Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Mon, Dec. 29 - December is Birthday Month for Ken and our friends Lois and Karen.  We always try to celebrate the birthdays together when we are all in the same area.  Lois and husband Gene have a condo in Venice, FL only about 85 miles from TT Peace River; so we drove over there to celebrate the birthdays today.  It just happens to be Karen's birthday.

Karen is back in Virginia having just had neck surgery, but we wanted to include her in the festivities!  So I had a picture of her and husband Dennis made into poster size and included them in all the birthday pictures!

Happy Birthday Ken, Karen and Lois.

We served them drinks and some nibbles!  Didn't want them to be left out!

We stopped for a quick picture as we went out for dinner.  Faye, Ken, Karen, Dennis, Gene and Lois.

And we all enjoyed a great fish dinner at Cedar Reef Fish Camp!

It was a fun and delicious birthday celebration!  We look forward to next year's event!!


Dec 25, Christmas Day 2014 - We made a quick change to our schedule and went down to Pembroke Pines, FL (near Fort Lauderdale) for the Christmas holidays.  Ken's daughter Vickie lives there and she was able to make RV reservations for us at C. B. Smith Park for four nights.  It is a beautiful county park and only two miles from Vickie's home.

Here is the view from our site.  A canal is just across the circumference road.

Vickie's daughter (Ken's granddaughter) Niki and her friend Carlos were home from California for the holidays.

Vickie's husband Steve and Vickie were excellent hosts for Christmas Dinner!

We were delighted to spend that time with family!



Sun, Dec 14 - Today is Ken's birthday!!  I wanted to make it a little special for him, but everything seemed to align to make it the Birthday From Hell!!!

First, I made him waffles for his Birthday Breakfast.  I don't know what happened but they were terrible!!  In fact, we both threw half of our serving in the trash!!

For dinner, we decided to try the new place that opened on Route 27 near TT Orlando -- Hurricane Grill and Wings!  When we walked in, we immediately noticed the place had absolutely no ambiance!  Not a good place for a birthday celebration!

We ordered 15 wings with a couple of sides.  Wings were their specialty!!  When Ken bit into his "flat" wing (not the fat "drumstick" end), it was only partially cooked.  We told the waiter and he said he would bring us another order.  Which he did, but our side of sweet potato fries was on the platter with the original order of wings, so we had to remove them and put them with the second order.

As we waited, Rich and Dee came in for dinner, so we asked them to take our picture.  Thanks, guys!

We told the waiter that it was Ken's birthday - did they do anything special for birthday diners.  No.  They do not have complimentary desserts or anything like that!!

Oh well, Happy Birthday Ken!!

Don't think we will be back to Hurricane Grill and Wings anytime soon!!

Monday, December 22, 2014


Thur, Dec 19 -  As reported back on November 11, when we were leaving TT Peace River campground, Ken accidentally hit the center pole and damaged one of our storage bin doors.

          "Before leaving, we had to remove the damaged door completely.  Here is a picture of the damage taken after we arrived at the TT Orlando campground.  If it had to happen, this is the best door for it to happen to.  As you can see there is not much stored behind this door."

At the end of the November posting, we were trying to decide where to have the damage repaired.

Enter Jean, a long-time FMCA representative - she knows a lot!!  Jean was our neighbor at TT Orlando and when she saw the damage, she suggested that we try Independence RV on Route 50 in Winter Garden.  She, herself, had had a good experience with them.

First, we reported the accident to our insurance carrier, NII.  They would need an estimate, pictures, etc.  As it turned out, our Diminishing Deductible was down to $0, so our insurance would cover the entire cost of the repair.

Next, we stopped by Independence RV and discussed the damage with them.  We had to actually carry the RV by their dealership so they could take measurements, etc.  They ordered a replacement door from Tiffin Motor Homes and we made arrangements to have the repair work done on Thursday, December 19-20, a few days before we were scheduled to leave TT Orlando.

We arranged to spend our days out of the motor home with Ken's daughter Tracy in Sanford.  That worked out perfect; they were such gracious hosts!

On Friday afternoon, we picked up the RV from Independence RV after the repairs were completed.  Todd and Chris were great to work with and were happy to pose for a picture.  They asked if it would be posted on that "RV Gigolo Website"!!  HA HA

Ken showing the new storage bin door -- can't tell there was any damage at all!!

Good job, Independence RV Sales and Service!!

Sidebar:  When we returned to TT Peace River on Friday, December 26, we had to laugh when we saw that someone else had had an incident with the poles at the exit!!  Notice the leaning pole on the left!  We had hit the center pole.


Dec 17 - Have had a lot of fun playing Pickleball with friends down at TT Orlando.  Here is some of the action.

