Sunday, March 20, 2011


Thur. Mar. 17 – Today was the first day of this 3-Day event. It was a lot of fun as the women played in the Women’s Tournament and the men played in the Men’s Tournament. At the end of play, scores from both tournaments were tallied and the top players of both sexes were put into the A Flight and lower scoring players were placed in the B Flight for the next part of the tournament to take place on Friday.

Rick ran the tournament. Great Job!

Shirley kept track of the scores, etc., etc., etc. Another job well done.

Here is some of the action on that first day of play!

Linda and Judy A.

Judy and Gloria.

Paul and Brian.
Jim B. and Bob.
Bill and Bert.
Sis and Renate.
The spectators had as much fun as the players!!

I missed the action in this match but caught them before they left the court. Here are Stephanie, Judy, Renate and Linda.

Larry and Gary.

Bert and Ken at the far end. Rick hitting the perfect overhead!

Rick and Paul.
Gloria and Annie.
Linda and Chris.
Judy A. and Faye.
Richard and Mark.
Ken with Jim P.
Paul and Mark.
Sis and Linda.

Jim P. and Rick.
Jim B. and Norby.
Howard and Brian.
Bert and Fred.
Brian with the camera shot of the day!!

A great time was had by all the participants. Looking forward to tomorrow's tournament!!


Thur. Mar 17 - After the Pickleball Tournament on Thursday, a group of us went to Bill's Pizza in Palm Springs. The group we knew from Florida had planned the gathering and Mark and Chris had invited us to join them. They chose to go on Thursday evening because they wanted to go to the Palm Springs Thursday Night Street Festival which is quite an event!

The group had been to Bill's before and raved about the Pizza!! We couldn't wait to try it.

Here we are a Bill's Pizza.

Larry we met on the Pickleball courts at TT Orlando. We met Lee on the courts at TT Palm Springs this year. We did not even know they knew each other.

The rest of the group we met on the Pickleball Courts at either TT Orlando or TT Peace River in Florida. We all went back and forth between the two campgrounds all winter.

Barb and Dennis.

Just to give you an idea of what Bill's pizzas are like, here is the one Barb and Dennis ordered -- one-half one kind of Bill's pizza and the other half a different specialty!

Sis and Paul.

Mark and Chris.
Brian and Judy. Everyone ordered the large pizza except Brian and Judy and Ken and I. We opted for the 10" pizza which was enough for two, but they certainly did look tiny next to the big 18" pizzas. Problem was, the pizza was so good, I wished I had ordered the large one!!

Bill, himself, served our beer. Barb first heard of Bill's Pizza when she saw Bill at one of the street festivals handing out sample slices of pizza to the crowd. Bill seems to be a real "people person".

This is the entire group with our pizzas!

And on the street outside of Bill's Pizza!! The gang was headed for the Street Festival, but Ken and I headed home!!

Highly recommend Bill's Pizza, but bring your big wallet$$.


Fri. Mar 18 - Today was the second day of the Annual Pickleball Tournament at TT Palm Springs. Players were placed in either the A Flight or the B Flight depending on the score tally from Thursday's tournaments. Today Ken was placed in the A Flight because he had won five of six games played on Thursday. Wow!!

Ken and Larry in the early rounds.

I, on the other hand, only won one game of the six played on Thursday, so I was in the B Flight.

Faye with a powerful overhead, and Linda. We had a great match.

Jim P. and Jessie.
Rick and Judy A.

Faye with Brian.
Bert and Larry.

Dick and Chris.
Paul and Sis.
Stephanie makes the camera shot of the day!
Larry and Mark.
Norby and Frank.
Howard and Judy.
Renate and Jim B.
Frank and Judy.
Another great day of tournament play!! A fun time was had by all the participants. We are all looking forward to tomorrow, Friday, which will be the finals.


Fri. Mar 18 - Annie decided it was time for another Pickleball party, so she planned a Pickleball Pot Luck for Friday afternoon. Everyone met on the courts and brought a dish to share and their own beverage. The weather was perfect, the food was delicious, and the company was a lot of fun!! Thanks for thinking of it, Annie.

Roger and Annie.
Larry and his wife.
Sally and Norby.

Gordon and Carol.
Chris and Mark.
Bert and Judy.
Bill and Pat.
Jim P. and Shirley.
Nancy and Jim B.
Paul and Sis.
Jerry and Jerry Kay.
Jake and Cathy.
Jessie, Ken and Faye.
Great party!!