Sunday, June 28, 2009




Ken and I finally made it back on the Pickleball courts again this weekend!! Can’t say we played very well, but it was great to feel the courts under our feet and to have the paddles in our hands!!!



Ken serves while Harry watches in amazement!!

Mike does the playing but Faye is ready for anything!!

Gilbert displays his commentary on the whole thing!!!

Here's the group that played at Chesapeake Bay the day before we played. Our friends Ralph and Mary are front and center; Karen is second on the right. Harry's the photographer!!


(See article posted June 22 on how I lost my cell phone modem.)

As I said earlier, when I agreed to a new two-year agreement with Verizon in May, my plan was changed without my authorizing it, and we were being charged per Megabyte used on the internet. I was dumbfounded to receive a Verizon bill for $464!! Needless to say, I was very upset and immediately explained the situation to the local Verizon Store Manager. He said he would contact his “contact” in an attempt to reimburse the charge and to return us to our original plan.

Guess What!?! On June 24, I received a call from our Verizon Account Manager. He made some offers, and I countered, and he offered again. Ultimately, Verizon agreed to immediately credit $419 to our account (the charge for megabytes used). They would not agree to return us to our original plan (America’s Choice, 450 Anytime Minutes). We would have to remain on the new Nationwide Basic plan, 450 Anytime Minutes. The Monthly Access charge would remain the same, $39.99 (plus taxes, etc.). But what would happen about using my cell phone as a modem??

GET THIS!!! Verizon has added their V-Cast, V-Pak feature to our plan. The V-Cast, V-Pak feature, allows you to tether your cell phone to your computer using the software called VZAccess and use your cell phone as a modem to connect to the internet for e-mail or internet exploring, etc. (This I did under our old plan, but had to use our cell phone minutes.) However, with the V-Cast, V-Pak feature you have UNLIMITED MEGABYTE USAGE, ANYTIME, DAY OR NIGHT!!!!! Has no connection to your cell phone minutes. The charge for this feature is $15/Month!!! That’s right - $15/Month!!! WHO KNEW???

When we tried to upgrade our phone before, we were told we had to have an internet plan that cost $60/Month in addition to the normal cell phone charges!! So we never upgraded our phone. Now, they say we can upgrade our phone with no change to the current plan.

In addition, our Account Manager arranged for us to receive a Verizon credit for the $15 monthly charge for the V-Cast, V-Pak feature until February 2010, the date our original contract expired. After that date, the charge will be $15/Month indefinitely, unless we choose to change it!!

I’ve checked the plan details of our new plan at the Verizon store in Newport News, and with Verizon Customer Service on the telephone. Both confirmed the details as stated above.

The only thing we did not get is the 100 Bonus Minutes we had under our old contract (Verizon changed that). But, the jerk who called me about the two-year agreement in the first place had promised 100 Bonus Minutes until February 2010. So, I’m still working to get those added to our plan.

Right now, I have to say – WE’RE HAPPY WITH VERIZON!!!

Incidentally, recently in their Newsletter, Geeks on Tour discussed using your cellular service for your broadband Internet connection and the Verizon 5 Gigabyte per month limitation on your usage. This 5 Gigabyte limitation does not apply to the V-Cast, V-Pak feature!!


Ken’s Grandson, Russell in San Diego, graduated from the 8th Grade, going into the 9th. Congratulations, Russell – GREAT job!!!
Here is Russell with his dad, Rich. Russell has really grown tall-l-l-l-l since the last time we saw him in 2006.