Saturday, October 17, 2009


August - Granddaughter, Niki, has been studying Graphic Design in Savannah. As a part of her degree, she needs to complete an Internship. Lucky Niki got an internship in LA for the fall! She will be working at a place called Zoic Studios in Culver City from the beginning of September till mid December!

Niki and her mother, Vickie, flew to CA and found Niki a fully furnished Studio on the beach to rent for the period she will be there.

Niki and Vickie in California!
View from the Studio window.
Living Room.

Stairs to the Beach!

While on the west coast, they drove to Chula Vista to visit with Vickie’s brother, Richard, and his family.

Go get ‘em, Nike!! You’ll soon be working for Tina Fey!!! Love you!!!


September 14-16 – I thought I was a Girl Scout again!! My daughter, Stasia, coordinates the Senior Program for the Goldsboro, NC, Recreation and Parks. As one of their activities, she planned a Senior Camp Trip at Camp Don-Lee, Arapahoe, NC on the Neuse River. She invited me to come along!!

What a wonderful time we had!! I felt like a kid again!! There were about 25-30 of us seniors. The camp staff had planned numerous activities so that we were busy from early morning breakfast to evening hayrides and campfires with entertainment and “some mores”.

Here is a picture of Stasia with the Camp Director, Rev. John Farmer, and Melissa who was our group activities leader.

Some of the fun activities:

Sailing in the river!!

Canoeing in the canal!!

Kayaking out in the river!!

In two sessions, only three people hit the bull’s eye. I was the only “expert” to hit it dead center!! What a thrill!! They let me keep the arrow as a memento.

We had enormous, delicious meals three times a day. There were always plenty of leftovers that we took down to the turtle pond to feed the turtles. I have never seen so many turtles in one place!!

Turtle Pond!!

The last day at camp, the attendees all presented Stasia with a Camp Don-Lee blanket on which everyone had written their sentiments. Of course, she cried!!

On the last evening, Stasia and I spent a quite moment together overlooking the Neuse River, recalling what a wonderful time we had had at Camp Don-Lee!! Let’s do it again!!!


September 25. I woke up on Friday morning (9/25) and felt like I would die!! Every muscle, joint and fiber in my body ached!! I thought it was the result of having a Flu Shot a few days before. I ached all over and could do nothing but lie around for the whole weekend.

On Monday (9/28), back in Richmond, I saw my primary care physician. He gave me a chest X-Ray, EKG, blood test, urine test, throat swab, etc. etc. etc. It turned out -- I have Pneumonia!! UGH!!!

The doctor gave me some really strong pills that knocked out the pain almost immediately, but I was still weak, short of breath, coughing and generally felt worthless.

Anyway, that’s why there have been no e-mails and no new postings on our Blog.

I followed up with the doctor yesterday (10/16). He said I looked a lot better and sounded a lot better!! Wants me to have another chest X-Ray in a couple of weeks, just be be certain.

I know one thing!! I surely do feel a LOT BETTER!!! I think I'll live!!!


When the doctor examined me for Pneumonia, he noted that my heart was beating rapidly and recommended that I follow up with my Cardiologist. The Cardiologist’s Nurse Practitioner gave me another EKG and further examination and basically agreed. She prescribed that I wear a Heart Monitor for three weeks!! So I have been wearing this thing 24/7 to monitor my heart rate. It has been an interesting experience.

The NP called a couple of days ago and said the feedback from the monitor showed that my heart rate is high and the Cardiologist prescribed a beta blocker for me to start taking right away. They will continue to review the feedback and I am to follow up with them next week. Hope the news is good news.

Still have a couple more weeks of wearing this monitor!


October 3 – Back at TT Chesapeake Bay, we found a number of our good friends were there. Pam and Joe, we met at Chesapeake Bay a few years ago on the Pickleball. Barb and Mitch, we met last year in Orlando on the Pickleball court. (The four of them met and played around together while we were in Richmond.) Then Marie and Keith arrived. We met them in Florida two years ago. They already knew Barb and Mitch and soon got to know Pam and Joe.

Even though I had pneumonia, we still had fun hanging around together. I took them over to the new Disc Golf course for a round of “golf”. I just rode the golf cart and watched but it was a lot of fun!!


Mitch and Keith are both Chefs, so one evening they went all out and prepared a wonderful dinner for us.

Too many cooks in the kitchen did NOT ruin the broth!!

Preparing the Shrimp.
Serving the Clams.

The Entrée. Blackened Mahi Mahi by Mitch.

Poached Salmon prepared by Keith.

Gourmet Cole Slaw - a group effort!

Barb and Mitch

Keith and Marie

Joe and Pam

Faye and Ken

A wonderful time was had by all!!


October – There were sooooo many Pickleball players at Chesapeake Bay this month. Unbelievable!!!! They played every morning from nine to noon!!

Here’s some of the fun. You may see someone you recognize.

Ken and son Mike.

Mike R and Rick.

Ken and Mike R

Vickie, Dean, Mike R and Ken.
Joe and Keith.

Carla and Mike R

Jason and John

John, Jason, Sue and Mike

Mike R and Stephen

Barb and Dan

Amy is serious about this game!

Wayne and Mike R

Mike and Stephen

Amy, Lauren, Stephen and Mike

Vickie, Mitch and Carla

Mitch and Diane

Bob, Stephen, Carla and Ken

Rick, Vickie, Bob and Monica

Mike, Joann, Lynda and Jason

Pam and Marlene

Ray and Bob

Ray, Bob, Ken and Mike

Ray and Gilbert

Waiting our turn: Mitch, Marie, Vickie, Barb and Carla

Monica, Jason and Bob

Faye and Mike

Wayne was tired of having his picture taken!!

Sue stretches for a ball.

Sue and John

Sue, John, Bob and Tommy

Tommy and Carla

Tommy, Carla, John and Ken

Vickie and Dean

Vickie, Dean, Sue and Ray

Wayne and Lynda

Lynda, Wayne, Stephen and Mike R


There were a few players who had not been pinned, so we had a Pickle Pinning Ceremony for them!!
Receiving pins: Tim, Marlene, Barb, Mitch and Dean. Congratulations to all!!

A lot of players observed the ceremony!!