nearby recommended Desert Cardiology Center at Eisenhower Medical Center.

We were able to get a new patient appointment with Dr. Frutkin in about a week and a half.  That was too long to wait, so we went to the Urgent Care, just in case.   After many tests they said Ken had not had a heart attack, but they sent him to the Eisenhower Emergency Room.

After many more tests, the Emergency Room said Ken had not had a heart attack, but they wanted to keep him overnight in Observation.  The next day Ken was released from the hospital with the recommendation he follow up with his Cardiologist.  We called Dr. Frutkin and were able to change the appointment to the following Tuesday, that was February 19.

Dr. Frutkin said the above tests showed what we already knew -- Ken had a weak heart.  He has two stents from 1999 and 2001.  In 2004 we discovered that the artery below the first stent was 100% blocked but secondary veins had taken over.  Doctors determined it would be best not to operate but to treat the problem with medication.

Dr. Frutkin ordered some additional tests and when Ken saw him again, he had a surprise for us!  He said all of the test results along with Ken's complaints of exhaustion indicated he might be a candidate for a Defibrillator or Pacemaker!!  That's the first we have heard that!!   An appointment was made with Dr. Rubin, the Electrophysiologist in the same office who would make the final determination and perform the surgery.

After reviewing the test results and Dr. Frutkin's recommendations, Dr. Rubin scheduled Ken for   Defibrillator surgery the next week, April 16 at Eisenhower Medical Center!!

Here is how the Defibrillator is connected to the heart.  We call Ken The Bionic Man because he has had a hip replacement, knee replacement, and now this Defibrillator!!

Surgery was a big success and Ken is at home recuperating.  He needs to take it easy for two weeks and no tennis, golf or Pickleball for two months!!  The new Defibrillator will help his heart pump stronger and make him feel much more energetic!!  That will be WONDERFUL!!

SIDEBAR:  Due to Ken's unexpected surgery, we have had to change our Schedule.  Check it out.


 Fri, Apr 12 - Pam and Walt were at TT Palm Springs when we arrived this time.  They have had us to their place for dinner several times, so we decided to have them over for some of Ken's Fajitas.  A few weeks ago Walt gave Ken a "magic" grill mat that you put on the grate when you grill.  It is amazing!  And, it worked perfectly for grilling the steak and veggies for Fajitas!!  UUUMMMMM!!!

Ken and Walt enjoy GRILLING the Fajitas!!

Pam and Walt enjoy EATING the Fajitas!!  Open wide, Pam!!

Faye and Ken enjoy EATING the Fajitas, too!!  Great job, Ken!!

While we were enjoying Fajitas, we talked about going to the Augustine Casino 3rd Annual Big BBQ on Sunday, April 14.  There would be food, music, prizes, etc. - and the tickets were only $5.00 each which we could get back in Free Play at the slots in the casino!!  Sounded like fun!!  Let's do it!!

There was a big crowd, but we managed to get to good table!!

Walt and Pam enjoying the BBQ.  Walt ate his to the bone!!  HA HA

Ken and Faye having a great time!!

When we were in line for our dinner, we discovered that the ticket price of $5.00 did NOT include the BBQ.  But that was all right.  This plate of ribs was only $5 and $3 for the beer.  It was very good!!  What a Deal!!

Two really good Country Western bands played throughout the afternoon.

We did not hear much of the music because we went into the casino to play the slots!!  Won $10 - enough to pay for the tickets!!

It was a lot of fun and great food and entertainment.  I'm ready for the 4th Annual Big BBQ!!


 Apr 14 - The weather could not have been more beautiful on Sunday afternoon while we were enjoying the Augustine Casino Big BBQ.  However, the weather forecasts all weekend had been for winds up to 60-65 miles an hour in the Coachella Valley, where Augustine Casino is located, and only 13 miles from TT Palm Springs.

We soon discovered they were not lying as we drove back to the campground heading West on I-10.  Winds almost blew us off the road and sand was so dense we could hardly see!!

See how the palm trees lean in the wind!!

This is the scene from our site.  You cannot see the mountains on the horizon because of the blowing sand!

The exact same scene in November 2011.

I wanted an action picture to remember.

The sand storm was actually worse than it appears in the video and lasted for days!!!  From Sunday through Wednesday afternoon!!  What a mess.  Sand everywhere!!  I hope I never see another sand storm!!


Mar 28; Apr 4 - Back in the Palm Springs area, we look forward to going to the movies.  We decided to go the Mary Pickford Theater to see "Olympus Has Fallen" with Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman.

The movie was a very good action flick about the Capitol being attacked and the President kidnapped.  Gerard Butler saves the day!!  Only problem was the movie stopped running!!  This happens occasionally at the "Dollar" Movie but you don't expect it to happen at a first run movie.  But it did happen -- not once but two times during the movie.  Ken and I thought we would have to see the manager and request a free pass for our Inconvenience.  HA HA  But, we were pleased the see the manager waiting for us at the exit, passing out free passes.  We thought that was great customer service!

We decided to use our free pass to see "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" with Steve Carell and Jim Carrey.   The trailers looked pretty funny!

WRONG!!  The movie was TERRIBLE!!!  Guess the trailers on TV were the best parts!  That was a big waste of our free passes and two candy bars!!

About Mary Pickford's changed policies -- They are still honoring the old Ultra Senior Card if you still have one; however, they are no longer issuing the Senior Card.  They said we seniors kept forgetting to bring our cards!!  They changed their prices to only $6.00 all day - Except - (1) the first matinee each day will be $5.50; and (2) Tuesday and Thursday prices will be $5.50 all day unless otherwise posted for some new movies, in which case the price will be $6.00.

All was not lost; however.  The next week we went to the "Dollar Movie" to see "Dead Man Down", directed by the Swedish director who directed the Swedish version of  "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo", Niels Arden Oplen.    This was a very good movie and made up for the terrible Wonderstone!!