Tuesday, January 20, 2015


At the end of my posting of January 03, I mentioned that Joe and Cis had brought us quite a bit of Venison from Pennsylvania.  Joe said that 2014 had been a very good season for deer hunting and we reaped the benefit!!  Thank you so much, guys!!  This is how we have enjoyed it, so far!!!


Sun, Jan 11 - Today we prepared a package of Venison Chops given to us by Joe and Cis.  I used the slow cooker recipe that we used last year.  The result was delicious, although the presentation does not quite live up to the flavor!!  The chops were wonderful!!!


Tue, Jan 20 - Joe and Cis had given us a large package of venison roast!!  Ken and I had no idea how to prepare it; besides, it was more than we could eat!  But then we had an brilliant idea!!  We "hired" two chefs to prepare the roast for us!!

We discovered that friends Barb and Mitch were going to be at TT Orlando while we were here.  They were staying in a Get-Away Cabin to meet up with a group of Monaco friends.  Also, Marie and Keith were going to be at TT Orlando after the big Tampa RV Show.  All of us have been good friends for years.

Mitch is a chef by hobby and enjoys preparing special dishes for all of their friends.  Keith is a Chef and teaches culinary arts to his students in Pennsylvania.  So - we told them about the Venison Roast and we all arranged a venison dinner with the two chefs demonstrating their culinary skills in preparing the roast!!!

Keith and Mitch carve the Venison Roast!

All of us prepared to sit down for dinner!!  Marie, Keith, Barb, Mitch, Faye and Ken!

For dinner:  Spinach Mandarin Orange Salad, Venison Roast with Blueberry Reduction Sauce, Sauteed Mushrooms, and Minnesota Wild Rice.  Not pictures is the Big Joe cake for dessert!

Our hostess and chef, Barb and Mitch!

Ken and Faye enjoying a bottle of Romantic Girl Cab from Sally and Stan!

It was Keith and Marie's 46th Anniversary.  So we all toasted them on the big occasion!

It was a wonderful evening with good friends.  And the Venison Roast Dinner was DELICIOUS!!!  A big thanks to all involved!!


Mon, Jan 19 - Boy is it COLD here at TT Orlando!!  In fact, it's been so cold in the mornings that we didn't even leave the RV until after 11 o'clock!!  By that time, all the Pickleball players were leaving the courts.

But, this morning I was brave and ventured over to the Pickleball courts.  There were a million players there!!!  Or so it seemed.  I got busy and took some pictures of the action!

One match had just finished playing.

Here is the action taking place on the other courts.

And all of these players were waiting for an open court!

Cold weather does not seem to bother some people!!!  Have fun, Guys!!  Burrrrr!!!

Monday, January 19, 2015


Sun, Jan 18 - We joined Judge and Pauline and friends when they threw a party to watch the Conference Playoff Game - Seattle Seahawks against the Green Bay Packers!  Judge had steamed up five pounds of jumbo shrimp.  UUMMMMM!  People brought meatballs, salad, cheese spread, spinach dip, salsa and chips, plus cakes for dessert!  What a spread!!

The game was good!!  Looked like Green Bay had it all the way, but the Seahawks came alive late in the second half and made some unbelievable plays to win the game!!  Yeah!!!

Here are the guys enjoying the game.

And the gals enjoying some Virginia Moonshine that Pauline shared with us!

What a fun afternoon!!!  Thanks Guys!!


Mon, Jul 12 - Monday is Rib Night at Miller's Ale House near TT Orlando.  When we were with Judge and Pauline on Sunday, we all decided to go for ribs on Monday night.

Here we are, each with a full rack of ribs in front of us!!  Just as good as they were when we were here a few weeks ago.  YUMMMMM!  Only $10.95 and enough left over for another meal!

We think The Ale House ribs are just as good as The Oakwood Smokehouse in Clermont.  Besides, The Ale House is closer and the special price for the full rack at The Smokehouse on Sunday-Wednesday is up to $13.45.