Friday, December 5, 2014


Mon, Dec 01 - We are back at TT Peace River and guess who we ran into!!  Marie and Keith R.!!  We have not seen them for years and it was so good to see them again!!

Here we are at the Pickleball courts on Monday morning.  Marie and Ken and I did not play today because of physical issues but we enjoyed watching Keith play with the other players who were there.

I have to tell you this funny story.  We were talking with Keith and Marie on Saturday afternoon when I asked Keith if he had played Pickleball that morning.   He said that he had gone to the courts that morning and no one was there so no, he didn't play.  Later I ran into the another Keith pickleball player (of Keith and Pat).  He said he had gone up to the courts that morning and no one was there.  Still later, Tracy stopped by to say HI.  She said she and Jim and gone to the courts that morning but no one was there so she told Jim he had to play tennis with her!  Sally called later on Saturday afternoon and mentioned that Tom (of Tom and Marge) had come over to Torrey Oaks to play Pickleball that morning because no one was playing at TT Peace River!!!

What!!  All of these playerswere at the courts and they never ran into each other!!!  So - I walked around the campground and arranged for all of the players to be at the courts Monday morning at 9 AM!!  And so here they all are!!  We had a great group!

Tiffany played with Keith.

Against Tracy and Art.

On the other court, Hedy and Jim took on Wade and Tom.

Hedy and Jim

Wade and Tom

And later Keith and Keith teamed up together!

Funny thing about candid shots.  You never know where the ball might show up!!  This time it looks like Keith has it in his mouth!!!

A great morning of Pickleball at TT Peace River!!

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