Monday, May 21, 2012


Apr 19 - There were a lot of Pickleball players at the courts this morning.  I tried to capture some of players, either posing or in action.

Our long time-friends Jerry and Del stopped by TT Verde Valley for a few days after they left Happy Trails on their way to Colorado!  Welcome Jerry and Del!

Part of the 10-Pack, Sue and Jack.  They are actually staying for a week at Camp Verde about 5 miles down the road, but came over to play Pickleball.

More members of the 10-Pack, Donald and Jean.

Here are Trudy and Alan.  We met them here at TT Verde Valley last year.  Trudy told me today that they are joining up with the 10-Pack for part of their trip this Summer.  Guess it will now be known as the 12-Pack!

New friends Tony and Marilyn.  We met them earlier at TT Palm Springs.

Just met Jim this morning.  The young lady is his Niece!!  Oh sure, Jim!!  We've heard that one before!!!  HA HA


Jack playing with Del.  This is Del's first day here this year!

I missed the action on this court but got a picture of the players as they met at the net.
Alan, Sue, Jack and Ed.

Marilyn and Tony, a formidable husband and wife team!

Donald and Jim put up a good fight!

Couldn't take the action pictures of this match!!  Faye, Tony, Marilyn and Ken

Rita, Sandy, Jack and Del had a good match.

Marilyn and Ed.  Becky on the other court.  Notice how many players are waiting at the top of the hill!!

The end of their match.  Marilyn, Ed, Donald and Tom.

Glynn, Del, Alan and Jack after their match.

Jack and Ed are partners.

Tom and Donald are their opponents!

I was up on the deck and ran across the Colorado Monkeys!!  Del (See No Evil), Marilyn (Hear No Evil), and Tony (Speak No Evil)!!  Cute, Guys!!

Back on the courts.  Alan and Rita.

The foursome of Jack, Jim, against Ed and his partner!

AhHa!  Ed's partner is Donald!

Sue and Becky play together!

These guys look like they had a great time!!  Donald, Glynn, Marilyn, and Tony.

Today was a great day of Pickleball!  Let's do it again!!

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