Sunday, March 9, 2014



Wed, Dec 18 - What!!??  Did I say KEN'S Mammogram!!??  That's right!!  Ken had to have a Mammogram and Ultrasound!!

It all started a while back, three months back, with our visit to a new Dermatologist in Clermont, FL on Monday, December 9th.  After Dr. Boucher had finished examining Ken, and freezing a couple of pre-cancer spots, Ken happened to mention that his left nipple was very sore; sensitive and tender.  After some poking around, Dr. Boucher told Ken that he had a lump in his left breast!!  OMG!!  The doctor wrote an order for Ken to have a Mammogram at Clermont Radiology.  We have heard of men having Mammograms, of course, but Ken!!???

When we went to Radiology to set up an appointment for the test, we discovered that for men having a Mammogram, especially the first one, Radiology required a bi-lateral exam (both breasts) as well as an Ultrasound.  They called Dr. Boucher and got a corrected order.  It was another week before Radiology could schedule a time for the Mammogram when the Ultrasound equipment was also available.

On Wednesday, December 18, Ken had the ultimate experience of having a Mammogram!!  Now he knows what we women go through every year!!

It was another week before we got the results.  That was a really scary time!!  NORMAL!!   A big sigh of relief!!

Tue, Jan 14 - We had a follow-up appointment with the Dermatologist, Dr. Boucher, to check the pre-cancer places and to discuss the Mammogram results.  Dr. Boucher said the results were Normal; the lump was an increase in breast tissue fiber; no sign of malignancy; no need for further action at this time.  But we asked how could it be normal??  There is a lump!!  What do we do about that??  Dr. Boucher recommended that Ken see a General Surgeon for his opinion of what should be done.

We set up an appointment with Dr. Johnson of Mid-Florida Surgical for the next time we were in the Orlando/Clermont area, Tuesday, January 28.  Dr. Johnson viewed the film of the Mammogram and Ultrasound and confirmed Dr. Boucher's determination.  He told us the lump was an enlargement of the gland tissue known as Gynaecomastia.  Common in men; they come and may go away.  Usually, Gynaecomastia in men appears in both breast.  Because Ken's lump was only on the left side (a possible symptom of cancer), Dr. Johnson decided to do a Guided Needle Biopsy that same day in his office to send samples to Pathology for further analysis.

Have you ever seen a Needle Biopsy??  The "Needle" was hollow, about 10-12 inches long and the diameter was a little smaller than my little finger.  The doctor gave Ken a quick prick with the numbing needle and almost immediately started drilling with the Biopsy Needle into the side of Ken's left breast.  We were able to watch on a monitor as the Biopsy was performed!  The doctor drilled about 5-6 inches to get into the fiber mass.  I watched as a little squiggly thing came out and dropped into the handle of the Needle.   He stopped drilling momentarily and the nurse picked up the sample with tweezers and put it into a glass jar.  The process was repeated for four more samples.

Dr. Johnson said if the Pathology results were negative, there was no need for a follow-up unless there was a change in the lump or it bothered Ken.  The Pathology results came back negative for Atypia or Malignancy.  But  Ken decided to go ahead with surgery to have the lump removed while we were still in the Orlando area.

Ken's Surgery was on Monday, February 24, at South Lake Hospital in Clermont.  Dr. Johnson was the surgeon.  The hospital staff prepped Ken for 11:30 AM surgery.  However, Dr. Johnson was held up in a previous surgery.  Ken's surgery did not take place until 1:30 PM.  The staff took good care of Ken and provided for his every need.  Following surgery, Dr. Johnson stopped by and told us everything went perfectly.  The lump in Ken's left breast was removed with a small incision, so we don't have to worry about that anymore!

Ken is now just lounging around the RV recovering from the surgery.


Going back to our first visit to our new Dermatologist in Clermont, FL on Monday, December 9, Dr. Boucher also examined me.  He found and froze several pre-cancer cells on my face, especially around the nose area.  He also took a biopsy of a mole-looking bump on my left calf.  At our follow-up appointment on Tuesday, January 14,  Dr. Boucher said the biopsy from the bump on my left leg was negative.  He gave me a prescription for a cream to treat pre-cancer places on my face.  As an alternative he mentioned a BLU-U Light treatment that would be covered by Medicare.  I chose not to get the cream because the prescription was very expensive.

After considerable thought (and vacillation), I decided to go with the BLU-U Light treatment.  The plan was for two sessions, the first on Tuesday, February 25.  I sat in an examining room.  Dr. Boucher's assistant cleaned my face and then applied a topical solution.  She placed protective eyewear over my eyes and placed the BLU-U Light in front of me.  The BLU-U blue light is of low intensity and did not cause any discomfort except that I (Faye!) had to sit perfect;u still!  The treatment lasted for 15 minutes.  The assistant applied sunscreen to my face and I went home.  I was to continue using the sunscreen and stay out of the sun for 48 hours.  For the next several days my face was flushed and there was some slight burning, tingling and itching but nothing bad.  I just spent the week inside with the day-night shades closed.  Besides, Ken was at home with me, recovering from his surgery.

My second BLU-U light treatment was on Tuesday, March 4.  In the doctor's office, the process seemed to be the same, but the after effects back home are certainly different!!  My face looks like I fell asleep in the sun for four hours!!  It burns, stings, itches, drives me crazy!!  Now, five days later, it is also peeling!  Needless to say, I have not been out of the RV!!  Still keeping the day-night shades closed!!  Do not want anyone to see me!!

