Thursday, January 28, 2010


January 28 - One afternoon when the weather finally warmed up enough to enjoy being outside, we invited Joe and Cis and Stan and Sally over for Fajitas and Margaritas. Here we have been enjoying the Margaritas before dinner.

And the Fajitas were good, too!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010


January 25 - Every Monday afternoon “bowlers” from TT Peace River and Torrey Oaks meet at Bowl-Of-Fun Lanes for a good time of bowling. A few weeks ago Donna established the practice of having us pose with our arms crossed above our heads to show our excitement when we bowled a strike. Today I tried to get the scoreboard showing the Strike in the background with the Striker posing!! Did pretty good, don’t you think!!

Bruin is one of the best bowlers!! I wish I had gotten his scoreboard showing all of his STRIKES instead of just the heart and graphics!! (Ken in the background ready to bowl.)

Frank was excited about getting his Strike, but not about having his picture taken!! (Ken in the background ready to bowl.)

Ken took so long taking me picture my “strike arms” collapsed.

Rich with his big Strike of the day!!

Arlene worked all day trying to get this strike!!

Stan – Great picture with the scoreboard!!!