Thursday, May 24, 2012


May 24 - Ken and I have been to Conchos Mexican Restaurant a number of times and always enjoyed their tacos.  The food was plentiful and the price was right!!  And, they always had a Mexican Beer of the Month for only $2.50.

Several of us decided to go to Conchos in Old Town Cottonwood today for lunch.  

Alan, Sue and Jack each ordered something different.  Alan ordered the soft taco which we had recommended.  Sue had the chimichanga plate and Jack ordered the shredded pork special.  All looked delicious, but as Sue cleaned her plate she said she didn't like the Chimichanga!!  HA HA

(Sorry about the picture color.  My camera was on the wrong setting.)

 Ken and I had our usual -- the chopped steak soft taco (Carne Asada).  The tacos are so large and come with two tortillas so we make two tacos.  Trudy had two of the steak tacos, the same as Alan.  And, of course, the Mexican beer.  This month it is Victoria -- very good!

 The staff at Conchos were so cordial and friendly and really seemed genuinely happy that we were there!!  They were delighted to pose for a picture with Trudy and Alan.  We believe the lady is the owner, and the waiter has been there every time we have gone!   So happy to serve.

Thanks for joining us today for Mexican!!  We really enjoyed it!!


I was sitting in our yard at TT Palm Springs in early April.  I found myself mesmerized by a little red thing flitting over a plant in our neighbor's yard.  It looked like a little butterfly but it kept flying around and around in the same place.

I couldn't stand it any longer so walked over to get a closer look.  My neighbor was sitting on his patio.  He explained to me that it was a Solar Powered Butterfly!!  He said he bought several of them at a little place at the mall in Palm Springs in front of the theatre.

You have heard the phrase "It's not Rocket Science"!  Well sometime it's more than Rocket Science!!  I'll explain.  As we talked, my neighbor said, "I'm a Rocket Scientist and I can't figure out how the inventor was able to calculate the exact amount of solar strip, wire, weight of butterfly, etc. to create the little butterflies to fly like they do!"

Ken and I have really enjoyed our Amazing Little Butterflies!!


May 19 - This is unbelievable!  But it actually happened!!

On Saturday we played Pickleball at TT Verde Valley.  When we were finished, Ken announced that he was going home.  I had planned to do some water aerobics at about 11 o'clock so I stayed.

Sunday morning when we went to play Pickleball, we did not have our Pickleball bag at home.  I thought Ken brought the bag home yesterday when he left.  He thought I would bring the bag home.  Neither of us did!!

Oh, well.  When we get to the courts, we'll pick it up.  We knew exactly where we left it!  But, the bag was gone!!  We checked with all the players and no one had taken it.  We check with maintenance personnel who were nearby.  They called the Ranger.  No one had turned it in!!  We waited for someone to bring it back to the courts, but that didn't happen!  We have checked with the Ranger again, the store, the office, and maintenance several times.  No one has turned it in!

 We had a number of our Calling Cards in a pocket on the bag, so we hoped someone would call us and let us know they have our bag.  But no calls! It is apparent that someone took the bag with the intention of keeping it!

The bag had three Pickleball paddles in it.

Ken's old purple Champion (went well with his purple hat).  The paddle had a label with his name on it.

My well worn silver paddle made by Spike.  My paddle had my address label stuck on the face of it.


 And most upsetting of all, it contained Ken's relatively new Yellow Champion!  His favorite paddle!  This paddle also had a label with Ken's name on it.

So, if you see anyone playing with paddles that look like these, maybe you could take note and try to determine if they could be our paddles.   Perhaps there would be some indication that the label had been removed.  If you do happen to find the paddles, please send us an e-mail to let us know.  Thank you so much for keeping your eyes peeled.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 May 21 - Pickleball was still going on at TT Verde Valley.  A few more pictures to add to the previous article.

We just met Diane and Jerry a few days ago.  Diane said they live in Fort Myers and play at their club.

