Saturday, October 17, 2009


October – There were sooooo many Pickleball players at Chesapeake Bay this month. Unbelievable!!!! They played every morning from nine to noon!!

Here’s some of the fun. You may see someone you recognize.

Ken and son Mike.

Mike R and Rick.

Ken and Mike R

Vickie, Dean, Mike R and Ken.
Joe and Keith.

Carla and Mike R

Jason and John

John, Jason, Sue and Mike

Mike R and Stephen

Barb and Dan

Amy is serious about this game!

Wayne and Mike R

Mike and Stephen

Amy, Lauren, Stephen and Mike

Vickie, Mitch and Carla

Mitch and Diane

Bob, Stephen, Carla and Ken

Rick, Vickie, Bob and Monica

Mike, Joann, Lynda and Jason

Pam and Marlene

Ray and Bob

Ray, Bob, Ken and Mike

Ray and Gilbert

Waiting our turn: Mitch, Marie, Vickie, Barb and Carla

Monica, Jason and Bob

Faye and Mike

Wayne was tired of having his picture taken!!

Sue stretches for a ball.

Sue and John

Sue, John, Bob and Tommy

Tommy and Carla

Tommy, Carla, John and Ken

Vickie and Dean

Vickie, Dean, Sue and Ray

Wayne and Lynda

Lynda, Wayne, Stephen and Mike R


There were a few players who had not been pinned, so we had a Pickle Pinning Ceremony for them!!
Receiving pins: Tim, Marlene, Barb, Mitch and Dean. Congratulations to all!!

A lot of players observed the ceremony!!

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