As I said, we have been out of commission - out of touch - out on "sick leave"!!

Hopefully, next week both Ken and I will be fully recovered and can go out and PLAY AGAIN!!!


Feb 2014 - Ken and I are in Florida this season and were not in California for the Fifth Annual TT Palm Springs Pickleball Tournament!  But they went ahead and had the tournament without us!!  HA HA  Becky E sent us this picture of the participants that I wanted to share on our Blog.  It is great to see so many of our friends; and I see a lot of well-earned medals in the group!!  Know you all had a great time!!  Wish we could have been there with you!  We miss you all!

Thanks for the picture, Becky!!


Sun, Feb. 09 - There was a group of us tennis friends from Richmond, VA who used to play tennis together for years and years; go out to dinner and happy hours, oyster roasts, boating, etc. etc. etc.  One couple, Lois and Gene, recently bought a condo in Venice, FL.  They were going to be in St. Petersburg for a couple of weeks to house-sit for their daughter while she was away from home.  So Lois and Gene offered the use of their condo in Venice to other friends, Karen and Dennis while they were in Florida.

Karen and Dennis came to visit us at TT Peace River on Sunday.  Dennis and I had a great time playing a few games of Pickleball with Brenda and James.  After that we enjoyed snacks and drinking beer and catching up with things back home.  Later the four of us went to a late lunch/early dinner at Wildcat Grille in Wauchula.  It was such fun seeing our "old" friends in Florida!!

Sat, Feb 15 - On Saturday, we drove over to Venice, FL to visit our friends Lois and Gene at their new condo.  It was really nice, overlooking the small canal and golf course.  After catching up on all the happenings, we decided to go out to dinner and then over to the beach to see the "Drum Circle" and watch the sunset.

Well, we visited for so long, by the time we had dinner and got over to the beach, the sun had set and the Drum Circle had almost closed down.  I think the Drum Circle could be a lot of fun with all types of drums, lighted hula hoops, etc.  A big party on the beach at sunset!!  But it really did not matter that we missed it because it was so cold and windy out on the beach that evening, it would have been pretty miserable!!

We did get our picture taken with a couple of the drummers who were still on the beach.  (See how bundled up we are!  Burrrr!!)

The last of the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico!

On our drive home, we did get to witness the full moon rising.

It followed us all the way back to Wauchula!

It's always fun visiting with our long time friends!!


Wed, Feb 19 - On one of my trips to Sebring, FL for a Cold-Wave Laser Treatment, we stopped by to see Mark and Chris at Tanglewood.  We have not see them since a group from the East Coast were in Calfornia back in 2011.

Since we last saw them, Mark and Chris have married and bought a beautiful new Allegro Bus!!  Congratulations Guys!!

It was great to see them again!  We had to get in a picture too!!

See you guys again soon!!


Wed, Feb 12 - Ken has been suffering with a terrible pain in the fourth toe of his left foot.  The pain was so severe that he could not wear his shoes.  We looked up Podiatrist on line and found the three best Podiatrist in Sebring, FL, according to the website.  We called Sebring Foot Care and, due to a cancellation, Ken was able to get an appointment the next day, on Wednesday, February 12.

The Podiatrist, Dr. Joni Jones, examined Ken's feet and toes and toenails.  We immediately took a liking to Dr. Joni.  She was thorough, easy to talk to, fun, and cute as a button!  We told her we had found her on the web as "one of the best Podiatrist in Sebring."  She replied:  "I'm THE BEST!".  Dr. Joni took X-Rays of both of Ken's feet.  Reading the X-Rays, she explained to Ken that his toe was hurting because a doctor some time ago had removed a bone from Ken's little toe so it was shorter than normal and not support the fourth toe.  She wrapped the toe with a band-aide and sat up a follow-up appointment.

As we left Dr. Joni's office, I happened to turn around and saw doctor and patient laughing and hugging each other Good Bye!!  They were so cute I had to have a picture!!

Dr. Joni is a dancer -- both ballroom and on stage.  She loved to strike a pose for pictures!!

Here she snuggles Ken's neck!  I can't blame her!!

Then she wrapped Ken's arms around her waist!!

What a fun visit with Dr. Joni Jones, Best Podiatrist in Sebring, FL.  I told Ken he was NEVER going to the Podiatrist alone!!!


Wed, Feb 12 - While sitting in the waiting room of Ken's Podiatrist, Dr. Joni Jones, I noticed a poster on the wall about Cold-Wave Laser Therapy MLS.  I wondered if this type of therapy might help me recover from the hip/back pains I have been suffering.  I've been limping and walking hunched over for the past several month.  I asked the office who could tell me about this Laser Therapy.  As it turned out, Steve H. the expert on Laser Therapy, was established at Dr. Jones' office.  He explained how he was certain Laser Therapy could fix my right hip so I could walk properly.  I signed up for six sessions at $60/each (that was all I could afford, even though he recommended 25 sessions).

For each session, I laid on my stomach on a table and Steve shined the Laser on my back/left hip area for about 30 minutes.  I felt absolutely nothing; no heat, no tingling, nothing.  I could not even tell the machine was turned on except for a beeping sound that indicated the laser was activated.  After only one session, I could stand up straight and walk a lot better.  Like a miracle!!  That was wonderful!!

Faye and Steve and the Cold-Wave Laser Therapy MLD machine.

Although I saw immediate results at first, after the remaining sessions, I am still not 100%.  Still I am hoping the laser therapy will continue to improve my walking ability!!

Thanks Steve for this introduction to Cold-Wave Laser Therapy!