Thursday, February 3, 2011


Is this your knife?? Found at the Pickleball Happy Hour at TT Palm Springs on Wednesday February 2nd. The knife has a serrated blade with a green handle.

We are leaving tomorrow (Tuesday) for TT Wilderness Lakes. We will hold the knife for you or try to get it to you if you will give us a call (804-301-8465).


I felt I had to add this Addendum to the Pickleball Happy Hour article posted on this Blog. I must appologize to Annie, Roger, and Bob for having a mental block and could not recall their names when I posted the article. The names have now been added with their pictures.

Renate sent me this picture after the party. She really caught me at a happy moment!! Wonder who told the joke!!!


Feb 02 – We had a wildly successful Pickleball Happy Hour on the courts this afternoon!!! I guess there were 35-40 players and spouses there!

Last week I asked if players would be interested in getting together for a Happy Hour. We settled on a date. All Ken and I had to do was wash off the tables and get some strong guys to help move them to the courts!!! Then everyone brought a dish to share, their own beverage, and chairs. It was a lot of fun!!! That’s the way Pickleball players are – such great Comradeship!! Always ready for a party!!!

Barbara, Chuck, Brenda and Martin.

Bob and Don't Know (just can't remember the name.

Joe's wife Patty, Wayne and Brenda.

Joe and Patty.

Mark and Larry whom we met in TT Orlando some years ago. It was such a surprise and so good to see Larry here!!!

Judy, Bert, "Flash" Gordon, and Jeannette.

Lynn and Linda, here for the Palm Desert Senior Games beginning tomorrow.

This is the party corner!! Roger, Annie (hidden) and Bert.

Renate (we missed Heinz), Bob and Carol.

Bob, Barb, and Dennis. (Julie is flitting around somewhere.)

Carol and Mike. Carol asked about Blogging!! I might teach her Blogging if she will teach me how to dress!! Loved her outfit!!

Dick Schmidt from Chenoweth and his nice wife.

Shirley and Jim. Roger, Annie and Bert in the background.

Marilynn and Wendell. Wendell and Jim (above) are partners in the Senior Games.

Found Julie over here with Mark!!

Finally, Faye and Ken, Brian and Judy!!

Looks like a great time was had by all!! Thanks to everybody for coming!!!

Good Luck to all the participants in the Palm Desert Senior Games starting tomorrow morning!!!


Tuesday, Feb 01 – Today is the day that Sundance returned to complete the repair on our Splendide washer/dryer!! (See article posted January 26.)

He replaced Module Board and surge suppressor in little or no time. Amazing!! Everything seems to be working perfectly.

But the thing I am most excited about is that he replaced door hinge!!! On his first visit we had mentioned that I had a really hard time closing the unit door. I had to squat down in front of the machine and slam the door several times to get it to close completely. Then!! I had to get UP!!! I thought that was the way the new machines worked. And I hated it!!! Mr. Sundance observed the problem was the door hinge and ordered a new one. Now, the door closes easily with just the press of my knee!!! I love it!!!

THANK YOU, Sundance!!!


Monday, Jan 31 – This Monday morning I was back at Line Dancing at TT Palm Springs. Dancin’ Dottie has been leading the classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Today was the largest group we have ever had at Palm Springs. I think the change in time from afternoons to mornings has made a big difference in attendance.

Here is our Monday group!! Amazing!! (Dancin' Dottie left of center, light blue sweater.)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Jan 31 – Tonight we played Euchre with friends Muriel and Bob from Canada. We met them here at TT Palm Springs many years ago, probably 2004 or 2005. Bob had played a little Pickleball at that time and we had gotten together for a game or two of Euchre.

Tonight they showed us some Canadian rules that were different from any we had played by before:

They deal the cards one card at a time. We had always dealt the cards by two or three at a time.

Cis and Joe taught us that they throw in the hand if you have three nines. Muriel and Bob play you can throw in the hand if you have all nines and tens and no trumps. (Ken had a hand just like that.)

But the change that blew my mind was: whenever you order your partner, the dealer, up, you must go alone!!! That completely changes the game. That means you have to have a really, really strong hand to order your partner up. We’ve always played that if you had good cards you could order your partner up and both of you played as usual.

Anyway, whatever the rules, the guys really stomped the ladies – THIS TIME!!! But wait until the next time!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Jan 30 – This afternoon Judy and Brian had invited some friends, including us, to share Green Chili with them. (Judy corrected me. She said it was Green Chili - not Chili Verde as I had said.) It’s called Green Chili because it’s made with green chili and tomatillos. Also, it is made with chopped pork instead of ground beef. It was different! And, it was delicious!!! Diners each brought the side dishes – Mark brought rice cooker rice, Stephanie brought guacamole, and Barb brought “Buckeyes (peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate!! We took my spinach salad. Judy had also prepared, of all things, Grapefruit Pie!!!

Green Chili and Spinach Salad.

From the left: Our hostess Judy, Barb, Faye, Ken with all the ladies, and Judy's Mom.

Dennis and our host Brian are serious about dinner!!

Stephanie and Mark. Chris, I swear I told them to get close together for the picture!!!

Judy explaining the amazing Grapefruit Pie!!! It was wonderful!!

Sidebar: Judy is our prize Pickleball student!! I met her at water aerobics a number of years ago and invited her to come to the courts and we would teach her Pickleball. Now everybody knows Judy!! Brian says we have created a Monster!! She does really love the game and is great at it!!

Sidebar: Stephanie and Judy are partners in the upcoming Palm Desert Senior Games. They have already won numerous medals in previous tournaments!! Good Luck, Girls!!!

Thanks so much Judy and Brian for a delightful and delicious afternoon!!