Friday, April 2, 2010


While we were having our washer dryer changed out at Longview RV (see article below), Sally called. She and Stan were going out to Homer’s famous Friday night buffet with Cis and Joe and Jan and Bill. Would we be getting to TT Peace River in time to go with them?? Dah!! Of course!!!

We left Longview RV at about noon following the saga of the washer dryer, drove the 65 miles to TT Peace River and quickly set up. We drove over to Torrey Oaks and met up with the group at 4:00. Six of us drove over to Sebring in Joe’s truck. Jan and Bill had shopping to do in Sebring, so they drove separately. (Actually, Cis road over with them and came back with us.)

Homer’s is one of Joe and Cis’ favorite on Friday because of all the seafood served. Here is the group enjoying our buffet! UUMMMMMM!!

Around the table, left to right: Bill, Joe, Cis, Faye, Sally, Jan, Stan and Ken.

I had forgotten my camera. This is our solution to the problem. The picture was taken by the waitress on Bill’s cell phone. They could not send the picture to me by e-mail, so Jan texted the picture to her daughter who e-mailed it back to her. Then Jan e-mailed the picture to me for inclusion in this article!!! Brilliant!! Thanks, Jan, for your idea!! Guess this will teach me to always carry my camera!!!

Something happened at dinner that you will not believe!! I finished eating before Joe did!!! Everyone who goes out to eat with us knows I’m always the last to finish eating. I am teased mercilessly!! Today at the end of the meal I was eating my dessert. Everyone else had finished but I noticed Joe still had a few bites left on his dessert plate. I quickly stuck my strawberry in my mouth and pointed out to everyone at the table – Look who’s still eating – Joe!! That was a first! Of course, Joe will never live it down!! HA HA


When we were at the Tiffin Motor Home Factory, Red Bay, AL in early November, we bought a new Splendide washer dryer from Tiffin to replace our old one that had given us many years of service, but was down to operating in only one cycle. The Service Department there removed the old machine and installed a new washer dryer.

Well, on February 3, when I turned on the new washer, ALL the lights on the control panel started blinking. There are five lights across the top and four down the side of the control panel, and they were ALL blinking. I called Splendide and explained the problem. I tried all the diagnostic tests they could suggest but to no avail. They had never heard of that happening before, and authorized repair by one of their service centers in the area. We were going to move to the TT Orlando campground in mid-February and set up an appointment with Camping Connection on February 19. They checked it out and determined we needed not one, but two new Circuit Boards which they replaced on March 1.

Everything seemed to be OK when they ran the machine through all the cycles, but that afternoon when I washed a load of clothes, there was no heat in the dryer!!

It was March 19 before we would be back at TT Orlando and arranged another appointment with Camping Connection. This time they determined the heater coil would have to be replaced. We were really upset!!

I called and left messages with everybody that this was a new washer dryer we bought in November and had only used it a few times, and now it has had two major problems!! It appeared to be a Lemon and we did not want to keep it. We wanted another machine!! Lad at Splendide said they understood our dilemma but they would repair it, but could not replace it.

Turner at Tiffin said, if Splendide will not replace it, Tiffin will change it out when we come to the factory again. I pointed out to him that we did not plan to go to the factory; could we possibly have it changed out at Lazy Days near Tamps?? As it happened, Tiffin has a representative at Lazy Days (J. Bush). We all worked together to make it happen!!

Tiffin shipped a new Splendide washer dryer to J. Bush, but Lazy Days could not work us into their work schedule, so Mr. Bush arranged for Longview RV about 4 miles up I-4 to handle the change out.

We checked out of TT Orlando on Thursday and drove west on I-4 to Dover, FL where we stayed overnight at Tampa East RV Resort so we would be in convenient to Longview RV.

Early Friday morning, April 2, we went to Longview RV where they removed the old washer dryer, installed the new one, and ran it through its cycles. Everything seems to be working OK again – AT LAST!!

Doug with the Lemon he removed from our motor home.

The new washer dryer in place!!

All costs for the change over were covered by Tiffin Motor Home!!! Thank You, Turner and Bush and Bob Tiffin!! This is why we keep telling everybody how great Tiffin Motor Homes is!!


While we were waiting to have our washer dryer taken care of, Ken decided to replace a broken latch on one of our storage bins. He removed it and we drove over to Lazy Days Parts Department.

They had the same latch, but it did not have a cylinder with a lock. They said a locksmith could remove the cylinder from our broken latch and put it into the new one. They did not know of a locksmith!!

So – I called the Google Information number stored in my cell phone (800-466-4411) and asked for a locksmith in the Seffner, FL area. There was one – Bob’s Lock & Key just a couple of miles away.

We drove over to see Bob. He removed the cylinder from our latch, but it would not fit into the new one – something was blocking it. We offered to pay Bob for his time, but he would not let us!! Such a nice old gentleman!!

We returned the new latch to Lazy Days and called Tiffin Parts Department and ordered a new latch (should have done that in the first place). They said all of their latches come with the lock cylinder!! The price is one-half the cost of the part from Lazy Days!!

Monday, March 29, 2010


March 29 – Karen had a brilliant idea!! Does anyone want to go to see The Arabian Knights playing in Kissimmee?? We planned to go on Monday to the first show. Karen did the footwork and made reservations, and got the tickets. About twenty plus of the Pickleball group got together for the show.

Thanks, Karen, for putting this together!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


March 28 – Today we spent the afternoon with Ken’s daughter, Tracy, and her friend, Jim, at his home just outside downtown Orlando. They had visited the nearby Farmers’ Market earlier in the day and prepared a wonderful luncheon for us.

A Mediterranean Salad of lettuce, tomato, boiled egg, with a mixture of roasted Florida Finger Potatoes, and green beans topped with seared tuna and Jim’s special dressing. UUMMMMMM!!

After lunch we split a couple of games of pool – Ken and me against Tracy and Jim. They cleaned our clock in the first game. The second game was very close and came down to my having to shoot a bank shot, kissing the 8 Ball into the corner pocket. Believe it or not --I ACTUALLY MADE THE SHOT!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!

Jim was a delightful host. And Tracy, too; but we already knew that!! Thanks Guys!!!


We have spent almost two weeks at TT Orlando and many hours on the Pickleball court. In almost every match, players had to play against a third opponent – The WIND!! Check out the flags!!
But we had a good time anyway. Here is some of the action:

It was a great fun time!!