Friday, October 16, 2009


October 10 – On Saturday, Chesapeake Bay had their Annual Seafood Festival and Dragon Run Days. As explanation, The Dragon Run is tributary to the Piankatank River. Each year, members of the Dragon Run Preservation Society bring books, exhibits, and activities to the Dragon Run Days in conjunction with the Seafood Festival. There were lots of seafood, music, activities, and crafts for sale. A good time was had by all!!

A line formed to order seafood lunch. There are Pickleball players Julie, Tommy, and Tim in the middle of the picture!

Look at the crowd behind us enjoying the festival. For some reason, Ken's not too happy!

Oh, I see why! Ken's disappointed in his tiny oyster sandwich, after having that huge soft shell crab sandwich yesterday!! Can you believe, Same Price!!!

Good Old Time Country Music by the local group, Harbor Towne.

Lots of crafts for sale!! Diane's sister, Linda, had one of the best tables!!

Faye plays with one of the Dragon Run exhibits!

The Ewbank Family enjoyed the day!!!

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