Friday, November 25, 2011


Nov. 25 - Because of Thursday being Thanksgiving Day, the weekly Ladder Day was played on Friday. The point of Ladder Day is to give players an opportunity to play matches with three other players of similar level to make games more competitive. Players are assigned to a foursome at the beginning of the day based on points scored in previous Ladder Day matches. Each foursome plays three round robin matches during the day, competing with and against each of the other three players. Scores are reported at the end of each match; those scores are added to previous scores; after that, I don't know what happens!!!

We had six pairings today -- twenty-four players!! I didn't take action pictures today (it's hard work!), but here are the six groups!

Rick, Mark, Jan, David.

Paul, Bill, Faye, Lee.

Pam, Bob, Laurie, Neal

Ken, Diane, Bob, Linda

Roger, Nancy, Jack, Ray

Bill, Larry, Dennis, Tom

It was a long, long morning, but it was a fun one!!!


Thanksgiving Day - Friends Pam and Joe had invited us to Thanksgiving Dinner at their new home, along with several other couples. We had a great time and more than plenty to eat!! We started with drinks, wines and appetisers.

New acquaintance, Alice, brought bottles of Nouveau wine. which she said is available only in November.

I told her I had read an article about the "Day of the Wine" celebrating the release of Beaujolais nouveau wine on the third Thursday of November in Beaujolais, France, and because of the fermentation process should be drunk within six months. I had tried to find the wine but had no success. Alice knew Trader Joe's had "Two Buck Chuck" Nouveau wine released in November and bottled in Napa Valley, CA. We all enjoyed the wine and never noticed is was not from Beaujolais!!

The turkey is ready for carving!!

The guys slaved over the stove preparing the dinner!! Joe, Jeff, Bob, Ken, Pete (real name Anthony)

The ladies enjoyed pie and campaign! Clyde, Alice, Pam, Pam, Faye. (Note the new short, short hairdo!!)

Thank you Pam and Joe for a great Thanksgiving Dinner.


While enjoying the evening at Pam and Joe's, Clyde mentioned she would like to have us all over for her famous Sticky Buns. We decided Sunday morning would be ideal! And again there was more than plenty to eat.

The star of the morning, Clyde's Stick Buns, along with fruit bowls, fried apples, sweet cakes and quiche.

Jeff, Chuck, Joe, Helen, Clyde, Julie.

Pam, Joe, Alice and Pete.

Pam, Bob, Ken, Faye.

Again, everything was wonderful!! When's the next event???

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Nov. 21 - This morning some new players came over to the Pickleball courts. Unfortunately, they were a few days too late to be in the Saturday tournament!

Pat and Bill. Roger and Linda with whom we had spent the better part of the summer at TT Verde Valley in Arizona.

Welcome guys! Glad you're back.

After pickleball this morning, plans were made to meet for dinner at Del Taco's just down the street. They have a Tuesday special of 3 Tacos and Senior Drink for $1.00!! What a deal!!

Here's the group around the table! Roger, Bill, Matt, Faye, Matt's wife Connie, Bill's wife Dorothy, Roger's wife Linda, Jack's wife Diane, Jack and Ken.

We had just met Matt and Connie and Bill and Dorothy. They are friends of Diane and Jack whom we knew from the East coast!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Nov. 19 - Today was another day of Pickleball because we had another Saturday Pickleball Tournament at TT Palm Springs. Rick and Shirley divided participants into two divisions -- A and B flights. The format was Round Robin, Luck-Of-The-Draw. A good time was had by everyone who played.

Here is some of the action (names are below the pictures):

Linda sprints to the back court as Ken reaches for an overhead!

Paul and Bob.

Susan and Barb.

Rick and Diane.

Tom and Linda.

Barb and Pam.

Faye with Bob.

Bryan and Jim P.

Ken and Jessie.

Tom and Jack.

Bob P. and Clint.

Jim M. and Tom.

Ken and Rick.

And the winners were!! For the B Flight: Bob P. First Place; Susan Second Place; and Bob S. Third Place.

Winners for A Flight: Tom First Place, Jim P. and Linda tied for Second Place; and Jim M. won Third Place!

Congratulations to the Winners and all participants!!!

A little later in the afternoon, Rick and Linda hosted another Happy Hour at their pad. Rick prepared a turkey and ham for sandwiches and everyone brought a side or dessert. It was delicious and a lot of fun!!

Here is the turkey!! UUMMMMM!

Chef Rick carving the ham and turkey.

Here's Marge and Tom. Later when awards were presented for Tournament play, Tom took the opportunity to thank Dennis and Judy for not playing so he was able to win First Place!!

Carol and Clint.

This is Judy and Bryan.

Shirley and Jim P.

Rick and Linda, our hosts.

Diane and Jack.

Then Diane gets with Paul!!

Anne and Bob P.

Bob S. and Pam.

Barb and Dennis.

Ken and Faye!

During the evening, Jim P. was cutting up with some of the boys!! Ken was snuggling with him behind the hat.

Rick grabbing his leg!!

Thanks Rick and Linda for a great day and even greater Happy Hour!!!

Addendum: Barb had taken a few pictures at the party. Later, when I opened up my e-mail, I had a message from Barb which included this JiberJaber production staring Faye and Ken,Tom and Marge and Dennis.

So funny!!