Tom and Becky just started playing Pickleball in January at TT Peace River.  They are the ones who invited us to watch the stars through their telescope.

Here is Jerry and Bill playing against -

Jim B and Diane.

Good game everybody!

Tom and Becky were anxious to take on the team of -

Ken and Ed! 

They did not know when the match began that it would be a marathon!!

The match went to 17 to 15 with Ed and Ken as the victors!  It was a great match!

Congratulations to every body!!

Sandy said Ed talks about that match all the time!  Ed said Ken had him running all over the court!  He did things he didn't know he could do!!  Two days later the two of them are still reliving that match!

It was a lot of fun!!

Monday, May 21, 2012


May 20 - Today is the day of the partial lunar eclipse out west and some of the players planned to go to the top of the hill to watch.  Tom said he has a welder's helment that you can use to observe the sun without harm to your eyes.

The Pickleball players thought it would be a great idea to have a Happy Hour before the eclipse, and that's what we did!!

After a period of eating, drinking, and talking, I announced that we had recently had a Happy Hour and most pictures from that occasion were subdued.  I said:  Your task at each table is to come up with some wild and crazy pose for my pictures of tonight's Happy Hour.

The first was at a large table, so the group of ten decided it would be fun to shoot pool with Pickleball paddles!!

Heads from left to right: Jean, Alan, Ed, Becky, Sue, Donald, Trudy, Rita, Jack and Tom.

There were only four in the next group.  They went deep into the mural forest for their picture with all the forest animals!!  Crazy!

Jerry, Diane, Marilyn, and Tony.

The group at our table decided to take our act from YouTube.  See if you recognize it!

 The stars:  Ken, Sandy, Faye and Del.  Jerry was our coach!!

After all the fun, Sue wanted one serious picture of the group.

But, that didn't last long! We all had to get wild and crazy again!

 Fun Happy Hour!!  Now off to view the Eclipse!!

Thanks, Tom, for the great pictures!!


Apr 19 - There were a lot of Pickleball players at the courts this morning.  I tried to capture some of players, either posing or in action.

Our long time-friends Jerry and Del stopped by TT Verde Valley for a few days after they left Happy Trails on their way to Colorado!  Welcome Jerry and Del!

Part of the 10-Pack, Sue and Jack.  They are actually staying for a week at Camp Verde about 5 miles down the road, but came over to play Pickleball.

More members of the 10-Pack, Donald and Jean.

Here are Trudy and Alan.  We met them here at TT Verde Valley last year.  Trudy told me today that they are joining up with the 10-Pack for part of their trip this Summer.  Guess it will now be known as the 12-Pack!

New friends Tony and Marilyn.  We met them earlier at TT Palm Springs.

Just met Jim this morning.  The young lady is his Niece!!  Oh sure, Jim!!  We've heard that one before!!!  HA HA


Jack playing with Del.  This is Del's first day here this year!

I missed the action on this court but got a picture of the players as they met at the net.
Alan, Sue, Jack and Ed.

Marilyn and Tony, a formidable husband and wife team!

Donald and Jim put up a good fight!

Couldn't take the action pictures of this match!!  Faye, Tony, Marilyn and Ken

Rita, Sandy, Jack and Del had a good match.

Marilyn and Ed.  Becky on the other court.  Notice how many players are waiting at the top of the hill!!

The end of their match.  Marilyn, Ed, Donald and Tom.

Glynn, Del, Alan and Jack after their match.

Jack and Ed are partners.

Tom and Donald are their opponents!

I was up on the deck and ran across the Colorado Monkeys!!  Del (See No Evil), Marilyn (Hear No Evil), and Tony (Speak No Evil)!!  Cute, Guys!!

Back on the courts.  Alan and Rita.

The foursome of Jack, Jim, against Ed and his partner!

AhHa!  Ed's partner is Donald!

Sue and Becky play together!

These guys look like they had a great time!!  Donald, Glynn, Marilyn, and Tony.

Today was a great day of Pickleball!  Let's do it again!!