Friday, April 2, 2010


While we were having our washer dryer changed out at Longview RV (see article below), Sally called. She and Stan were going out to Homer’s famous Friday night buffet with Cis and Joe and Jan and Bill. Would we be getting to TT Peace River in time to go with them?? Dah!! Of course!!!

We left Longview RV at about noon following the saga of the washer dryer, drove the 65 miles to TT Peace River and quickly set up. We drove over to Torrey Oaks and met up with the group at 4:00. Six of us drove over to Sebring in Joe’s truck. Jan and Bill had shopping to do in Sebring, so they drove separately. (Actually, Cis road over with them and came back with us.)

Homer’s is one of Joe and Cis’ favorite on Friday because of all the seafood served. Here is the group enjoying our buffet! UUMMMMMM!!

Around the table, left to right: Bill, Joe, Cis, Faye, Sally, Jan, Stan and Ken.

I had forgotten my camera. This is our solution to the problem. The picture was taken by the waitress on Bill’s cell phone. They could not send the picture to me by e-mail, so Jan texted the picture to her daughter who e-mailed it back to her. Then Jan e-mailed the picture to me for inclusion in this article!!! Brilliant!! Thanks, Jan, for your idea!! Guess this will teach me to always carry my camera!!!

Something happened at dinner that you will not believe!! I finished eating before Joe did!!! Everyone who goes out to eat with us knows I’m always the last to finish eating. I am teased mercilessly!! Today at the end of the meal I was eating my dessert. Everyone else had finished but I noticed Joe still had a few bites left on his dessert plate. I quickly stuck my strawberry in my mouth and pointed out to everyone at the table – Look who’s still eating – Joe!! That was a first! Of course, Joe will never live it down!! HA HA

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Silly Willy and Fluffy said...

What great pictures to see friends
we have met along the way. You and Ken are so amazing. Thank you for
sharing with us.

LaVerne and I are at Lake Conroe, Tx
waiting for the Clowns of America, International convention being held
in Houston the end of April.

Takecare and be safe. Bob & LaVerne