Sunday, July 22, 2012


July 17 - We drove up to Flagstaff today because I needed to get a steroid shot in my spine at the Flagstaff Medical Center. It is supposed to solve the problem of pain and weakness in my right hip and leg. The appointment was in the morning so that gave us some time for some touring.

Flagstaff has three National Monuments close by; four if you count the Grand Canyon but it was a little too far away for an afternoon drive. In the past we have visited all of the National Monuments but at that time I did not have the Passport To Your National Parks book to have stamped with the Cancellation Stamp. We spent the afternoon revisiting the parks to get the all-important Cancellations!

Walnut Canyon National Monument.

Not as grand as the Grand Canyon but very picturesque.

Cliff dwellings built into the canyon wall between 1125 and 1250.

Pueblo and Pit House ruins.

Our next stop was Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument.

The volcano erupted 800 years ago but the landscape appears unchanged. "Lava Flows seem to have hardened to a rough surface just yesterday."

Red volcanic ash still covers the area.

Nearby we went to the Wupatki National Monument.
Wuoki Pueblo ruins.

Wupatki Village ruins.

I was surprised to see the the Painted Desert from the Wupatki ruins! So far West. We have been to the more impressive Painted Desert but it was 115 miles further East on Hwy 40. I did not realize that the Painted Desert is so huge!!

We were able to visit all three of the National Monuments in just one afternoon. And! I got the Official Cancellations for my Passport Book!

After touring, we wanted to have an early dinner at one of the local restaurants before driving back to Cottonwood. As we first arrived in Flagstaff we saw Granny's Closet on the right and Ken suggested we eat there. I said I thought a Closet would sell cloths, not food. But, checking at the Visitor's Center we discovered that Granny's Closet was indeed a local restaurant located on Historic Route 66!

We each ordered the Half Rack of Ribs. Good thing we didn't order the Full Rack!! It was very good! YUMMMM! And we had enough left over for dinner the next night!!