Saturday, February 18, 2012


Feb. 18 - We spent our second day watching the Pickleball matches at the 2012 Palm Desert Senior Games. Today was Mixed Doubles play.

Here is Ken with friends Al and Shirley as they watch a match. Jim is misbehaving behind the group!! Al drove over from TT Wilderness Lakes where he is a Ranger.

Del and Jerry were here again today. Neither of them is competing this year.

Larry and his wife between matches. Larry is playing with Judy.

Husband and wife team Lynn and Linda.

A group of handsome spectators!! Paul, Frank, Ken and Dean!!

Spike is Umpire again today!

Here are Anne and Joe. Looks like Joe is playing with his new ZZT Sports paddle!!

Here is Jessie and her partner. I think she ended up winning Silver! Congratulations, Jessie!

Linda and Jim P. are partners. They were playing great!!

Husband and wife team, Linda and Lynn. They make a great partnership!!

We met Henry while watching the Men's Doubles yesterday. He happens to be from near Richmond, VA so I told him I would include him in our Blog!!

Here is Bill and his partner, Barb. They ultimately won Silver in a very close match for the Gold!! A big Congratulations!!

Husband and wife team of Rich and Dee.

Here is Paul with his partner. Paul was Rich's partner in the Men's Doubles!

Pat Carroll makes a brilliant move!!

Larry and Judy in a tense match. Paul is Umpire!!

I love Larry's special prayer whenever he misses a shot!!

Stephanie and her partner. Stephanie is frequently Judy's partner in Women's Doubles matches.

I didn't meet this woman, but the word is that she is the best in the country!! I saw her play. I believe it!!

The last match we saw was my protegee Judy and her partner. Go Judy!!! Looking GREAT!

As we were leaving, Cis was just arriving!! Have a good time, Cis!

Just before leaving, Ken bought me this beautiful Pickleball Paddle pendant!! Semi-precious stone with a "diamond" ball! Thank you, Ken. Love it!! Love You!!

The three little dots at the top are just reflections.

Our two days at the 2012 Palm Desert Senior Games were a lot of fun!! And it was FREE!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


The Palm Desert Senior Games are being held this week -- February 16 - 19, 2012. The location is the Palm Desert Community Center, 43-900 San Pablo Avenue, Palm Desert, CA 92260.

The Pickleball schedule is:

Thursday, February 16 - 8:00 a.m. - Women's Doubles; Men's Singles

Friday, February 17 - 8:00 a.m. - Men's Doubles; Women's Singles

Saturday, February 18 - 8:00 a.m. - Mixed Doubles

Sunday, February 19 - 8:00 a.m. - Rain Date in case of rain out.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Feb 13 - I absolutely love the Seared Ahi Tuna appetisers at the Elephant Bar and Outback Steakhouse!!! So, when I saw a package of two small Ahi Tuna Steaks on sale at Albertson's, I grabbed it!! We can make Seared Ahi Tuna at home!!

I checked recipes on line. Some had lots of ingredients and some recipes had only Kosher Salt and Ground Pepper. Salt and pepper sounded good to me!! Some seared for only 45 seconds, some for more time. I thought 45 seconds was not long enough time.

So, on Valentine's Eve, we prepared our first Seared Ahi Tuna!! A little oil and butter in a hot pan. I threw a few peppercorns in the pan to toast and pop! A little olive oil, fresh ground salt and pepper on the tuna. Seared in the hot pan for about a minute! That's it!!

I mixed together a Wasabi Mayonnaise and spread it across the top of each plate. Fanned thin slices of tuna over the mayo. Served with Saffron Rice, Steamed Carrots, and Mandarin Orange Salad. It was Perfect!!! We were very proud of our first Seared Ahi Tuna dinner!!!


Feb. 14 - We joined Pam and Walt this afternoon to go to the Asia Seafood Buffet for the Senior 50% off special. The special is on Tuesdays after 4 PM. This year it happened to fall on Valentine's Day!!

I think half of the Pickleball gang also decided Asia Seafood Buffet was the perfect place of Valentine's Day dinner. We saw a number of them enjoying all the great choices.

