Thursday, February 28, 2013


Thur 02/28 - My friend Suzanne, who did Line Dancing, Water Aerobics, and some computer stuff with me when we were back East, and her husband John, came into TT Wilderness Lakes the other day and parked right across the street from us!

They recently bought a new Allegro Red, a beautiful motorhome by Tiffin Motor Homes, the same manufacturer who made our Allegro Bus many years ago.

We joined them this afternoon for some wine and snacks.  The Red is as beautiful inside as it is out!

After a few glasses of wine, we all gathered on the sofa for a group picture!!

Thanks Suzanne and John for a fun time!!  Congratulations on the Red!!


Web 02/27 - Today I was scheduled for a procedure to be performed on my right eye.  I usually see the Ophthalmologist in Loma Linda, but this appointment was at his location in Riverside.  I have a magazine article from the Inland Empire Magazine that highlights the best Taco locations in the IE (Inland Empire).  One Taco place mentioned in the article was Mijos Tacos in Riverside, only about two miles from my doctor's office.  We decided to go there for lunch before my appointment.

Mijos was not an upscale place but a small Taco shop in a shopping strip on Hole Avenue in Riverside.

Ken and I each ordered a fish taco and a shrimp taco, brought to us by our cheerful hostess/waitress!

While we were enjoying our tacos, we chatted with the nice young couple at the next table -- about RVing and Pickleball, of course.  We mentioned that I have a Blog that showed a little Pickleball (HA HA), and took their Email address so I could send them the link.  I asked Jesse and Carmen if I could take their picture for the Blog.  I love this man!!  Not only was he happy to pose for a picture, he rounded up our waitress so she could take the picture of the four of us!

A fun and delicious time at Mijos Tacos!!


Tue 02/19 -  I read about Flemings Prime Steakhouse "5 For $6 'Til 7" Happy Hour on the internet (Cheap Eats) and have been wanting to give them a try.  The only problem was, Happy Hour did not begin until 5:00 PM -- we usually go to Happy Hour around 3:30 or 4:00 PM.

This Tuesday afternoon we both had appointments with our Cardiologist at Desert Cardiology in Rancho Mirage.  We just happened to finish our appointments at about 4:45 PM -- perfect timing to go to Happy Hour at Flemings!

We sat at the bar at Flemings.

Our bar tender did not want to pose for a picture but he offered to take ours.

Explaining the "5 For $6 'Til 7" Happy Hour:  Flemings offers a choice of 5 premium cocktails, 5 distinctive wines by the glass and 5 generous appetizers. Each selection priced at just $6 each, and served nightly at the bar until 7 pm.

Ken choose Merlot wine and Sweet Chile Calamari.  Totally different from the Calamari at the Elephant Bar but most delicious!!  UUMMM

I had a Jim Beam Manhattan and the Tenderloin Carpaccio.  This was a surprise!!  The tenderloin was so thinly sliced that when I went to put it on the crispy bread, I discovered it was more like a spread than a slice of tenderloin.  It was fascinating and delicious!!

We were both very Happy with our choices, but I should point out that the "5 For $6 'Til 7" includes a sixth choice of their $14 Burger for $6.  It, too, looked delicious and was huge!  What a deal!!

I am glad we tried Flemings Happy Hour by ourselves because the bar is not designed for groups.  There was only one bar table for four.  Everyone else sat at the main bar or at additional bar-like seating on the other side of the area (see behind us in our picture above).

"5 For $6 'Til 7" Happy Hour at Flemings was delightful!!  Highly Recommend!


My 16 year old grandson Thomas, has been taking equestrian lessons for several years at a local stables, and he loves it! He had been riding horses provided at the stables where he was taking the lessons every week.  However, just recently a lot of things changed.  He is now taking lessons at a different stable with a different instructor AND he now has his own horse to ride!  Chello!  Chello is a Hanoverian.  This exquisite breed originated in Germany and is often seen in the Olympic Games and other competitive English riding styles.

Thomas is a tall drink of water himself, and Chello is the perfect size for a nice tall young man.  Thomas and Chello look great together!

Here is a youtube link showing the two of them during one of their first rides together:

We are mighty proud of you, Thomas!!  Way to go!!