Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A $265 FUSE??!!

Tuesday, Dec. 28 – We left TT Pio Pico today and went to TT Palm Springs where we hoped it would be warmer!! It’s been pretty cold, especially at night. The higher elevations got a lot of snow!!

View of snow capped mountains en route to Palm Springs.

When we arrived at Palm Springs we found a site next to Mark and Chris. As soon as Ken plugged into the 50 Amp electric, I smelled an electrical burning odor! And we lost electric. In a matter of less than 30 minutes, the house batteries had run down and the generator would not start!! Mark and some other Pickleball friends came over to see if they could help Ken figure out the problem, but to no avail.

We went to an RV Service shop nearby. They thought the problem might be the Switch Box where all the electric comes through – 30 Amps, 50 Amps, generator. That made sense, but they could not get to it for a week. That night we ran an extension cord from Mark’s motor home to our Lasko electric heater so we would not freeze overnight!

The next morning we called RV Medic mobile service. Their serviceman came out within an hour. He checked the Switch Box, and this, that and the other. Finally, he determined the problem was a blown fuse in the inverter! He did not have the right size with him, so Ken and I went to Radio Shake in Indio for the fuse. When we returned, the serviceman replaced the blown fuse to the tune of $265!!

We were just glad to have electric again!!

But, we’re not finished yet!! When I started to wash some clothes, the Washer/Dryer was dead as a door knob!! The Splendide representative thinks the power surge may have “fried” the circuit board!! That can’t be good!! We have a call in to the Splendide repairman!! The saga continues!!

Monday, December 27, 2010


Dec. 27 – Today we toured the USS Midway Museum in the San Diego Harbor. The Midway is an aircraft carrier that in 2004 was turned into a naval aviation museum. No other aircraft carrier served America in the 20th century as long as the Midway – from the end of WWII to the liberation of Kuwait in 1991.

Ken next to one of the air planes on the hanger deck.

And tying the sailor’s knots. It was a breeze for him since he used knots when he was in the tree business.

An engine, I think!

The anchor cranks.

It was pointed out that one link of the anchor chain weighs 130 pounds!

I just happened to catch this midshipman in the shower!! HA HA

And Ken caught me in the Brig!!

(PS. The midshipman in the shower is a mannequin!!)


Dec. 27 – Jeannette, a really good friend with whom I grew up, now lives in San Diego. She has been living here for years now. When we finished touring the Midway, I realized we were not too far from her home, just north of La Jolla. I gave her a call and we were cordially invited to visit, even at such short notice.

We were greeted by Jeannette and two of her daughters-in-law, and five of their off spring!! After meeting everyone, we indulged in a much appreciated Jim Beam and water. (Touring the Midway was exhausting!!) It was wonderful to see Jeannette again and to meet her family and chat. I’m sorry we had to cut our visit short.

Jeannette had told us some of her sons and husband John were off playing golf. They arrived home just as we were leaving, so we got to say Hi to all of them, too.

We’ll be back in the area again in February and hope to visit when there is more time.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas Eve – We are staying for five nights at TT Pio Pico so we could spend time at Christmas with Ken’s son Rich and his family. Rich and his two boys live in Chula Vista with his girl friend Marlow and her two children. They seem to be a big happy family.

Marlow and Rich were preparing dinner when we arrived.
She was excited to show me her new refrigerator. Already it is covered with her mementoes from around the world.

While we were waiting for dinner, we talked with Niki, Vickie and Steve by Skype! That was fun!

Here’s Niki. If you look closely you’ll see the old folks in the little square at the bottom of the screen!!
After dinner we exchanged Christmas gifts.

Rich’s boys Russell and Jacob open their new Battle Machines
Emily is In A Pickle with her new game.
Anthony got a Battlefield game.
We gave Rich and Marlow an Atomic Clock because we rely on ours every day, especially to see what the outdoor temperature is in the mornings so we would know how to dress!!.

