Tuesday, March 27, 2012


March 26 - Every Monday evening there is a Jam Session in the lodge at TT Palm Springs. Ken and I never attended before but tonight was the last one. I decided to go. When I arrived, there were a number of Pickleball players in the back of the room.

Bob on the far right is husband to Ann, one of the singers. The two beside him are Pickleball players but I don't know them yet. Ede and Wes are on the front row and I am beside Wes!!

Hayden and Gloria were standing in the back. They had come over to hear Ann sing.

Monique and Bernard.

This is the reason I came tonight. Friend and Pickleball player Gary leads the Jam Sessions. He has been doing it all season and I never knew it! Good job, Gary. You should sing more, after all, you are in charge!!

And here is Ann!

Another soloist.

An entertaining group.

Now this gentleman was really, really good. His first song he played a bit of classical guitar. His second rendition included yodeling! I've always loved yodeling!

An enjoyable evening. Thanks Gary.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


March 24 - The weekly Saturday Pickleball Tournament at TT Palm Springs. Rick and Shirley were not there there to run things, but Linda did double duty playing and running the tournament.

This sign on the fence surrounding Court No. 1 shows what the game of Pickleball is all about!! FUN!!

I have lots of action pictures for this Tournament. It was too difficult to eliminate any!!

Ede and Flash (Gordon) started the Tournament.

Playing against Jim and Vic.

On the other court, the ladies Judy and Jeannette.

Yours!! No, it was Yours!!

Gordy and Barb.

Jerry and Gary. Gary had Jerry doing all the work -- he didn't have to move at all!! HA HA

John with Ede.

Ouch!! John took a spill on the court and injured his finger. Ended up going to the Clinic.

Meanwhile Linda put on her other hat and played a match with Barb.

Watch out, Barb!!!

Gordy and Norby.

Husband and wife team of Jeannette and Flash!!

Norby with Sis.

Barb and Ede. Don't mess with these girls!!

They take on Gordy and Tony.

Tony has the most beautiful backhand volley when at the net. I told him I would just finish taking a picture and then immediately there was Tony with his backhand and I'd miss it. I'd take another picture and immediately after there was Tony with his backhand and I'd miss the opportunity to get a picture. Here he is with a backhand, but not the one I wanted. Oh, well!!

Matt and Gary. Good move Gary. Gary is right handed but due to injury he is playing left-handed!

Tony and Jeannette. How are you going to get this one, Tony??
Flash and Linda.
Jerry and Jim.

Ouch!! Another injury!! First we saw blood on the shorts. Then the bleeding finger! Jerry is our hero!!!

Meanwhile, Vic plays with Ede. This was really the tall and short of it!!

They take on Larry and Judy!

Getting ready for our match. Faye, Tony, Gordy and Sis. Sis said she had won all of her matches so far. I REALLY WANTED TO BEAT HER!!! That didn't quite happen, but we had a good match!

Gordy serves it up.

It's OUT!!

Tony's serving technique!

Jeannette and Linda.

Matt and Jim.

Another great tournament!! I think the winners were EVERYBODY!! But those who got the ribbons were: Larry 1st place, Tony 2nd place (I helped), and Norby! Congratulations to everyone who participated.


We have the neatest plant -- a Purple Shamrock. You'll see many green shamrocks (especially at St. Patrick's Day), but a Purple Shamrock is most unusual. We have had this plant ever since we have been married, more than 30 years ago. When we left home 12 years ago to go "full-timing", we gave the plant to our friends Lois and Gene. In their care, the plant grew to be enormerous!! Some years ago when we were going from Richmond to Florida, Ken asked Lois if she would please make three starter plants for his daughters in Florida. Before we could give Stacey her plant, I accidentally stepped on it and broke a piece off. Ken decided to take one tiny bulb and try to start a plant for us.

Here is the Purple Shamrock last October.

And in December 2011.

And here is the Purple Shamrock today!!! Like Ken said, "you can't kill it!!"

A really amazing plant!!