Friday, June 18, 2010


June 18 – Our friends, Lois and Gene, invited us to go with them to the Annual Chicken Festival in Crewe, VA, about 50 miles West of Richmond. It is sponsored by the Burkeville Ruritans and Crewe Kiwanis. Lois said they would have snacks, two bands, and barbecue chicken dinner.

We did join them and had a grand afternoon. The weather was perfect. The bands were great!! They did have snacks – chicken livers, gizzards, nuggets, wings, and rooster stew!! And beer or wine – all you could drink! In fact, we enjoyed the snacks so much that we could not eat the dinner, so we all brought our barbecue chicken home for dinner another night!!

Some of the crowd. We commented that there were a lot of people, but it didn't seem crowded -- we never had to wait in a line!! Amazing!!

Me with our friend, Lois. (Picture including the men did not turn out!!)


June 17 – Well, it didn’t take long to discover that the 250MB Air Card is next to worthless!!! My friend, Suzanne, could have told me that from the start. I had used almost half of its usage in just three days!!! I could just see me worrying about how much I had used, had I gone over? Worry, worry, worry!!!

Went back to the Verizon store and asked Ken, our salesman, to upgrade our Air Card to the next level, which is 5GB for an additional $20/month!!! Now that is far more than I will ever use, but what are you going to do??!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


June 16 – I heard on the radio that Bonefish Grill had a special on their Bang Bang Shrimp on Wednesdays – only $5!!. I immediately called our friends Lois and Gene because they go to Bonefish all the time. What is Bang Bang Shrimp?? Lois said it was really good – a pile of shrimp with a spicy sauce. It’s an appetizer and they order it whenever they go to Bonefish. There is only one such grill in the Richmond area and it was 25 miles away, but we decided to drive over this evening. None of our friends or family could join us. Too bad – they missed out!!

Here we are with our Bang Bang Shrimp!!

Since the shrimp was on special we both ordered it and shared a salad. The waitress brought fresh baked bread with pesto dipping sauce and beer was at Happy Hour Prices!! What more could we want!? Only for the Manager to stop by our table and welcome us – which he did!! He said the waitress had told him it was our first time at Bonefish. Needless to say, we were quite impressed!!

(If you noticed our pictures are not so good, see the next article!!)


June 14 – You all know how much I have enjoyed taking pictures and posting them on our Blog. What am I going to do?? -- Our camera is broken.

Fortunately, we bought the 3-year Extended Warrantee when we bought the camera from Target a couple of years ago. I packed it up today and sent it for repair. In the meantime we will have to use our new Cell Phone for pictures!!! (See below).


June 14 – Would you believe it!!! After all the hassle we had last summer with Verizon, we finally got everything straight and we had a plan with which we were happy!! Then today, the darn phone broke – not the phone but the flip top broke off!! I dreaded it!! Not because of the phone but because I knew we would have to get a new plan!!

We went to the nearby Verizon store and after confirming that our phone could not be fixed, we talked extensively with the salesman. We tried the Blackberry; we tried the Drone; we discussed all our options including how we could get internet connection for my computer. Ultimately we decided on a Samsung Convoy – basically a utility type cell phone – nothing fancy. Very much like our old LG but it DOES take pictures!! We also bought a device to move the pictures from the phone to my computer.

I still want to use my computer for e-mail, Blog, etc, so we needed a way to connect. We could no longer “tether” our phone to the computer, so we bought a Verizon Air Card. We decided to try 250MB of usage for an additional $39.99/month. Hope that’s enough.

There was some good news – the phone was discounted, something about the government using it. With our $50 Verizon credit toward a new phone, the phone actually cost $0. There was a $50 rebate for the Air Card so it only cost $15. Ken got 25% off the accessories due to his being a Veteran. So we made out OK with our purchases. And, our new plan is only $25/month more than we were already paying; I so guess that’s not too bad!!

Here we are with Ken, the salesman, giving us our New Verizon Cell Phone!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


June 12 – We drove down to Goldsboro, NC for the weekend to attend my Grandson Michael’s graduation!! It was a huge success. Michael graduated with honors – we are so proud of him, although I know it was not any of my genes that made him so smart!!

Mother and son before leaving for the ceremony.

Michael's name was called. That's him far left with the white Honor Club neck wear. His best friend, Robert, receiving his diploma.

Michael with his Diploma!
Michael with brother Jason!

And with girlfriend Jessica!

After the ceremony, a group of friends gathered at their home for light brunch.

A platter of fruits.

And a mountain of Krispy Kreme Donuts!

Michael opens some of his gifts!!
A Box of college supplies -

A Math Clock!! After noticing that 6 . 2 top center = 12, and the next formula = 1, we quickly knew the answers to all the remaining complex formulas!! Neat clock!!

A check from his Grammy and Ken -

And from Loraine, a friend of the family -

Big brother Jason BUILT him a bike for riding the campus of Chapel Hill!!

Michael with graduating friends!!

And Gammy with Ken

It was a very impressive event!! We are so proud of you MICHAEL!!


June 11 – For Mother’s Day, my daughter Stasia had promised me a Pedicure. I have never had one in my whole life, so I was very excited to go with her on Friday for our pedicure treatments.

First Carla soaked my feet in a warm whirlpool with jets shooting on my toes and arches. It felt sooooo good! Then she massaged my feet with some green stuff and some white cream.

Then she trimmed and painted my toe nails.

Mother-daughter pedicures!!

I wanted the brightest, darkest red she had – Target Red!!! Looks pretty close!!
It was a really neat experience. My feet are so soft I feel like I’m walking on air! Thank you Stasia for a great Mother's Day gift!!