Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Tuesday - May 17 - On Wednesday, April 27, I
set up an appointment with Dr. Wilkinson at Cottonwood Internal Medicine. The purpose of that appointment was to try to determine the cause of my fatigue and shortness of breath. I was so impressed with her that she became my Primary Care Physician for our time in Cottonwood.

I have already had a mammogram and heart Echo arranged by Dr. Wilkinson. Reports from both exams are good. I also had a bone density test but have not heard the results of that exam.

Dr. Wilkinson referred me to Dr. Hansso also of Cottonwood Internal Medicine to have a Colonoscopy procedure. I spent the three days prior to the procedure in preparation!! UGH!! I had the procedure this morning. I was asleep the entire time so, except for the preparation, it was not a problem.

The result of the exam is that I'm clean as a whistle!! And, since I'm now so OLD, I never have to do this again!! Hurrah!!

I see Dr. Wilkinson on Thursday, May 26, to get the results of my remaining tests!! Hope she can figure out the rest of my problems!!!