Thursday, June 3, 2010


We returned to TT Chesapeake Bay on Monday, May 24, and found some friends had come to TT Chesapeake Bay on their way north.

Tom and Karen -

Jack and Diane -

In the morning, we had some great Pickleball. You might recognize some of the players.

Later in the week, Karen and Tom invited the Pickleball group to their place for Happy Hour. Tom had prepared Bar-B-Q and everyone brought a side!! UUUMMMMM!!

Krystal and Nate's family

Tracy and Jim. They are the ones who make the nice Pickleball name pins.

Bob and Deb

Jim and Marlene

Rich and Joan
Faye and Ken
Diane and Josh playing Ladder Ball

Krystal, Karen and Nate
Erik, Jack, and Nate's Brother
Austin and his cousin

Ken took Josh for a ride in the golf cart

Our host and hostess!! Thanks Tom and Karen for a great time!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I discovered a couple of months ago that Marge, a good friend of my friend, Suzanne, was planning to be at TT Chesapeake Bay for a couple of weeks the end of May to the first of June. Marge is a Line Dance enthusiast and an excellent instructor. I was so excited to meet her!!

Marge and I got together every afternoon possible for a couple of hours of Line Dancing!! She taught me so many dances my brain is frazzled!!! She has all the very latest music and Line Dance Step Sheets, and she so willingly shared them with me.

Marge also served as Guest Instructor for our weekly Line Dance Classes. Everyone enjoyed her new dances!!

Thank you, Marge, for all your help!! It was so much fun dancing with you!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Saturday evening we all gathered at Shelia and Rick’s for Bar-B-Q chicken!! Shelia and Rick have an “annual” site in E Section at TT Chesapeake Bay. They are neighbors of Mike and Diane at the campground.

Here some of the guys enjoy the Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers that Ken and I prepared (Pam and Joe’s recipe from last summer). They had more fun encouraging everyone to try one!! We had left some of the seeds in the peppers, so some were very hot, Hot, HOT!!!

Shelia and Rick prepared the chicken.

Everyone brought a side to share.

Ken and Eddie enjoyed themselves with an inside joke!!

Here are all the girls!!

Monday, May 31, 2010


May 30 – Bright and early on Sunday morning, thirty Pickleball players at TT Chesapeake Bay gathered for the First Annual Memorial Day Pickleball Tournament at TT Chesapeake Bay!!

Tournament organizers, Mike and Michelle and Rick, planned a format based on four divisions – Championship, A, B, and C Divisions.

Before the Tournament, players had formed partnerships and the partnerships were “seeded” into the Championship Division. As players lost matches, they were moved into the various brackets. Players who did not lose a match remained in the Championship Division. Everyone was guaranteed to play three games.

These are the participants!

I think I got a picture of each partnership in action with a few extra of the Champions!!

Erik and partner.

Gilbert and Jason in action. Always a lot of action on their court!!

The girls play a good game.

Diane and Jack. Our first game was against them. We put up a good fight and had match point on our paddle a couple of times, but ultimately they won the match.

Linda and Joanne. Our second match was again them. We managed to pull it out.

Julie (hitting the ball) and her partner.

Krystal (in blue) and her sister-in-law, Diana. They cleaned our clock in our third match and we were out of the tournament!!

We didn't win anything, but we looked good!!! HA HA
Ken's son, Mike, and Eddie.

Mike R. and Wiggie.

Gilbert and Jason again. This time you can see their face.

Todd and his partner.

Tom and Amy.

Nate (hitting the ball) and his brother.

Scott (in white) and Jeffrey (Gilbert's grandson).

And our Champions, Karen and Austin!!


The Winners in each division won appropriate trophies. The Runner-Ups in each divisioin were given a jar of, what else??, PICKLES!!

Runner Ups in C Division, Julie (right) and partner.

Divisioin C Winners, Erik and partner.

Runner-Ups Division B, Krystal and Diana.

Division B Winners, Mike and Eddie. They had to laugh because their trophy read "Division B Winers"!!

Runner-Ups Division A, Gilbert and Jason.

Division A Winners, Nate and his brother.

Runner-Ups for the Championship, Diane and Jack!!

Champions of the First Annual Memorial Day Tournament, Karen and Austin!! Congratulations!!
The tournament was a huge success. THANK YOU, MIKE, MICHELLE, AND RICK for all your hard work in giving us such a great tournament!!!
Later that afternoon, there was a combined cook-out for Pickleball players and Horseshoe players because a number of participants play both sports.

At the picnic,Austin, the Pickleball winner, met the Horseshoe winner. It turned out the youngest and the oldest paticipants won in each event.

There will be another Pickleball Tournament over the Fourth of July weekend!! Youall Come!!