Friday, August 31, 2012


Aug 29 - Before we left Santa Barbara, we wanted to make one last trip to the Farmers' Market downtown!!  On our way into town, we detoured about 5 miles up a curving side road to see the cave paintings in Chumash Painted Cave.  We have been here before but it was years ago! 

The paintings are exquisite and still so vivid.  I suppose the colors were preserved by being in a cave.

We had to climb up this embankment to get to the cave.  Then - we had to get back down!!  Years ago, this climb was a piece of cake.  I can't believe how difficult it was for me this year!!!  Getting soooo OLD!!!

This is the view of Santa Barbara and the Pacific on our way back down the curvey road!!

When we returned to TT Rancho Oso, these wild turkeys were waiting for us!!  These are the first we have seen at the campground this year!