Saturday, October 17, 2009


September 14-16 – I thought I was a Girl Scout again!! My daughter, Stasia, coordinates the Senior Program for the Goldsboro, NC, Recreation and Parks. As one of their activities, she planned a Senior Camp Trip at Camp Don-Lee, Arapahoe, NC on the Neuse River. She invited me to come along!!

What a wonderful time we had!! I felt like a kid again!! There were about 25-30 of us seniors. The camp staff had planned numerous activities so that we were busy from early morning breakfast to evening hayrides and campfires with entertainment and “some mores”.

Here is a picture of Stasia with the Camp Director, Rev. John Farmer, and Melissa who was our group activities leader.

Some of the fun activities:

Sailing in the river!!

Canoeing in the canal!!

Kayaking out in the river!!

In two sessions, only three people hit the bull’s eye. I was the only “expert” to hit it dead center!! What a thrill!! They let me keep the arrow as a memento.

We had enormous, delicious meals three times a day. There were always plenty of leftovers that we took down to the turtle pond to feed the turtles. I have never seen so many turtles in one place!!

Turtle Pond!!

The last day at camp, the attendees all presented Stasia with a Camp Don-Lee blanket on which everyone had written their sentiments. Of course, she cried!!

On the last evening, Stasia and I spent a quite moment together overlooking the Neuse River, recalling what a wonderful time we had had at Camp Don-Lee!! Let’s do it again!!!

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