Monday, May 16, 2016


WOW!!!  Where has the time gone??!!  So much has happened since last November.  I'll just skip the part about my spinal surgery in November after having the right hip replacement in July and get to the good part!!

Seems we suddenly got too OLD and WEAK for the RV lifestyle. In the middle of March we decided we should sell the Highway Runner (motorhome).  So Sad!!!

We advertised on line on several websites.  RV Trader turned out to be the best for us.  A nice young military man in Alabama contacted us and decided he and his family would really enjoy traveling in our RV.  We struck a deal and will finalize the sale on Friday, May 27.  His first big trip will be to Scottsdale, AZ!!  "Can we hide in the basement and come with you??"

With this hurdle behind us, we spent last Thursday looking at homes at Hawthorne at Leesburg, Florida (where Carl and Dawn live).  We found homes we liked, but one seemed almost too good to be true.  Much larger home than we were looking for, but we made an offer and today the seller accepted our terms.  Here's a look!!

147 Jacaranda Drive, Leesburg, FL - 
Website.  Copy and Paste:

Wish us luck that everything goes through without a hitch!!  AND, you are ALL invited to come on down and see us!!!!!

PS.  We surely do miss seeing all of our friends!!!