Saturday, July 16, 2011


We NEVER get to see the Javelina here at TT Verde Valley. We know they are here, but do you think we'd ever see one?? NO!!!

Well, this poor guy, a Thousand Trails member, had his trailer parked out on the free BLM Land outside the TT Verde Valley gate. Seems his wife had been in the hospital in Cottonwood for about a month, suffering with cancer. He, himself, was not in the best of health either.

The other day when he returned to his trailer, there was a ticket on the windshield. He had gone over the 14-Day limit for free parking on government land.

That evening he was moving the trailer to the Thousand Trails park for storage. Driving down the dark curvy road, a herd of JAVELINA darted out right in front of his truck. He swerved to avoid hitting one of them. His trailer jack-knifed into the ditch and turned onto it's side, causing the axle on the truck to break!! What a disaster!!
The next morning, Ken was on his way to town and saw the truck and trailer still overturned in the ditch. He talked with the ranger and learned the above story of the gentleman's bad luck.

Later in the afternoon Ken took me up to see for myself. We happened to arrive as a large flatbed trailer was across the road; workers were attempting to raise the trailer with a large crane and load it onto the flatbed.

And we never see the Javelina!!


This is so Amazing!!!

On Wednesday this past week, the VCU Men's College Basketball Team won the ESPY Award for Best Upset due to their impressive run in the 2011 NCAA College Basketball Tournament!! VCU, seeded No. 11 capped a string of upsets by beating top seeded Kansas and went to the Final Four!

Back in March, I had posted several articles about the VCU Rams as our home-town team thrilled us as they upset one opponent after another all the way to the Final Four!! GO RAMS!!

Monday, July 11, 2011


July 10 - Harold and Marion invited us to go with them for FREE tacos at Taco Bell this afternoon. FREE tacos!!??!! Seems the Diamondbacks and Taco Bell have a deal for the public!! Whenever the Diamondbacks score six or more runs in a game, Taco Bell gives three free tacos to its customers. All we had to do was purchase a large drink! Harold offered to buy the drinks for all of us!! We laughed and thanked him for his generosity!! Even a complete stranger joined in the teasing and commented on what a Big Spender he was!!

Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed our FREE tacos. The price was right!!


July 06 - 10 - Back at TT Verde Valley, after our "week out" in Prescott, AZ, we actually found some Pickleball players!! Harold and Marion (left) were still here. We had gotten together with them before we left (see article posted June 28). Another couple of players came in. Linda and Roger (middle) had blown a rod (or something really bad) in the engine of their motorhome, so they will be staying here for an extended period while repairs are made. We had met them at TT Chesapeake Bay and TT Forest Lakes in 2008. We invited the group over for Happy Hour on Friday. Here we are in front of one of the flowering trees on our site!!

Everyone was happy!!

A few days later, another Pickleball couple came in. We had met Mike and Ed at TT St. Clair, MI a year ago. Here some of the group gathers on the courts.

Later, Roger and Linda and Mike and Ed challenge each other to a match!