In fact, Becky stopped by our table so we had her take our picture!! Thanks, Becky.

Ken and I, as usual, enjoyed the Hot and Sour Soup, Sushi and Crab Legs! This time I took a pair of kitchen shears to cut the crab legs because they are so difficult and time consuming to break. That was a good idea!!

Great company and delicious dinner!!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


We are now at TT Wilderness Lakes (Feb 10-17) and having lots of fun playing Pickleball. Every morning at 9 AM, they have three courts going with more players waiting for their turns. It's a great group! Here is some of the action!!

Sue, Faye, Walt and Becky caught just after our match.

Pam and Pete.

Faye serving with Gordon (Flash) as her partner!

Jeannette and Walt.

Bob and Tom.

Vivian and Walt.

Ede and Ken.

Husband and wife, Gordon and Jeannette. Flash is so fast, my picture is a blur!

Pete and Tom.

Becky and Neal.

Joe and Matt.

Great playing Guys and Gals!! Sooo sorry for the players I missed. I realize now that I missed Shirley, Nancy, Barb and I don't know how many others. It's hard to have fun playing and taking pictures at the same time!!


Feb 13 - Today was a cold, overcast day. A good day for playing cards in the game room!!

Ken asked Jeannette and Gordon if they played Euchre! Jeannette was so excited. They used to play but had not played for years!! We got together at two o'clock!!`

Jeannette, Ken, Faye and Flash. (Gordon's Apple Computer in the foreground!)

The girls played against the guys. Gordon is the luckiest person I know!! Seemed he got all the cards and the guys won.

After several games of Euchre, Jeannette and Gordon taught us a game they play a lot -- High, Low, Jack, Game! It was crazy!! We'll give it another try before we forget how! I think it's kinda like Pickleball -- you may be able to play, but you need someone else to keep the score!! HA HA


While we were playing cards in the Game Room, there was a Pool Tournament going on in the back Pool Room. Last week was the Annual Pool Tournament. Good friends Dick and Rockey competed in that Tournament. The tournament today was TT Wilderness Lakes Weekly Tournament. Dick played in this tournament as well, so I asked Rockey to take pictures of the Pickleball players who were participating.

Here is Dick in perfect form!

Neal lines up for his shot!

Nancy waiting her next turn.

Dick lines up the cue ball!

Although Rockey did not participate today, I should mention that when we last saw them, Dick was taking her over to the Pool Room to teach how to play pool. Today, she is not only competing in tournaments, she was to be in charge of the upcoming annual pool tournament at TT Palm Springs! Unfortunately, they had to change their itinerary and will not be at the Palm Springs tournament after all! Good luck in the future, guys!!

Great going guys!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Sat. Feb. 11 - Pam and Walt invited us to share an Experimental Dinner with them this evening.

Background: When we were all here back in November 2011, Pam and Walt prepared Jambalaya for the Pickleball group as the focus of a pot-luck dinner. The Jambalaya was wonderful as were all the side dishes. After the meal, Julie (pictured) gave Pam a one-dish recipe that started with Country Style Ribs. On top you layered sauerkraut, cabbage, apples, onions, caraway seeds, etc. and then baked!!

Pam said this is the first time she had prepared the dish and invited us to try it with them. When I saw the recipe, I understood why Pam called it an experiment!! The ingredients were all listed but there were no quantities shown!! Pam experimented anyway!!

Here is the dish prepared by Pam and Walt with the addition of potatoes that Pam added herself. It looks wonderful and smells devine!!

Our hosts Pam and Walt serving dinner!

Walt had offered Ken a taste ahead of time. Ooops!! Tide Lift-Off Stick did not work!!

Pam helping Faye serve herself.

The four of us enjoying the meal! It just melted in your mouth!! Pam said next time she thought she would remove the bones first, but I thought the bones were an important part of the dish!

Thanks so much Pam and Walt for a most delicious dinner (and Julie for sharing the recipe)!! Now, if you would share the recipe with me WITH THE AMOUNTS INCLUDED I think we'll try it ourselves!