Thursday, February 3, 2011


Feb 02 – We had a wildly successful Pickleball Happy Hour on the courts this afternoon!!! I guess there were 35-40 players and spouses there!

Last week I asked if players would be interested in getting together for a Happy Hour. We settled on a date. All Ken and I had to do was wash off the tables and get some strong guys to help move them to the courts!!! Then everyone brought a dish to share, their own beverage, and chairs. It was a lot of fun!!! That’s the way Pickleball players are – such great Comradeship!! Always ready for a party!!!

Barbara, Chuck, Brenda and Martin.

Bob and Don't Know (just can't remember the name.

Joe's wife Patty, Wayne and Brenda.

Joe and Patty.

Mark and Larry whom we met in TT Orlando some years ago. It was such a surprise and so good to see Larry here!!!

Judy, Bert, "Flash" Gordon, and Jeannette.

Lynn and Linda, here for the Palm Desert Senior Games beginning tomorrow.

This is the party corner!! Roger, Annie (hidden) and Bert.

Renate (we missed Heinz), Bob and Carol.

Bob, Barb, and Dennis. (Julie is flitting around somewhere.)

Carol and Mike. Carol asked about Blogging!! I might teach her Blogging if she will teach me how to dress!! Loved her outfit!!

Dick Schmidt from Chenoweth and his nice wife.

Shirley and Jim. Roger, Annie and Bert in the background.

Marilynn and Wendell. Wendell and Jim (above) are partners in the Senior Games.

Found Julie over here with Mark!!

Finally, Faye and Ken, Brian and Judy!!

Looks like a great time was had by all!! Thanks to everybody for coming!!!

Good Luck to all the participants in the Palm Desert Senior Games starting tomorrow morning!!!

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DDonald said...

What a great group. Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time. Pictures are great. So nice to see so many familiar faces. We miss you guys.