Thursday, October 28, 2010


October 25 – Out with Pam and Joe again. This time Pam had found an authentic Mexican Seafood Restaurant she wanted to try for lunch. Sounded good to us – three tacos and a soft drink for $5.95!! We followed them in our car because we were going to another movie after lunch. It was so funny, Pam and Joe were not certain where the restaurant was located. We drove and drove and twisted and turned until we ended up in a shopping center parking lot next to Target!! But no restaurant!!

After a third cell phone call for directions, we found Mariscos Mr. Cora across the street from Targets and Trader Joe’s somewhere in Cathedral City.

Each of us ordered the Special -- either fish or shrimp tacos. (There was no beef or chicken on the menu.) The tacos were wonderful!! Some of the best I have ever eaten!!

Our waitress was so nice and friendly we asked her to be in a picture with us.
Thanks Pam and Joe. It was a great idea. I’m certain we’ll be back!!

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