Monday, February 18, 2013


Feb 18 - WOW!!  How time flies!!  I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last posted articles to our Blog!!  So, now we have a lot to talk about.  In fact, you may have to go to OLDER  POSTS to see everything.

The following articles are posted so you can read them in the order in which they occurred -- the earliest events will appear first and these postings will end with the TT Palm Springs Fourth Annual Pickleball Tournament (February 14-16).



Feb 23 - 29 - I reported in January that we had the seal around the motorhome slideout replaced and adjustments made on the slideout alignment.  Everything seemed to work OK.  But, as we were settling up our account, Bill pointed out that the technicians had found some leak problems with the engine.  What next??!!  Anyway, we set up an appointment in two weeks to coincide with our departure from TT Wilderness Lakes to have the engine repairs made.

But, we later discovered the slideout problems were not over yet!!  When we were at the campground and put out the slideout, we discovered a crushed kitchen tile where the new roller brings the slideout in!!  Oh HE@$#L!!!

We immediately called Bill and extended our scheduled appointment at Temecula Valley RV Service to include taking care of the broken tile.

This was on January 11.  We enjoyed a week and a half of Pickleball, Candy Bar Bingo, etc. at TT Wilderness before returning to Temecula Valley RV Service for repairs on January 23.

The replacement of the leaking fuel lift pump went without any problem.  The leak in the accessory drive gasket was corrected in record time.  Great!!  Not so fast!!  Repair of the crushed kitchen tile was another story entirely!!!

The tile was removed and replaced; more adjustment made to the slideout aleignment.  We had to wait 24 hours before the slideout could be brought in over the new tile.  Guess what!  At the end of that time, another cracked tile!

This was repeated for three tiles!  We were down to the last tile that we had with us!  With the replacement of our last tile and one more adjustment to the alignment everything seems to be OK!!  After almost a week, we were finally able to leave Temecula Valley RV Service!  And, we did not have to set up an appointment for any other repairs.  HURRAH!!!


January 26 was the big day for Lee and Larry!!  Their wedding day!!  We had planned to go to the big event, but we were still cooling our heels at Temecula Valley RV Service.  Nevertheless, the wedding was a big success even without us, and we understand the couple is still happily married!!  Larry said there were about 120 people at Desert Springs Church in Palm Desert for the ceremony -- they expected about ten, he said!  And there were about 180 people at the reception!

Are they happy, or what??

Leaving the church!  Look at the proud groom!

It was a pot-luck and Pickleball reception!  About 180 friends and family!

Toasting the Bride and Groom!

And time for the wedding cake!

Our sincere CONGRATULATIONS to you both, Lee and Larry!


Feb 08 - 10 - Another year and another Palm Desert Senior Games!  This is their poster for 2013!

 We no longer participate in the Palm Desert Senior Games, but we still enjoy watching the play and meeting up with old friends!

This gentleman had an unusual display at the gate as we went in.  Tennis shoes with replaceable tops!!

Notice how the top of the shoe zips off so you can replace it was another look!!  After purchasing one pair of shoes, you can buy just the additional tops.

Today the schedule was Men's Singles, Women's Doubles.  Our friend, Bill, participated in Men's Singles.  He's from Richmond, VA.  He made us proud!!

Bill and his wife, Val.

We missed Jessie's matches but caught up with her and her medal!

Spectators from our campground:  Jim, Shirley, Carole, Ken, Linda O. and Faye.  It was ever so cold and windy!!  Notice how bundled up we are!!

Rick served as Referee for several of the games!

Our prodigy, Judy in purple, with her friend and partner, Stephanie.

Later in the afternoon, Stephanie and Judy played Women's Doubles.

The day was miserably cold and windy.  We left before the games were over, but we'll be back on Saturday!!


The schedule for the second day of the Senior Games was Women's Singles and Men's Doubles.  Some of the finals from Friday needed to be played today also.

I mentioned how cold and windy it was yesterday.  Snow fell on the surrounding mountains during the night!  But today was a much better day, weather wise!

You may have noticed the ZZT Sports banners in some of the pictures from Day 1.  That is the Pickleball business of our good friends Spike and Linda.  Here is Spike with their son Jerald who was helping wrap grips and sell paddles at the Games.  Nice to meet you Jerald!!

Jim P. and Wendell were partners in the Men's Doubles!

Spectators watching the intense match:  Richard, Becky, Shirley, Linda O., Jim  M's Wife Ad, Jim M., Carole, Clint.

This is Jan, the Announcer for the Games.  I made a point to speak to him today because I wanted to let him know how much I enjoyed his commentary -- his humorous comments in an otherwise dull announcement.  "We need Referees.  Short, Tall, it doesn't matter.  We just need Referees."  "We need volunteers to be Referees.  If we don't get any, we'll be here all night!"  Jan was very surprised to learn that anyone enjoyed his comments!  (That's the wrapped microphone in his right hand -- not an ice cream cone!!)

After winning Gold in Women's Doubles yesterday, long time friend Pat played Women's Singles.

Long time friend Pat playing a singles match.

Pat's match was against Meg.  Meg drove all the way down from Long Beach by herself to play in the Games.  Pat and I met this very nice lady yesterday when she was asking for information.  Meg was just unlucky that she came up against Pat in her very first match!

Bill finished up his Gold Medal Match in the Men's Singles from yesterday!  Winning!!!  Congratulations Bill!

Our prodigy Judy is playing Women's Singles today.  We did not teach her That!!

Ken and Paul watching Judy's match.

More spectators watching her match:  Gloria, Faye, Linda O. Cathy, Oland, Stephanie.

Amazing shot, Judy!

Judy ultimately lost this match in three sets!!  What impressed us spectators was that she came off the court with a big smile on her face.  "I still love this game!' she exclaimed.

On the next court were Jim M. and Clint in their Men's Doubles match.

Spectators watching one of the matches:  Richard, Becky, Shirley, Jim P., Clint, Linda O., Ad, Jim M. 

Paul D. from Del Webb Sun City (right) and his partner.

Ken and I were finished watching Pickleball for another day!


Feb. 10 - Third and final day of the Palm Desert Senior Games.  Today's schedule was Mixed Doubles.

Jessie (right) and her partner enjoy their match.  Jessie is still quite a star!

Dave and his partner make a good play!

Pat is challenged in her Mixed Doubles match.  They tried to play everything to her, but she's too tough!

Ran into these busy workers:  Chuck, Linda B. and Rick.

Jim P. and his partner play against -

Joe and his wife Patty.  This was Patty's first tournament.  She did a good job!

Although they didn't win this match, they had a good time.

Spectators watched the match.  Wayne, unknown, Faye, Barb, Martin, Ken, Dave.

Paul D and Joe were co-Referees for one of the matches.

Judy's partner, Stephanie, is Bill's Mixed Doubles partner.

Judy (right) and her Mixed Doubles partner, Chris.  Judy told us the other day that they are partners in more than just Pickleball!  Congratulations, you guys!

We ran into long time friend Jim E. as we were leaving.

We had to get our annual picture with friends Linda and Spike!  See you next year!!!

Ken and I agreed that we used to know almost everyone who played in the games.  Now there are more and more players that we do not know.  It was still a whole lot of fun!!