Monday, April 29, 2013


 Fri, Apr 12 - Pam and Walt were at TT Palm Springs when we arrived this time.  They have had us to their place for dinner several times, so we decided to have them over for some of Ken's Fajitas.  A few weeks ago Walt gave Ken a "magic" grill mat that you put on the grate when you grill.  It is amazing!  And, it worked perfectly for grilling the steak and veggies for Fajitas!!  UUUMMMMM!!!

Ken and Walt enjoy GRILLING the Fajitas!!

Pam and Walt enjoy EATING the Fajitas!!  Open wide, Pam!!

Faye and Ken enjoy EATING the Fajitas, too!!  Great job, Ken!!

While we were enjoying Fajitas, we talked about going to the Augustine Casino 3rd Annual Big BBQ on Sunday, April 14.  There would be food, music, prizes, etc. - and the tickets were only $5.00 each which we could get back in Free Play at the slots in the casino!!  Sounded like fun!!  Let's do it!!

There was a big crowd, but we managed to get to good table!!

Walt and Pam enjoying the BBQ.  Walt ate his to the bone!!  HA HA

Ken and Faye having a great time!!

When we were in line for our dinner, we discovered that the ticket price of $5.00 did NOT include the BBQ.  But that was all right.  This plate of ribs was only $5 and $3 for the beer.  It was very good!!  What a Deal!!

Two really good Country Western bands played throughout the afternoon.

We did not hear much of the music because we went into the casino to play the slots!!  Won $10 - enough to pay for the tickets!!

It was a lot of fun and great food and entertainment.  I'm ready for the 4th Annual Big BBQ!!

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