Tom and Frank take on -

Another Tom and sorry I can't remember!

Keith and Wade playing against -

Tiffany and Larry.

Connie and Sis had a great game against -

Rita and Julia.
Ready to play on the next free court:  Earl, Marie, Faye and Jerry.  We all laughed because Jerry was about to plant a big kiss on me!!

Thought I'd just throw this picture in of my current tennis shoes!  The result of ingrown toe nails.  The left toe recently had surgery to remove the ingrown area.  The left toe is waiting until next year.

Friday, December 5, 2014


Thur, Dec 04 - Early this week Tiffany and I were talking about the Pickleball happy hours we enjoyed when we were out west.  Have not had a happy hour for a long time since we have been back east.  So guess what??!!  Let's have a Pickleball Happy Hour!!!

Ken and I have a large site, shaded in the afternoon.  So invited all of the Picklebaiall players to join us on Thursday afternoon for Happy Hour.  Everyone bring chairs,beverage of choice, and a snack to share.  We had a great turn out and a great time!!

This is Tiffany and Wade.  Love their drinks!!!

Buddy and Dianne recently bought a park model at Lazy Acres about a mile from TT Peace River.  They drove over to join us.  I was disappointed that Buddy did not bring his guitar, but found out later that Wade also plays guitar.  So, he will be joining Buddy and Dianne at some of their jam sessions.  Neat!

Tracy and Jim.  They are the ones who made our first Pickleball paddle name pins!!

Rocky and Tamarra.  She said they had just started playing Pickleball last Friday at Orlando.  Tiffany and Wade taught them.  Love the game!

Tom and Marge.  They bought a house over in Sebring last season but Tom rides his "bike" over frequently to play.  Great to have them join us this afternoon.

Sally and Stan our long-time friends.  They own a site in Torrey Oaks about 5 miles away.  We went bowling with them and th eTorrey Oaks group on Tuesday and always love having them join us.  Especially when Sally brings her home made wine!

Pat and Keith.  She said she still has the little Heinz pickle pins we gave them years ago at a "pickling ceremony."  It was fun to get to know them better.

Marie and Keith.  So good to see them again this season.  Had not seen them for years until now.

Lance and Bonnie and Grandson.  Bonnie reminded me that they had played in the Ken and Faye Ewbank Pickleball Tournament at TT Chesapeake Bay on Labor Day weekend.  Lance said they did well until them came up against a couple of women who hit the ball too softly!

Jen and Dan.  Said he is new to Pickleball.  Lance and Bonnie introduced him and their young son to the game.  Love to play!!!

Chuck and Dee.  Chuck works at TT Peace River but it happened he is scheduled off on Thursday afternoon and weekends.  Dee is a character!  Always having a good time.

Host and hostess, Ken and Faye.  Didn't have to do much.  Just extend the invite and the players did the rest!!  Great fun!!


Tue, Dec 03 - This afternoon we went bowling with Stan and Sally and a group from Torrey Oaks at Bowl of Fun bowling alley in Wauchula, FL!  We have not bowled in years and were thrilled just to break a hundred!!!







Cathy - the only one of the group to bowl a TURKEY!!  Congratulations, Cathy!!!

Fun afternoon at the bowling alley!!


Mon, Dec 01 - We are back at TT Peace River and guess who we ran into!!  Marie and Keith R.!!  We have not seen them for years and it was so good to see them again!!

Here we are at the Pickleball courts on Monday morning.  Marie and Ken and I did not play today because of physical issues but we enjoyed watching Keith play with the other players who were there.

I have to tell you this funny story.  We were talking with Keith and Marie on Saturday afternoon when I asked Keith if he had played Pickleball that morning.   He said that he had gone to the courts that morning and no one was there so no, he didn't play.  Later I ran into the another Keith pickleball player (of Keith and Pat).  He said he had gone up to the courts that morning and no one was there.  Still later, Tracy stopped by to say HI.  She said she and Jim and gone to the courts that morning but no one was there so she told Jim he had to play tennis with her!  Sally called later on Saturday afternoon and mentioned that Tom (of Tom and Marge) had come over to Torrey Oaks to play Pickleball that morning because no one was playing at TT Peace River!!!

What!!  All of these playerswere at the courts and they never ran into each other!!!  So - I walked around the campground and arranged for all of the players to be at the courts Monday morning at 9 AM!!  And so here they all are!!  We had a great group!

Tiffany played with Keith.

Against Tracy and Art.

On the other court, Hedy and Jim took on Wade and Tom.

Hedy and Jim

Wade and Tom

And later Keith and Keith teamed up together!

Funny thing about candid shots.  You never know where the ball might show up!!  This time it looks like Keith has it in his mouth!!!

A great morning of Pickleball at TT Peace River!!