Saturday, October 30, 2010


Pam and Joe invited us to have Sushi with them for dinner on Saturday. I love people who plan things!! Not only did they plan the evening, but it was executed to perfection!! They must have worked the entire day to come up with such a spread!! They said Pam did the slicing/chopping and Joe did the rolling.

Look at the stack of rolls they created!!

Joe slicing the Sushi rolls.

And, Sushi is served!!! Can you believe this platter of Sushi???!!! The dish at the top contains thinly sliced Tuna and Salmon which we used to top our Sushi Rolls. UUUMMMMMM!!

There were Salmon and Cream Cheese, Tuna, Tuna and Cream Cheese, Shrimp, California Rolls, etc. etc. etc!! Thank you so much, Pam and Joe!! It was Wonderful!! It was UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Ken and I remembered that five years ago we used to go to inexpensive buffets at the various Indian casinos in the area. So, we stopped by Spotlight 29 Casino to see if they had any Senior Specials, or specials of any kind. They did not; however, our Players Cards had expired. We discovered if we signed up for new Players Cards, we would receive a FREE buffet!!! And, on Friday night they had their special Seafood Buffet!!

We asked Pam and Joe if they had Spotlight 29 Players Cards. They did not have the card either. We all decided to go to Spotlight 29 on Friday night to get our new Players Cards and FREE Seafood Buffet!!!

Here we are enjoying our buffet.

Of special note were their wonderful Shrimp and Scallops sautéed to order and the delicious Clam Chowder. They had King Crab Legs, hot in butter and cold, but they were so hard they were a major struggle to eat -- not worth the effort. The dessert bar was limited, but we were at our limit by then anyway!! However, I must say the Bread Pudding was delicious!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


October 26 – We were up bright and early Tuesday morning. We had to drive almost 150 miles to Mexico to see our dentist. Patricia Vicente had been recommended to us years ago when we were out west and we really liked her and have great confidence in her ability. Patricia was still in Los Algodones, but had changed her affiliation to the International Dental Group. Her new office is located inside a mall.

I had an examination, X-Rays, and cleaning. Ken had the same plus he had one filling. Total cost = $140. Another successful trip to the Dentist!! Here’s Patricia (center) and her group.

I really liked their Logo – a modified globe.

After Ken’s mouth was feeling normal again, we walked around the corner to a Taco Stand for more fish and shrimp tacos before heading home. This is the Top Chef!!

After our late lunch, it was another three and a half hours' drive back to TT Palm Springs!


October 25 – Out with Pam and Joe again. This time Pam had found an authentic Mexican Seafood Restaurant she wanted to try for lunch. Sounded good to us – three tacos and a soft drink for $5.95!! We followed them in our car because we were going to another movie after lunch. It was so funny, Pam and Joe were not certain where the restaurant was located. We drove and drove and twisted and turned until we ended up in a shopping center parking lot next to Target!! But no restaurant!!

After a third cell phone call for directions, we found Mariscos Mr. Cora across the street from Targets and Trader Joe’s somewhere in Cathedral City.

Each of us ordered the Special -- either fish or shrimp tacos. (There was no beef or chicken on the menu.) The tacos were wonderful!! Some of the best I have ever eaten!!

Our waitress was so nice and friendly we asked her to be in a picture with us.
Thanks Pam and Joe. It was a great idea. I’m certain we’ll be back!!