And we open our gift from Rich and Marlow – A Shredder! They had heard the stories of how Ken had overloaded one of our shredders and burned it up; and with a second shredder he found out that shredders really doesn't work in the rain!! Thanks guys!!

Here we are with the children: Russell, Jacob, Emily and Anthony!

A Christmas picture with Rich and Marlow.

Later we all drove to a nearby neighborhood where all the homes on Christmas Circle were decorated with numerous lights.

We had a most enjoyable Christmas, spending it with Rich and his family!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Dec 23. – We have not stayed at TT Pio Pico since January 2006. So, when we arrived we drove around the preserve to check it out. There was a time when Pio Pico was a big gathering place for Pickleball players. Now the courts are deserted and neglected.

There is a sports court on the South side of the preserve where they schedule Pickleball, but it is made of asphalt and has room for one court which seemed to us to be in worse condition than the courts pictured.

It’s so SAD to see our courts in a state of decay!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Friday, Dec. 17 – Wednesday, Dec. 22 – Rain, rain, and more rain. It has rained every day that we have been here. Mark and Chris said it had been raining before we arrived!! And there is another storm coming!! All around us neighborhoods are flooded; roads and houses are being washed away. And we have pretty much been hibernating!!

But, a few of us did brave the raindrops to do a little line dancing in the mornings. We took a moment for a picture.

Cherri, Faye, Dottie, and Marie.

Coming out of the lodge after dancing, I took a few pictures of results of the rain. I had to remove my shoes and put on my Crocks to wade to the car!

Several of the canals that run through the preserve overflowed their banks like the one shown here along the tree line.

Cars driving through one of the main roads that was flooded.

Our rig when I got home. It doesn’t look like the water is about four inches deep.

Some of the roads outside the preserve are closed due to high water. Ken said I should have gotten pictures of the two cars in the ditch just outside the entrance gate!!

The rangers have put out notice of Voluntary Evacuation because of the pending storm. A few people left, but most stayed. We decided not to move.

Tonight is our last night at TT Wilderness. Tomorrow we go to TT Pio Pico near Chula Vista where Ken’s son Richard lives. We will be spending Christmas with them this year.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Man!! It’s been raining for days here at TT Wilderness Lakes. Chris and Mark are here, too, and they are climbing the walls of Phaeton Place!! I remembered that years ago Ken and I spent a rainy afternoon in New York driving around Lake Seneca, pausing at all the wineries for a little wine tasting. Temecular is only a few miles away and it is celebrated Wine Country!!! What to do on another rainy day?? Let’s Go Wine Tasting!!!

Mark drove us to the wine trail. There are some 35 wineries in the area!! We chose Thornton Winery to stop at first.

They, like all the other wineries in the area, charged for their tastings -- from $10for their Sweet Flight to as much as $17 for the Premium Flight tasting. Chris and Mark each selected the White Wine Flight, four white wines for $12. Ken and I each selected the Red and White Flight, two red and two white wines, also $12.

I had printed out two-for-one coupons from the internet which were honored, so the tastings were essentially half price. We had a delightful afternoon sipping wine and munching on beget with goat cheese. I have to say, the tasting servings were quite generous and in no time we were all feeling pretty GOOD!! This was a new experience for Chris. She was soooo funny!! I was glad we had introduced her to wine tasting, California Style!!

As we left, we all agreed that we needed FOOD – no more wine!! Chris and Mark introduced us to Two Guys burgers!!! We agree with them -- UUMMMMM!!

Anyway, the day was a lot of fun. We had found the perfect way to spend a rainy day!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010


It was a good day for ducks (geese) when we arrived at TT Wilderness Lakes on Friday afternoon.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Sunset through the Palms at TT Palm Springs Wednesday evening before Ladder Day.

Thursday, 12/16 – Today was Ladder Day at the Pickleball Courts. Rick started this at the beginning of the season, based on an outline on the USAPA website. Each Thursday when we play we are assigned into a group of four players based on our previous points scored. Everyone plays three games throughout the morning, changing partners within the group for each game. Individual points scored in each game are recorded. At the end of the third game the points are tallied and averaged in with previous scores. That determines your level of play for the next Ladder Day.

