Thursday, March 5, 2009


My daughter, Stasia, works with the City of Goldsboro Department of Parks and Recreation. She teaches Line Dancing to an enthusiastic group of Line Dancers. For Valentine’s Day, they learned and recorded “The Cupid Shuffle”. (That’s the same dance I taught at Torrey Oaks in mid January.)

Their dance was recently posted on YouTube. Go to and then type in “shufflin’ cupids” in the Search bar and click on Search.

Stasia is hard to find!! The cameraperson aimed the camera toward the wrong end of the group. About half way through the video, Stasia makes an appearance. She is wearing a red sweater with black Jeans. Ah, I guess they all decided to wear red tops with black slacks! I’ll be more specific. Facing the dancers, she is at the left end of the group. She is in the second row from the front, and in the second line from the end. Her sweater has three-quarter sleeves and a collar. In some scenes she is in front of a gentleman on the third row wearing a long-sleeved white shirt. Near the end of the video, she is the one in the center when the dance ends and they begin applauding their success and the fun they had. I think you will recognize her then!!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009



We drove to Sebring (65 miles) on Monday because Ken had a follow-up appointment with his Hand Specialist to have the stitches removed following his Carpal Tunnel Surgery. Dr. Carr said the incision looks great! No physical therapy required at this time. She gave him a wrist brace to wear when driving. It helps a little. Ken has another follow-up appointment but we will probably be out of Florida by that time.

Funny how things DO work out right every once in a while!!

When Sally and Stan came to dinner on our last night in TT Peace River, you will remember, Sally brought a pie. Monday morning Ken found Sally’s pie server. What to do?? We are now at TT Orlando and she is at Peace River!

Coincidence No. 1: Barb and Dennis at Orlando were going to Peace River on Monday, so I put the pie server in the car and we drove by their site on the way to line dancing. They Were Gone!! Oh, well. Forget it!

Coincidence No. 2: Later, when we were leaving for Sebring, I remembered some phone calls I wanted to make, so I grabbed the cell phone and my list of phone numbers and took them with us.

Coincidence No. 3: On the way to Sebring, Ken remembered that the Heartland Senior Games were to be held this weekend at Tanglewood in Sebring! Stan and Sally are participating in the games and will be coming to Tanglewood this weekend.

Coincidence No. 4: We have some Pickleball friends staying at Tanglewood this season instead of staying at the Thousand Trails campgrounds.

Now, if only we had brought the pie server! If only we had the phone numbers of our friends at Tanglewood! After driving a while, I remembered putting the pie server in the car that morning. It should still be there!! After searching the car, I found the pie server! Then, using my list of phone numbers, I looked up the cell number for Mark at Tanglewood, called him, and made arrangements to bring the pie server to him so he could give it to Sally this weekend!!!
As I said, Funny how things DO work out right every once in a while!!


After seeing the doctor, we stopped by Tanglewood to give Sally’s pie server to Mark. After enjoying a glass of wine and interesting conversation, we invited Mark to join us for Fajitas at our favorite “authentic” Mexican Restaurant -- Taqueria Merlo Restaurant in Avon Park. At this restaurant, you place your order at a counter and serve yourself all the garnishes you’ll need. When your order is ready, they call you to pick up your griddle of sizzling Fajitas. We say it’s authentic because most of the customers are Mexican!

A nice gentleman who was enjoying a meal there agreed to take our picture.


Ken’s daughter, Tracy who lives in Lake Mary, came by for a quick visit on Sunday. Her dog, Zoie, came along for company. We had replaced our 26” Polaroid HDTV with a new Vizio, and had offered the used one to Tracy, if she would come by and pick it up. That she did. Sorry she could not stay a bit longer.

Good Luck, Tracy, in getting the TV to work!