Thursday, January 19, 2012


Jan 19 - Diane provided the hot Chili and Lois provided the site and fire pit; the rest of us pitched in with our own contributions and we were ready for another Pickleball happy hour!! We all had a great time sitting around the campfire eating Chili, Chicken Wings, Lemon Squares, etc.

Here are our hostesses and host Diane, Lois and Jack. Thanks guys for putting this together for us. What a perfect evening!

Linda and Roger.

A happy group - Jennie, Linda and Jim.

Mark and Lorrie.

Ken and Faye.

One of many uninvited guests!! The local fowl worried us to death. This one is on the RV roof but others kept landing on the food table and buzzin' us around the campfire!! Get out of here!!

Lois with Phil and John. Welcome John to your first Pickleball happy hour!!

Linda cutting up with Ken!! Ken seems to be enjoying it way too much!!

So I had to cut up with Phil! He's not enjoying it so much!! HA HA

Thanks gang. It was a fun evening! See you on the courts!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Sat. Jan 14 - We moved from TT Palm Springs to Desert Pools in Desert Hot Springs, CA on Wednesday. Del and Jerry were already there, a few sites down from us. We cross paths with them a couple of time a year when we are out West. They invited us over for hamburgers on Saturday afternoon. Del's brother Jerry and his wife Sue were also at Desert Pools so they joined us, too.

The picture looks as if we were at our site -- an Allegro Bus similar to ours, our Suzuki in the parking lot!! And, if I had taken a picture of the grill, it's the same as our, too. But, we are actually at Del and Jerry's place!!

Faye, Ken, Sue, brother Jerry, husband Jerry, Del.

Thanks Del and Jerry for a fun afternoon and delicious burgers!! We'll see you again when we see you!!