The thinking is that everyone would enjoy more competitive play because they would be matched with players of approximately the same level.

Here is some of the action today, showing each of the foursome groups.

Larry and Lynn played against Dottie and Ken for this round.

Judy and Jim P. play against Larry M. and Olan.

Becky and Don take on Mike and Guy.

Ed and Daryl against Dick and Kim.

During the morning's play, whenever some of the guys had a break between matches, they did some Road Work!!! (That's why I have inserted the work pictures in the middle of play.) Rick said they are preparing this area of the road to make a temporary Pickleball court for use when there is a large number of players. It will alleviate the long wait times.
Phil and Neal play against Paul E. and Roy.

Faye and John played against Bob and Jim T. (Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of our worthy opponents!) The second picture is of some of the players waiting to play.
Judy was the fourth player in a second group to make enough players. Here she plays with Rick against her husband Brian and Rick's wife Linda.

It was a good day of play but a lot of wait time. I'll be glad when the temporary court is finished!!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Monday, December 13 – Canadian friends Bob and Muriel told me about the Monday Steak and Egg Breakfast Buffet at Augustine Casino. The price was only $3.50 after applying the $1 discount with the Players Club Card and the $2 Food Coupon given to each person at the Players Club desk. In addition, the Casino gave each person $2 free play at the Slots.

Bob and Pam, Dottie and Larry joined us early this morning for the Buffet. We all checked in at the Players Club Desk. We discovered that we were already members from back in 2005 when we were out West. They updated our Players Club Cards, gave each of us our $2 free play, and the $2 Food Coupon. We were happy.

Then we discovered our friends were all new members of the Augustine Casino Players Club. They each got: the Players Club Card with $7 free play, a $2 Food Coupon, a $5 Food Coupon, AND a free Golden Gamers tee shirt!!! We protested but to no avail!! All the extra goodies were for NEW members only.

The buffet was very good, the steak delicious!! Bob and Pam ended up winning close to $20 on their Players Cards. Our slot play ate up our Free play plus some more $$$, and we ended up with $0!! Not sure how Dottie and Larry did at the Slots!!

Anyway, WHAT A DEAL!!! Thanks Bob and Muriel for the "Heads Up"!!


My grandson Thomas who is 13 years old and lives in Raleigh, NC has been taking horseback riding. He loves it and is becoming a real horseman!!

Here is the link to a video of his First Horse Show!!

Great job, Thomas!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Saturday, December 11 – We spent a fun day over at Catalina Spa, Desert Hot Springs, where they were having a Welcome Back Tournament. We used to know quite a few people over there and several of our friends were playing in the tournament.

The first people we saw were Steve, Cheryl and Paul who were in charge of Food Services and serving hamburgers and all the trimmings. We would return later for our lunch.

The first matches we watched were friends Jim P. and Linda. We sat with Jim’s wife Shirley as we watched the pair go down to the ultimate winners of the Gold Medal.

Jim and Linda came back to win their next matches only to meet up with their first opponents for a second time in a match to determine which team won Gold.
The Medals were presented: Bronze Winners; Gold Medalists; and Jim and Linda took home the Silver. Great matches!!

Our very good friends Marion and Tom leave just outside of Catalina Spa. Marion came over to visit with us while we were in their neighborhood. We were enjoying Steve’s hamburgers when Marion and other friends joined us.

Jessie, Marion, Frank, Ken, Faye

Tom was refereeing one of Jim and Linda’s matches so we went over to watch. When he was finished, we all enjoyed a beer together.

It was not long before Tom and his partner Ray played their match. It was against none other than Jim P. and Linda's husband Rick!!
(Notice the mountains in the background!)

It was a beautiful day to watch a lot of Pickleball!! Congratulations to everyone who played!!