Saturday, October 17, 2009


September 25. I woke up on Friday morning (9/25) and felt like I would die!! Every muscle, joint and fiber in my body ached!! I thought it was the result of having a Flu Shot a few days before. I ached all over and could do nothing but lie around for the whole weekend.

On Monday (9/28), back in Richmond, I saw my primary care physician. He gave me a chest X-Ray, EKG, blood test, urine test, throat swab, etc. etc. etc. It turned out -- I have Pneumonia!! UGH!!!

The doctor gave me some really strong pills that knocked out the pain almost immediately, but I was still weak, short of breath, coughing and generally felt worthless.

Anyway, that’s why there have been no e-mails and no new postings on our Blog.

I followed up with the doctor yesterday (10/16). He said I looked a lot better and sounded a lot better!! Wants me to have another chest X-Ray in a couple of weeks, just be be certain.

I know one thing!! I surely do feel a LOT BETTER!!! I think I'll live!!!

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